Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Miss Ziyue, please restrain yourself, I am not your mother!

Amidst the crowd’s expectations, Ziyue smiled and said, “This young lady also greatly enjoys the poem of the top scholar! With over a hundred words, it perfectly expresses the romance and emotions of the bright moon! Therefore, without a doubt, the winner of this poetry gathering and the newly appointed top scholar is Lin Beifan!”

“Very well…” Everyone cheered in agreement.

The maidservants, with smiling faces, were about to present their treasures. “Top scholar, these are the rewards you have won!”

“The Autumn Scenery on Snowy Mountains!”

“The Finest Snowflake Wine!”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “I will accept the Autumn Scenery on Snowy Mountains! However, as they say, a true friend is scarce as the wine flows. We are all good friends, rarely gathered together like this. Why don’t we open it and have a toast, one cup for each person?”

“Great! The top scholar is truly generous!”

“Thank you, top scholar!”

Once again, everyone cheered, filled with joy.

As a result, the Snowflake Wine was opened, and its rich aroma filled the air.

Each person raised their cup and toasted together, saying, “To the top scholar, to Miss Ziyue, to the magnificent land and rivers of the Great Wu!”

They then drank it all in one go, and the atmosphere reached its climax!

At this moment, Miss Ziyue was also very excited.

Because she could finally carry out her ultimate plan!

With graceful steps, she walked slowly to Lin Beifan’s side, a smile on her face, and said, “Young Master Lin, you are truly deserving of being the winner tonight! Now is the time for this young lady to fulfill her promise. Please come with me!”

Lin Beifan waved his hand with a smile and said, “I think it’s unnecessary, right? I understand Miss Ziyue’s good intentions…”

Ziyue looked pitifully at him and said, “Could it be that Young Master Lin wants to treat this young lady unjustly?”

“It’s not that! After all, I am a married man, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for a man and a woman to be alone together in a room…”

“Stop the nonsense and come with me!”

Ziyue became impatient and directly grabbed Lin Beifan’s hand, quickly leading him towards the inner hall.

Lin Beifan was bewildered!

Is this for real? Why is she in such a hurry?

I don’t agree, and yet she’s dragging me along?

Everyone who witnessed this scene was also stunned!

Miss Ziyue directly grabbed the top scholar’s hand and walked away!

And it seems like there’s some… eagerness in her actions!

Could it be that she has feelings for the top scholar…

Everyone gasped in shock!

“Hmph! Big idiot!” The young princess grumbled unhappily and picked up a big piece of meat to gnaw on.

Mo Rushuang’s heart was filled with bitterness, but she had no right to speak, so she gave up.

The only one with the right to speak, Li Shi Shi, was a very traditional woman who wouldn’t embarrass her husband at a time like this. She smiled and entertained the crowd, saying, “Let’s start eating, my husband will join us soon!”

At this moment, Ziyue had already led Lin Beifan into an elegant room in the inner hall.

The stone in her heart finally fell.

She realized that she was actually holding Lin Beifan’s hand.
It was the first time she had ever held another man’s hand, and her face slightly reddened. She felt a bit shy and awkwardly let go.

“Young Master Lin, I was a bit impulsive just now. Please forgive me!” Ziyue nodded and smiled.

“It’s alright, I understand!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“You understand?” Ziyue was puzzled.

“Yes, because of my appearance and talent, many girls have a hard time controlling themselves when they see me! Miss Ziyue, you can already be considered quite reserved!” Lin Beifan laughed.

Ziyue rolled her eyes in anger!

This official actually said that I can’t control myself when I see him…

Am I such a shallow person?


But upon closer inspection of the other person’s appearance, she found that he did indeed have the capital to be narcissistic!

“Young Master Lin, as long as you understand!” Ziyue gritted her teeth. Due to the thin veil separating them, her hatred was not visible.

The two sat on the floor, and there were some drinks, tea, and snacks on the table.

On the opposite side sat a beautiful maid, her hands gently playing a melodious tune on the zither.

Lin Beifan was puzzled and pointed to the maid not far away, “Miss Ziyue, didn’t you say you would fulfill your promise? Show me your face and play a tune for me. Why…”

Ziyue put on countless charming and flirtatious gestures, “Young Master Lin, on such a beautiful occasion, why care about these trivial matters? Isn’t this maiden beautiful?”

Lin Beifan nodded, “Hmm, you’re indeed pretty, although I don’t know what you look like!”

Ziyue rolled her eyes in frustration. Was this guy complimenting her or insulting her?

Through gritted teeth, she said, “Rest assured, Young Master, I will reveal my face to you later. You won’t be disappointed!”

“This young master is looking forward to it!”

Ziyue looked at the delicacies on the table and suddenly coquettishly said, “Young Master Lin, when I was hungry as a child, my mother would always bring me osmanthus cake.”
Lin Beifan looked at the osmanthus cake on the table, immediately picked up a piece, and placed it in her bowl.

“Enjoy, Miss Ziyue!”

Ziyue continued, “Young Master Lin, when I was thirsty as a child, my mother would always brew tea for me.”

Lin Beifan understood the meaning and promptly poured a cup of tea for her. “Please enjoy, Miss Ziyue!”

Ziyue felt a sense of joy. Men are all fools. You can’t escape from my grasp!

“When I was cold as a child, my mother would hold me tightly,” Ziyue shivered, her gaze clear as she looked at Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan: “…..”

Lin Beifan remained silent for a moment and said, “Miss Ziyue, please restrain yourself. I am not your mother!”

Ziyue: “…”

At this moment, Ziyue really wanted to hit someone out of anger!

