Chapter 119 – Imperial Censor Chen Can’t Bear Me? Enter the palace and meet the Empress!

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Inside the room.

Chen Qingluan was worried, “You openly disobeyed Her Majesty’s order, this doesn’t seem very good, does it?”

Her Majesty personally summoned him, that was a great honor, who else wouldn’t be flattered?

But Su Shi had broken Her Majesty’s order in public, and he succeeded!

Su Shi shrugged, “I can go to the palace at any time, but the medicine for your wound should be replaced as soon as possible.”

Putting aside his identity as a demonic cultivator, as a transmigrator, he subconsciously lacked respect for the imperial power.

A trace of sweetness flashed through Chen Qingluan’s eyes.

So, he rejected the decree in favor of me?

Chen Qingluan said shyly, “Actually, I can also ask the servants to change clothes for me.”

Su Shi shook his head, “I’m not comfortable with other people’s techniques.”

Chen Qingluan gave him a comically blank look. As if she remembered something, her pretty face flushed slightly and she said, “Turn around first.”

Su Shi frowned and said, “A healer’s heart, you don’t trust me?”

Chen Qingluan snorted, “Weren’t you still peeking at my undershirt last time?”

…… cough cough, but it just happened to be seen.”

Su Shi had an embarrassed expression and was still looking away.

Rustling sounds could be heard from behind him.

After a while, Chen Qingluan’s voice sounded, “It’s done.”

Su Shi turned around, his eyes dazed for a moment.

The wound on her back had basically healed, with only a shallow scar remaining.

Her skin was white and smooth, as if it was flawless jade, and her waist was slender enough to be grasped, with a delicate and soft feeling.

Seeing that he was silent, Chen Qingluan said nervously, “What’s wrong?”

Did it leave a scar?

Su Shi came back to his senses, “It’s okay, the wound healed very well, after this change of medicine, there is not a single mark left.”

“That’s good.”

Chen Qingluan breathed a sigh of relief.

Su Shi took out a Broken Gold Pill, crushed it and applied it evenly on the wound.

Her body trembled for a moment, and a sweet red color spread from her cheeks to her neck.

Although this was not the first time the other party helped her apply medicine, it still gave her an unspeakable feeling of embarrassment.

“Su Shi, if you go to the palace tomorrow, what if Her Majesty opposes you?”

Chen Qingluan was vaguely worried.

Although the imperial palace had announced his identity as a hero, Her Majesty’s heart was unpredictable and no one could guess what she was thinking.

“Why don’t you let my father accompany you?”

With Chen Wangchuan present, there would at least be a guard.

Su Shi shook his head, “Don’t worry, the Holy Empress won’t touch me.”

If Feng Chaoge had the desire to kill, she would have already done so, there was absolutely no way she would have waited until now.

Right now, he was a hero of mankind with added prestige, and if something happened to him in the Capital, most likely everyone in the world would question the royal family’s attitude.

Chen Qingluan found the key to this and her hanging heart was finally relieved.

She said curiously, “What do you think the Holy Empress will give you?”

Su Shi said with a smile, “Since she can’t kill me, she might want to pull me in. Perhaps she wants to marry me off to a princess?”

Although Feng Chaoge had no heir, the other princes still had descendants.

Come to think of it, this possibility does not seem impossible.

If that’s true, wouldn’t he be a member of the royal family?

Then I ……

She lowered her head, her heart a little sour.

Just then, a magnetic voice sounded in her ear, “Don’t worry, I’ve already violated Her Majesty’s decree once, and I don’t mind doing it again.”

Chen Qingluan’s face turned red and she whispered, “What difference does it make to me whether you marry the princess or not?”

Su Shi sighed, “I think Imperial Censor Chen will give up.”

“I ……”

Chen Qingluan stammered for half a day and said in a mosquito-like voice, “Yes, there is a little. ……”


Su Shi couldn’t help but laugh, “Imperial Censor Chen is indeed quite cute.”

Chen Qingluan’s pretty face flushed continuously, but the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but rise slightly.

In his eyes, am I really that cute?

The young girl’s eyebrows were bright, and there seemed to be starlight in her eyes.

The next day was early in the morning.

Su Shi pushed the door and found that the luxuriously dressed eunuch was already waiting outside the door, with a golden palanquin parked behind him.

“Shengzi Su.”

The eunuch greeted with a smile.

Su Shi nodded, “You must have waited a long time .”

“We just arrived.

The eunuch reached out and lifted the curtain of the palanquin, “Please, Shengzi Su.”

Su Shi lifted his legs and got into the palanquin.

“Pick up the palanquin and return to the palace.”

With a shout, the golden palanquin rose into the air and headed towards the palace.

Su Shi raised the corner of the curtain and saw that they were walking along commercial streets, and pedestrians stood on both sides of the street, glancing curiously.

Among them were several noble sons dressed in brocade and jade belts.

“Are they deliberately showing me off so that those forces won’t attack me?”

Su Shi shook his head, not bothering to think about it, and leaned back on the treasure seat and meditated.

About a quarter of an hour later, the palanquin slowly stopped and the eunuch’s voice sounded from outside, “Shengzi Su, we have arrived.”

Su Shi got up and stepped out of the palanquin.

In front of him was a luxurious palace, surrounded by silence, and there were no guards even at the door.

Su Shi frowned and said, “Aren’t we going straight to the imperial palace?”

Eunuch smiled and said, “It’s not time for the palace yet, this is Zhaotian, the place where Her Majesty usually works.”

“Please come in, Her Majesty is waiting for you inside.”


Su Shi walked into the palace.

The interior of Zhaotian Palace was extremely luxurious, with vermillion pillars with dragons and phoenixes coiled on them, showing the majesty and splendor of the royal family.

On the golden phoenix seat at the top was a woman wearing a bright yellow phoenix robe.

At this moment, she was looking down and reading a set of documents, not even lifting her eyelids, as if she did not know that Su Shi had entered.

“This is Empress of Linlang?”

Su Shi took a closer look.

Although he couldn’t see her face, the majesty she subconsciously exuded still made one definitely feel awe.

He didn’t say anything either, and sat down himself, taking the pastries on the table and eating them.

“Well, the snacks of the imperial court are indeed different.”

Feng Chaoge glanced at him, a slight smile swept across the bottom of her eyes.

One of them was working seriously, the other was busy eating, no one disturbed the other, the picture seemed a little harmonious.

After reading the last document, Feng Chaoge casually tossed it aside and asked, “Is it delicious?”

Su Shi nodded, “Not bad.”

“I will have the imperial kitchen prepare some more for you.”

“That is not necessary, even if it is delicious, you will get bored if you eat too much.”

“That makes sense.”

Feng Chaoge stood up, “Let’s go.”

Su Shi said curiously, “Are we going to the palace now?”

Feng Chaoge said indifferently, “The time hasn’t come yet, so accompany me to lunch first.”

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