Chapter 118 – Sword Shocks Imperial Capital, How Dare Su Shi Disobey Orders!

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“Hao Ran Sword Intent?”

Su Shi raised his hand, a silvery qi aura swirling around his palm, “You’re talking about this thing?”

Just now, under the tempering of the Sword Pond, not only had his flesh and meridians been reshaped, his dantian also had an additional silver qi aura, replacing the original transparent and invisible sword qi.

At the same time, a system prompt sounded in his ears.

[The host’s sword qi has forged his body, and he has sensed Hao Ran Sword Intent, which has greatly improved his physique and greatly increased the power of his sword dao divine ability]

[Acquiring Hao Ran Sword Qi]

“This is really ……”

Seeing the silver-colored qi aura, Chen Wangchuan’s eyes trembled slightly, “You really understand Hao Ran Sword Intent!”

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

This was the legacy of the Chen Family’s Ancient Emperor, no one had ever been able to comprehend it in all these years, and even he himself had only caught a glimpse of it.

How could Su Shi do that?

Could it be that besides his Holy-grade talent, he was also a genius of the sword dao?

Su Shi looked at the sword pond behind him.

The sword qi had dissipated so much that it was almost indistinguishable from an ordinary pond.

Thinking of what had just happened, Su Shi looked embarrassed, “Looks like I’ve ruined this sword pond?”

“No problems, as long as the Emperor Warrior is still there, the sword qi will still recondense.”

“More importantly.”

Wangchuan’s eyes flared towards him, “Shengzi Su, please learn the sword with me!”

Su Shi froze for a moment, “Learn the sword with you?”

Chen Wangchuan inhaled slightly sharply, “To be able to comprehend Hao Ran Sword Intent in the Golden Elixir Realm is simply unheard of or seen.”

“You are the first one!”

The Sword Qi under the sky was mostly colorless and invisible.

Only Hao Ran Sword Intent, when integrated with Hao Ran Qi from heaven and earth, would form a powerful silvery aura.

Whether in terms of strength or purity, it was far above ordinary sword qi.

This sword is the sword of king and can be called the master of all swords!

Su Shi frowned and said, “But I am a member of the Demonic path, it seems inappropriate to learn the sword with Patriarch Chen, right?”

“I don’t care!”

Chen Wangchuan said excitedly, “Having comprehended the Chen Clan heritage, you are now a member of my Chen Clan!”

Su Shi felt that something was not right about this statement.

In fact, there was something else that Chen Wangchuan did not say.

To comprehend Hao Ran Sword Intent, one did not only need to have enough enlightenment and opportunity.

Most importantly, one must have a heart of Vast Strength!

Being a righteous and honest person, preferring to bend rather than break, without the aura that I will forge ahead despite millions of people, it is absolutely impossible to comprehend the Sword King!

“What a talent!”

Chen Wangchuan pulled Su Shi’s arm tightly, as if he was afraid that he would run away.

Chen Qingluan watched from the side, her face slightly flushed.

“Su Shi …… is a member of the Chen family now?”


Prince’s residence.

Looking at the paper in his hand, Chu Yin’s thick eyebrows locked, and only after a long time did he exhale a foul breath.

“This is genius!”

Chu Qi curiously said, “Father, this poem is really that great?”

“More than impressive, it’s simply a masterpiece!”

This poem didn’t have a lot of outstanding rhetoric, but the atmosphere and pattern were enormous, as if looking down on the cycle of history from above.

Even if Su Shi was unwilling to claim his name, this poem would be enough to leave a name in history.

“Li Mu Bai didn’t lose unfairly, but,”

Chu Yin coldly looked at Chu Qi, “Who told you to bring him to the brothel?”

Chu Qi scratched his head, “I just wanted him to write a poem for me.”


Before he could finish his words, Chu Yin gave him a hard slap.

Chu Qi fell to the ground with a “poof” and his cheeks quickly swelled up like steamed buns.


“Don’t call me father, I don’t have a waste son like you!”

Chu Yin gritted his teeth, “I let you secretly pull Li Mu Bai, but you took him to a brothel?”

Chu Qi covered his face and said aggressively, “Two grown men, what’s wrong with going to a brothel for fun?”

Chu Yin said hatefully, “He is, Her Majesty’s newly appointed best Scholar, if he shows up with you at Fengchun House, what will Her Majesty think when she finds out?”

