Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Am I the Dragon King? You actually made me wash your feet?

After spending an entire night, he finally typed out 50,000 words for the salmon.

His eyes were bloodshot, but he was very excited: “Dragon King Zhaotian! I’ll see whether you live or die!”

Then, with the thought of enduring sleep, he made a call. Shortly after, someone arrived.

He was Lu Mobai’s assistant, responsible for handling some work matters. “Boss Lu, what’s the matter?”

Lu Mobai handed over a USB drive: “This is the web novel I just finished, publish it!”

The assistant asked seriously, “Okay, Boss, which website should I publish it on? Are we charging for it?”

“Publish it on different websites for free,” Lu Mobai shook his head. “No charges.”

“Different websites and no charges?” The assistant was confused. “So, we’re giving it away for free, not making any money?”

“What I mean is, give me full manual distribution to all channels. Publish it wherever possible. Also, run advertisements to attract readers. I want the entire Yan Country, and even the whole world, to see this novel!” Lu Mobai stared with red eyes and said, “I want everyone to know how much of a moron Dragon King Zhaotian really is! I want that bastard to know the consequences of cornering me!”

The assistant was frightened by his gaze and hurriedly left with the USB drive.

Shortly after, the web novel “Urban Surplus Son-in-law Dragon King” was uploaded to various platforms.

He used to be the sole heir of a super-secret family!

He used to be the Dragon King who looked down on the world! He used to be the man who made people tremble at his name, known as the one who could control the world!

He used to stand at the pinnacle of the world! But now, he’s just a despised son-in-law who washes his wife’s feet…

Isn’t this a dramatic beginning?

Someone who was once the heir of a secret family, a Dragon King who dominated the world, a man who struck fear into people’s hearts, and stood at the pinnacle of the world, has now become a worthless son-in-law who washes his wife’s feet…

What a tremendous contrast! Many couldn’t resist clicking to find out more!

Coupled with extensive advertising, many people noticed this novel. Among them, Wang Feng was one such character.

He is a live novel reviewer, specializing in critiquing and mocking various novels in live chat rooms. He has seen all kinds of novels and their clichés, but he has never seen anything quite like this.

He smirked, saying, “Urban Surplus Son-in-law Dragon King, sounds interesting! Let me take a look and see how this novel is written. If it’s good, I’ll promote it for you. If not, I’ll criticize it to death!” So, he opened the novel and started reading.

Chapter 1: The Three-Year Deadline Has Arrived!

“Zhaotian, hurry up and pour me some foot wash!”

“The water is too hot, do you want to scald me? Pour it again for me!”

“Worthless! You can’t do anything right. You can’t even pour foot wash properly. How did I end up with such a useless husband like you?”

“I must have been blind when I married you!”

“From today onwards, I’ll drive you out…”

Seeing this, Wang Feng couldn’t help but pause and nod in approval. “This author really has some skills! In just a few hundred words, they’ve vividly portrayed the sarcasm of the wife, and the complete wimpiness of the protagonist, filling it with resentment. I’m looking forward to the face-slapping drama ahead!”

So, he continued reading.

“Dragon King’s guards have arrived…”

“Bold, how dare you insult the Dragon King…”

“What Dragon King? He’s just a small son-in-law of our Li family, who can’t even pour foot wash properly…”

“The three-year deadline has arrived, and we earnestly request the Dragon King to return…” (Dragon King smirks)

Seeing this, Wang Feng couldn’t help but applaud and exclaim, “Well done! Exciting! At the most critical moment, the loyal Dragon King’s guards have arrived! They’re loyal to their master, and the face-slapping drama is about to begin! I’m really looking forward to it!” He was now excited!

You see, being a bookworm who has read hundreds of novels and become accustomed to various plots and clichés, there aren’t many novels that can excite him. But today, he finally found one, and it brought back a long-lost feeling!

“Go ahead and give them a good slap!”

“Let them know the consequences of offending the Dragon King!”

With these expectations in his heart, he continued reading. “Smack” (a slap on the face)

“Why are you daydreaming? The water has cooled down. Go and pour the foot wash again.”

“Was that just a dream?”

“Even though it was just a dream, I, the Dragon King, won’t allow anyone to bully me!”

“There are still 365 days left until the three-year deadline. I’ll endure for another 365 days. When I return, I will definitely give you a good face-slapping! Let you all know the consequences of offending me, the Dragon King!”

“Smack” (another slap)

“Why are you standing there? Get lost!”

“Alright, wife!”

“What a despicable person, won’t understand without a beating!”

Wang Feng couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Never expected to have such a twist! This is actually a dream!

Totally the imagination of Dragon King Zhaotian! Wang Feng chuckled and said, “Ah, what a surprise! So unexpected! I was all geared up for you to make a comeback, and you give me this? Almost gave me internal injuries…”

“Ah, you mischievous author, you’ve really thrown me for a loop!”

“I wish I could send you some local specialties from my hometown…” Wang Feng sighed and lit a cigarette.

After smoking, he felt a bit better and picked up his phone. “Let’s keep reading! I won’t be satisfied until I see the rise of the Dragon King!”

The next day, the Dragon King poured foot wash for his wife again. “Go! My best friend is here. Hurry up and pour her some foot wash!”

“I am the mighty Dragon King, and you want me to pour foot wash for your best friend?”

*Smack* (a slap) “Are you pouring it now?”

“I am!”

“If you don’t, you’re insensible, and despicable!” (Dragon King smirks)

Wang Feng couldn’t help but burst into laughter again.

“Wow! Why is he still pouring foot wash? Pouring it for your wife is one thing, after all, she’s family. But even for a best friend? Dragon King, your life is too miserable! I would have given up long ago!”

Reluctantly, he continued reading.

On the third day, the Dragon King still poured foot wash for his wife.

“Go! My secretary is here. Hurry up and pour her some foot wash!”

“I am the mighty Dragon King, and you want me to pour foot wash for your secretary? This is beyond tolerance!”

*Smack* (a slap)

“Are you going now?”

“I’m going!”

“That’s the spirit! My secretary has a bit of smelly feet, so put in some extra salt!”

“How much salt should I put?”

“Don’t you have taste buds?” (Dragon King smirks)

Wang Feng: “Ha!”

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