Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Guidance from Su Hao

“Swoosh -”

A dark figure suddenly flashed through a narrow alley.

“Swish, swish!”

Several shadows darted by, neatly slicing the debris in the alley into pieces that fell to the ground.

The dark figure was a highly agile, large black cat, disappearing at the end of the alley in a few leaps.

Following closely behind was a tall, long-haired woman from the Six-Star Team, Charlie. She was quite exposed in her attire, with a veil covering her face.

She had become a Level Three Mutant, known as the “Silk Spitter,” relentlessly pursuing her own sister, Charlotte, who remained a Level Two Mutant [Mimic Shifter].

Charlotte was no longer a match for her sister and could only flee in desperation every time they met.

Charlie revealed a twisted smile, chasing Charlotte relentlessly, emitting strange laughter, “My dear sister, it’s time for you to die tonight! There’s no escape! Goo, goo, goo!”

After two years of pursuit, each time she was on the verge of killing Charlotte, Charlie failed. In these days, she had analyzed the situation and sought a solution. She had successfully developed a special kind of thread called “Tracking Thread.”

This Tracking Thread was highly elastic, not breaking when the Mimic Shifter changed form. Once it silently entangled the opponent, it would lead Charlie to them, no matter where they fled.

Tonight, Charlotte, the sister who had betrayed her, would definitely be caught, and her flesh would be cut into pieces and thrown into a foul gutter, preserving her as a worthy sibling.

Excited at the thought, Charlie made a bizarre sound, “Goo, goo, goo!”

As Charlotte, the Mimic Shifter, shook her off with incredible speed, both of them leaped onto the rooftop and quietly hid. She extended her right paw to lick the blood on her face. She had been accidentally struck by a piercing thread.

What she didn’t expect was that her sister had become a Level Three Silk Spitter by some stroke of luck, and she had been chased for three years. What a miserable life!

While Charlotte was lamenting, her sister quietly appeared behind her.

“Cutting Thread!”

Charlotte, the Mimic Shifter, leaped alertly, avoiding the Cutting Thread and preparing to escape.

“Ahahaha! Where do you think you’re running?” Charlie, the Silk Spitter, changed her laughter, looking triumphant. She had already filled the area around Charlotte with a dense network of threads. Escape was walking into a trap.

Suddenly, numerous threads rose and entangled Charlotte, beginning to coil around her.

Charlotte’s feline face remained icy, her claws extended, revealing long, sharp claws, as she tried to break free.

“Swish, swish!”

Her claws cut through the entangled threads, and she attempted to escape. Suddenly, two threads shot from tricky angles, instantly wrapping around Charlotte’s hind legs, dragging her down from mid-air with force.


She fell heavily on the roof, creating a significant area of shadows in the house owner’s heart, comparable to the value of pi.

Charlotte cut the threads with her claws, but it was too late. More threads covered her body, suspending her in mid-air with no leverage.

“Goo, goo, goo, my dear sister, why don’t you run? Do you know how hard I’ve chased you?” Charlie, the Silk Spitter, displayed a triumphant expression.

Charlotte gazed at her sister, her voice calm, “Go ahead, my sister.”

Charlie’s expression suddenly turned sinister, saying, “Of course, sister, I won’t let you live another second.”

She raised her hand to cut the thread, ready to sever Charlotte’s head.

Charlotte closed her eyes, awaiting her fate.


A muffled sound, and Charlie, the Silk Spitter, fell to the ground.

Following that was the voice of a young man, “What’s going on with these two? They’re talking about sisters, fighting together, it’s so bizarre.”

Charlotte felt the threads around her loosen and quickly opened her eyes, looking back.


Charlotte shivered, her feline head falling to the side, unconscious.

“Yashan, take her away!” Su Hao called out, and he quickly proceeded to another location.

As more people were knocked unconscious, Su Hao mastered the art of using bricks to achieve the perfect balance of strength and angle. Yashan carried around twenty limp bodies, looking unsteady.

Su Hao turned around and realized this wasn’t a sustainable approach; Yashan was nearing his limit. After a moment’s thought, he approached Yashan and gestured, “Yashan, put these people down. I’ll show you how to do it.”

Yashan heaved a sigh of relief and dropped the people to the ground, creating a pile of bodies.

“Superhumans have a high tolerance for being thrown around,” Su Hao mused.

Su Hao inquired, “How long can your generated bones remain detached from your control?”

Yashan replied, “If I continue to expend my vitality, they can last for quite some time.”

Su Hao smiled and said, “That’s good. Let’s create a bone cart together…”

Yashan appeared puzzled, “Boss Wei, apart from bone armor, I can only generate bone spikes; I can’t create other shapes.”

Su Hao thought, “Is this bone guy really this useless?”

After a moment’s reflection, Su Hao decided to let the people wake up on their own. He and Yashan woke everyone up.

Su Hao casually picked up a Mimic Shifter and smacked him a couple of times to wake him up.

The Mimic Shifter looked like a tall, skinny man. When he woke up, he immediately struggled.


Su Hao slapped him on the face.

The man panicked even more and continued to struggle.

“Smack, smack, smack!”

Su Hao didn’t say much; he just kept slapping. Finally, the bewildered man stopped resisting and stared at Su Hao, who had multiple blurry figures, in a daze, “Where am I? What’s going on?”

For Su Hao, this was the state where they could communicate. Su Hao gently said, “Don’t worry, you’re on the street right now. Just follow me, don’t run around, alright?”

The man nodded in confusion.

Su Hao added, “If you want to escape, break one of your arms first, then run. Break the other if you still don’t listen, and if you’re still disobedient, I’ll kill you. Do you understand?”

The man continued to nod blankly.

After Su Hao had finished instructing him, he looked up at Yashan, who appeared shocked, and said, “You see, Yashan, this type of communication is much more efficient and saves time.”

Yashan said, “Alright, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao invited, “Come on, let’s wake up everyone and have a good chat with them.”

Under Su Hao’s guidance and demonstration, Yashan fully utilized his initiative, leading to a revolutionary change in communication efficiency.

Su Hao opened a new world for Yashan, enlightening him in the art of communication.

When Su Hao woke up Charlotte, the Mimic Shifter, she reacted like a startled cat, jumping up suddenly. However, Su Hao was faster, approaching her and slapping her forcefully, nearly leaving a trench in the ground.

Su Hao walked over slowly.

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