Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Another Courtesan Sets Her Sights on Lin Beifan!

Ever since the opening of Xiyue Tower, it had become a sensation in the capital city. This was because the ladies of Xiyue Tower were exceptionally beautiful, with a touch of Western Regions’ charm that was irresistibly enticing.

Among them was their leading courtesan, Ziyue, who had never been unveiled to the public. However, just a glimpse of her was enough to haunt people’s dreams and occupy their thoughts. Consequently, numerous suitors flocked to Xiyue Tower, and it quickly surpassed Hundred Flowers House to become the foremost brothel in the capital.

Naturally, Lin Beifan, a talented and romantic scholar, had also heard about it. However, being blessed with a beautiful wife and surrounded by a bevy of beauties, the allure of Xiyue Tower greatly diminished for him. Moreover, considering his professional identity as a director in the Imperial Academy, it would be inappropriate for him to visit such a place. Therefore, he naturally did not go.

His daily routine remained unchanged: attending the morning court session, going to the Imperial Academy after its conclusion, or supervising the workshops at the Ministry of Industry. By evening, he would return home, leading a disciplined and virtuous life.

A week passed in this manner, and Xiyue Tower grew even more popular. At this moment, within a secluded chamber of Xiyue Tower, there was a young woman wearing a light veil and dressed in purple attire. Although her facial features were not clearly visible, judging from her exposed skin and graceful figure, she was undoubtedly a stunning beauty.

The woman in purple attire was becoming impatient. “It’s been so long, why hasn’t that official named Lin arrived? Isn’t he rumored to be a talented and romantic scholar? He just won the top scholar title and brought back the former leading courtesan of the capital, Li Shi Shi, as his wife. He is always surrounded by beautiful women. Why haven’t we heard anything from him until now?”

Kneeling below her was another woman, also attractive but somewhat inferior compared to the young woman in purple attire.

“Princess, I have already inquired about it! Lin Beifan, the top scholar of the Great Wu Empire, is indeed a talented and charming individual, but he is also very upright! He only visited Hundred Flowers District once and has never been to a brothel again! In his daily life, he doesn’t frequent such places of indulgence!”

“He doesn’t come to us, how can we seek revenge? He has exposed our tricks and ruined the foundation we worked so hard to establish! I can’t stand this dog of an official and his actions! Let’s just directly attack the Lin residence!” The woman in purple clothes was filled with anger.

The kneeling woman was greatly alarmed and said, “Princess, absolutely not! It is said that within the Lin residence, there is an unfathomable old monk guarding its security! Lin Beifan himself also has the protection of two young experts! Moreover, this is a crucial area in the capital city, and our identities are sensitive. If we were to expose ourselves, it would be self-destruction! So, Princess, we can only rely on strategy, not direct confrontation!”

The woman in purple clothes waved her hand dismissively and said, “Rest assured, I am just momentarily frustrated and venting. I, as the princess, will risk my own life and the lives of everyone for this! How can I die before accomplishing our great cause?”

“Princess, you are wise!” The other woman lowered her head.

“However, waiting like this is not a solution!”

The woman in purple clothes fell into deep thought and said, “Why don’t we organize a lantern appreciation and poetry gathering, inviting all the talented individuals in the capital city! With such a grand event, that person with the surname Lin should not be able to postpone it!”

“Princess, that’s a brilliant idea, worth a try!”

Thus, invitations from the Xiyue Tower were quickly sent to the homes of the various talented individuals.

Upon receiving the invitations, these individuals were all filled with excitement.

“This is an invitation from Lady Ziyue!”

“If I can become the poetry champion during the gathering, I might have a chance to have a deep conversation with Lady Ziyue under the moonlight and catch a glimpse of her beauty!”

“This is wonderful! I, as a gentleman, will definitely attend this poetry gathering!”

This small lantern appreciation and poetry gathering quickly became a grand event in the capital city. Naturally, an invitation was also sent to the Lin residence.

Lin Beifan just glanced at it indifferently and said, “I won’t go.”

“How can you not go to such a fun event?” The young princess sitting beside him became excited and exclaimed, “Lin Beifan, think about it. All the talented individuals and beauties of the capital city will gather together, composing poetry and lyrics, enjoying wine, moonlight, and lanterns. Isn’t it a wonderful thing? As the newly appointed top scholar, renowned for your talent, how can you miss it?”

Lin Beifan scoffed, “Little princess, what are you up to? If you don’t honestly explain, I won’t take you even if I go!”

“I heard that Xiyue Tower has many delicacies from the Western Regions. I want to go and try them!” The young princess licked her lips.

Lin Beifan: “…”

Li Shi Shi smiled and said, “Husband, why don’t we all go together and have a look! After all, such a grand gathering is rare! Moreover, it is mentioned that family members are invited as well!”

“Fine, let’s go and take a look!”

So, that evening, Lin Beifan led his entire family to set off. The venue was not Xiyue Tower but Wanyue Restaurant because they had a spacious and beautiful backyard frequently used for hosting grand events.

After arriving at Wanyue Restaurant, they indeed saw many young talented individuals. They even spotted many of their former colleagues, such as the second-place scholar and the third-place scholar, as well as other successful candidates.

However, within three months, the gap between the two sides had widened. Lin Beifan had been promoted three ranks and had become an official of the fifth rank. He was highly favored by the Empress and had a say in the court.