She decided to stop pretending and reveal her true intentions!

“Young Master Lin, haven’t you always wanted to see the appearance of this maiden? Now, I will let you have a good look!”

Ziyue unveiled her face, and Lin Beifan saw an incredibly stunning and captivating face.

This face was truly extraordinary, with delicate skin, distinct facial features, a deep and profound gaze, yet also exuding the soft beauty of an Eastern woman. It was the face of a mixed-blood beauty.

Then, at that moment, Ziyue’s pair of violet eyes seemed to spin.

Lin Beifan’s eyes gradually lost focus.

Seeing Lin Beifan’s dazed expression, Ziyue became smug.

From now on, let’s see how arrogant you can be in front of me.

What she was using now was her cultivation technique called the “Purple Jade Soul Hooking Great Technique.”

It was a technique specifically targeting the mind and spirit.

As long as the opponent’s strength didn’t exceed hers by too much or their willpower was not superhuman, they would be mesmerized by her, bowing their heads in submission and obediently carrying out her orders!

She wanted to conquer Lin Beifan through this technique and make him willingly do her bidding!

“This official is not only the current top scholar but also a favorite of the Empress! He is knowledgeable and talented with a deep background! If I can make him work for me, it will definitely benefit the development of our grand cause!”

The more Ziyue thought about it, the happier she became. She increased her output, hoping to conquer Lin Beifan as soon as possible.

However, her spiritual power poured into Lin Beifan’s mind like a stone sinking into the sea, without any response.

“It seems that this official’s willpower is quite strong!”

“But I don’t believe I can’t mesmerize you!”

Ziyue increased the output of her spiritual power, and sweat began to appear on her face.

At this time, in the outside world.

Everyone listened to the melodious sound of the zither, filled with envy.

“The top scholar is truly fortunate! Not only can he witness the unparalleled beauty of Ziyue, but he can also listen to her zither playing up close! It’s truly enviable!”

“The first flower-ranking beauty has already been chosen by the top scholar. I hope the second one won’t fall into his hands as well.”

“It’s probably a sure thing! Didn’t you see how impatient Ziyue was just now? This young master even suspects that this poetry gathering was created by Ziyue specifically for the top scholar!”

“To be honest, in the capital, every woman wants to marry the top scholar!”

“It’s a case of ‘dying of thirst when surrounded by water’ and ‘drowning in water when suffering from drought’!”

The discussions of the crowd slowly drifted over.

The young princess felt displeased and turned her sadness and anger into a voracious appetite, eating quickly.

Mo Rushuang seemed lost in thought, frequently losing focus.

Li Shi Shi, on the other hand, maintained her composure with a smile, gracefully entertaining everyone, displaying her elegance.

As a result, everyone admired the top scholar even more.

Inside the family, the red flag never fell, while outside, colorful flags fluttered, living up to the image of a successful man.

At this moment, one piece of music had already ended.

But soon, the second piece began to play.

“What? The second piece already!”

“Didn’t they agree to play only one piece?”

“Maybe Ziyue and the top scholar were enjoying themselves in conversation, so she played an extra piece!”

“Damn it! This envy-inducing stroke of luck!”

After the second piece ended, the third piece started playing.

“Really? This is already the third piece!”

“It’s not over yet? We’ve been waiting with bated breath!”

“It seems that another beautiful flower has been plucked by the top scholar! The top scholar is truly remarkable!”

“It’s over. The tree of my love has withered!”

Everyone was consumed by jealousy!


Everyone present was a renowned talent of the time, highly accomplished in their studies, charming and handsome like Pan An. Why was it that only Lin Beifan caught the attention of Ziyue?

Is it just because he is slightly more talented than us?

Slightly more handsome than us?

Everyone looked up and sighed at the injustice of heaven!

Some people couldn’t handle the blow and drowned their sorrows in alcohol late at night!

Meanwhile, in the chamber, Lin Beifan smiled as he looked at Ziyue, who had a pale complexion and was covered in fragrant sweat. He said, “How long will you struggle, Ziyue?”

“Why… why doesn’t my charm technique work on you?” Ziyue was shocked.

With her level of charm, even a master could be enchanted!

And yet, this powerless scholar in front of her remained unaffected!

Why was that?

She couldn’t understand!

“Because this gentleman has righteousness in his heart, noble character, and unwavering will. I am not swayed by evil and crooked paths!” Lin Beifan declared with righteousness.

Ziyue trembled with anger. “You shameless scoundrel!”

You, a detested corrupt official, dare claim to have righteousness and noble character?

Do you have any shame left?

Has a dog eaten your righteousness and character?


Even a dog wouldn’t eat it!


The maid who was playing the qin rushed over, helping Ziyue up from the ground. In her other hand, she held a cold and gleaming dagger, warily staring at Lin Beifan.

She whispered, “Miss, what should we do now? Should I kill him?”

“This…” Ziyue was torn.

Lin Beifan remained calm, drinking and smiling. He said, “That’s the worst idea! If you kill me, you and your people will never escape! It’s better for us to sit down and have a good talk. The elusive princess of the Slanted Moon Dynasty, am I right?”

Ziyue’s face was filled with astonishment. “How do you know my identity?”

1. Pan An, also known as Pan Chao, was a famous figure in ancient China during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). He was a poet, musician, and government official. Pan An was celebrated for his exceptional talent, handsome appearance, and romantic allure. He is often depicted as the epitome of a charming and elegant gentleman in Chinese literature and culture. His romantic persona has made him a symbol of idealized beauty and charisma in Chinese society.

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