“Wouldn’t that blatantly show him siding with the Prince’s House?”

“How could she possibly reappoint Li Mu Bai in the future!”

“Besides, he lost his poem to Su Shi, his career and reputation will be ruined!”

Chu Yin was furious and kicked his chest, “For the sake of a prostitute girl, you destroyed a scholar!”

Chu Qi was almost out of breath.

Seeing that his father was really angry, he covered his chest and dared not speak.

“Chen Wangchuan, Hua Jinguan, has started to approach Su Shi, but you actually still want revenge and are jealous?”

Chu Yin gasped.

This fool!

Chu Qi whispered, “But in the end, Su Shi is still a member of the Demon Sect, could it be that Her Majesty can still really like him?”

Chu Yin shook his head, “A sage’s heart is unpredictable, who knows what Her Majesty is thinking?”

It was true that Su Shi was a hero of mankind, but he could not hide his identity as a demon.

He couldn’t even think about how the end result would turn out.

At that moment, a whistling sound came from outside the room.

Chu Yin frowned slightly and quickly stepped out of the room, only to see a blazing silver sword aura in the heaven and earth, as if cutting the sky with a sword!

Chu Yin’s pupils shrank, “Hao Ran sword intent? Someone from the Chen Clan has reached enlightenment?”

Could it be Chen Qingluan?

There was a chaotic commotion outside, everyone was shocked by this sword aura.

“Quickly go and see what’s going on!”


Not long after, the butler ran back with quick steps, panting, “Prince, it’s Su Shi, Su Shi has comprehended the inheritance of the Chen Family Sword Dao!”


Chu Yin’s eyes shrank to the point of needles!

Chen Wangchuan had actually let Su Shi enter the Sword Pond, and the key was that he had actually comprehended Hao Ran Sword Intent!

Chu Qi walked out and said blankly, “Father, what’s wrong?”

Chu Yin’s voice sounded harsh, “Immediately prepare a generous gift and go to Chen Residence to deliver it to Su Shi, say it is to thank the hero of mankind!”

“Hurry up, if you are late, others will precede us!”

The swiftly flowing Sword Qi made the entire Imperial City worried.

After knowing that it was Su Shi’s doing, all the forces that were on the sidelines could not hold back.

The originally quiet entrance to Chen Residence was now jammed with people coming to “thank” the hero!

The poem moved the capital, the sword pierced through heaven and earth!

Su Shi had just arrived for just one day and had turned this imperial capital upside down!

But the gates of Chen Residence remained closed.

No one was allowed to see him.

It wasn’t until 10 o’clock at night that a group of guards with swords came walking quickly, and the people blocking the gate hurriedly gave way.

They were from the palace!

A eunuch in luxurious clothes stood at the door and said in a loud voice, “Her Majesty has decided!”

The crowd knelt on the ground.


The Chen Residence gate slowly opened.

Su Shi, who was dressed in white, walked out.

The eunuch said, “I convey Her Majesty’s decision to invite Su Shi, the hero of mankind, into the palace to meet Her Majesty and discuss his merits and rewards!”

The crowd bowed their heads, their eyes shining brightly.

Hero of mankind, discussing merits and rewards, these seven words were enough to show Her Majesty’s attitude!

Su Shi nodded his head, “Understood.”

His body was straight and upright, without the slightest intention of kneeling.

But the luxuriously dressed eunuch was not impressed and said with a smile, “Shengzi Su, please?”

Su Shi frowned slightly, “It’s already so late, can we go tomorrow?”

He still had to help Chen Qingluan change her medicine.

The crowd’s face changed slightly.

He really didn’t understand the atmosphere!

Her Majesty’s order was like the constitution of the sky, how could it possibly be negotiated?

Without hesitation, the luxuriously dressed eunuch nodded, “Alright, then tomorrow at this hour, we will come pick up Shengzi Su on time. Her Majesty specifically instructed that this news will only be delivered, and Su Shi must not be coerced.”

“Alright, I will trouble you.”

“No problem, we will return first.”

The eunuch from Hua House led the people away, and Su Shi turned around and walked back to Chen House.


The main door closed tightly.

The air was eerily quiet.

People knelt on the ground, their expressions pure as if they had seen a ghost!

Su Shi had dared to disobey the decree and actually succeeded!

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