But the other successful candidates were still struggling at the lower levels, waiting for opportunities and accumulating experience.

When they saw Lin Beifan’s arrival, they had to respectfully greet him as a senior.

“Fellow colleagues, today is a gathering of talented individuals. No need for such formalities. Everyone can relax a bit!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“Lin, Sir, you are absolutely right!” Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, they went their separate ways.

As they walked around, they encountered many talented individuals, but Lin Beifan was undoubtedly the most outstanding among them.

With a beautiful appearance, abundant talent, enormous fame, and a beautiful companion by his side, Lin Beifan attracted attention wherever he went.

At this moment, Lin Beifan suddenly had a feeling that this poetry gathering seemed to be prepared for him!

“Top scholar, your seat is over there. Please follow me,” a young and beautiful woman came over to guide him.

“Thank you for your trouble,” Lin Beifan nodded.

He then led everyone to a pavilion.

This pavilion could be considered a VIP area, reserved only for true VIP guests.

Everyone took their seats one by one, and the young princess couldn’t help but start eating when she saw the table full of delicious food.

Meanwhile, in a room.

The woman in purple couldn’t help but ask, “Luoxia, has that man named Lin arrived?”

“Your Highness, he has also entered!” Luoxia replied.

“Good! That’s great!” The woman in purple was delighted. “Where is he?”

“He is in the pavilion next to the rockery!” Luoxia answered.

A small crack was gently opened in the window of the room, and the woman in purple looked in the direction indicated by her maid.

She immediately saw the handsome face of a young man and muttered, “He looks quite decent!”

Her hatred towards him unconsciously lessened by quite a bit!

At the same time, Lin Beifan felt a sense of being watched.

Following the direction of his intuition, he looked towards a room where the window was opened, revealing a mysterious woman. Her face was covered by a purple veil, and he could only see her eyes, which were black with a hint of purple, deep and captivating, enchanting and soul-stirring.

In just an instant, the woman closed the window, and he couldn’t see her anymore.

Such a stunning woman was rare to come across!

“Could this woman be Ziyue?” Lin Beifan speculated.

As the time arrived, the moon rose above the willow branches.

All the guests had arrived, and with the interplay of lights and the presence of fine wine and delicious food, the atmosphere was lively.

Amidst the eager anticipation, the oiran of the Xiyue Tower, Miss Ziyue, finally made her appearance.

She could be seen wearing a flowing purple gown, with her long black hair cascading down gracefully as she walked with elegance.

Although half of her face was covered by a purple veil, her fair skin was still visible.

Especially captivating were her eyes, with a hint of purple, truly enchanting.

“Miss Ziyue has arrived!”

“So beautiful!”

“Every step she takes feels like a lotus blooming beneath her feet!”

“She is like a goddess descended from the moon!”

Everyone exclaimed in astonishment, and many were left in awe.

Unable to contain their curiosity, they couldn’t help but compare her to the former top courtesan, Li Shi Shi, and discovered that while each had their own unique qualities, Ziyue possessed a distinct exotic charm that was extremely appealing.

“Husband, what do you think of Miss Ziyue?” Li Shi Shi asked in a soft voice.

The little princess and Mo Rushuang sitting beside them couldn’t help but prick up their ears.

Lin Beifan glanced at her, and even the most generous woman couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy at this moment.

Lin Beifan coughed and said, “She looks quite good!”

“How does she compare to me?” Li Shi Shi asked again in a hushed tone.

Lin Beifan responded displeasedly, “Isn’t that a deliberate question? How can you even compare yourself to others?”

Li Shi Shi’s eyes immediately dimmed.

Lin Beifan continued, “She is both beautiful and intelligent, while you are beautiful and silly! Only you would be so foolish to trust everything to me after just one meeting. I have never seen a woman as foolish as you. However, I love silly women the most!”

“Husband, you’re so mean!” Li Shi Shi said with tears in her eyes, breaking into a smile as she leaned against Lin Beifan.

The little princess and Mo Rushuang were filled with envy in their hearts.

Lin Beifan smiled faintly and reached under the table, grabbing hold of Li Shi Shi’s small hand.

But he realized that this hand was a little small and plump, not as delicate as Li Shi Shi’s. His heart skipped a beat. Could he have grabbed the wrong hand?

He turned his head slightly and saw the blushing face of the little princess, who glared at Lin Beifan fiercely.

There was only one hand on the table, and the other hand was missing.

Lin Beifan: “…”

At this moment, the girl in the purple dress standing on the stage introduced herself, saying, “Welcome, gentlemen and friends, to the lantern appreciation poetry gathering I am hosting! It is my great honor to meet all of you. I am Ziyue, and I am delighted!”

“Hello, Miss Ziyue!” someone immediately called out.

“Thank you!” Ziyue gave a slight bow.

“I am a newcomer to the capital, unfamiliar with the ways of life here. I hope to make friends with all the talented individuals through this lantern appreciation poetry gathering!” Ziyue smiled and her voice was clear and pleasant. “To liven up the gathering, I have prepared some gifts!”

After saying that, she clapped her hands, and immediately, a maid brought forward precious treasures.

“This is the Autumn Scenery on Snowy Mountains!”

“This is the exquisite Snowflake Wine!”

Ziyue smiled and said, “As long as any of the gentlemen become tonight’s poetry leader, I will present these two treasures to him! And I am willing to unveil my face for him and personally play a tune!”

The whole audience was immediately in an uproar!

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