Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: The Rise of the Dragon King? I’ll Turn You into a Dead Dragon!

Pursued by a man?

Is it Lin Beifan?

His heart tightened, and he almost typed out that question. But upon reflection, he realized it was highly unlikely. In their previous life, they had met at the poetry competition a year later. Currently, Lin Beifan was developing quietly in the Demon Sea, unknown to the world. There was no chance he could have contact with Leng Qingyue.

However, whether it was Lin Beifan or not, any man approaching his woman would make him extremely disgusted and annoyed.

Mobai: Who is it?

Qingyue: You wouldn’t know him; let’s not talk about it.

Mobai: Go ahead and tell me. We don’t know each other anyway; it could help you vent your frustrations.

Qingyue: You’re right. This person is named Zhaotian , a very annoying special police officer!

On the other end of the call, Lu Mobai furrowed his brows. He remembered a person from his past life, a man the police referred to as the Dragon King. Despite his various flaws, he was exceptionally talented, both in terms of family background and personal abilities.

Most importantly, he was Lin Beifan’s enemy. In their past life, he and a few other outstanding youths had joined forces to confront Lin Beifan. Unfortunately, Lin Beifan was too terrifying, and their efforts had all ended in failure.

Could it be that this jerk is trying to steal my woman?

But he felt it was unlikely. He and Leng Qingyue should have no connection. Moreover, the name Zhaotian was quite common, with tens of thousands of search results online. It probably wasn’t him.

Mobai: What kind of person is he?

Qingyue: Well…

Qingyue: He is an extremely narcissistic, extremely conceited, and extremely arrogant person!

Lu Mobai’s heart made a thud.

The person he knew was also extremely narcissistic, conceited, and arrogant. It seemed like he believed he was the most amazing person in the world.

Qingyue: Every time I see him, he’s always accompanied by a group of black-clad bodyguards, blocking roads and bridges, sealing everything off! Even passing dogs get slapped around, as if he’s afraid people won’t notice!

Lu Mobai’s heart thudded again. That person always appeared with a group of black-clad individuals, with a more extravagant presence than many top celebrities. Such a showy special police officer!

Qingyue: And, this person has very high combat skills!

Qingyue: I’ve seen it with my own eyes; he effortlessly takes on several big guys by himself!

Lu Mobai’s heart pounded again. The person he knew also had extremely high combat skills. Dealing with dozens of people barehanded was no problem at all; he was one of the few who posed a threat to Lin Beifan!

Qingyue: What’s even more infuriating is that he already has a wife but still tries to flirt with me!

Lu Mobai’s heart pounded again. That person also had a wife but treated her very poorly, constantly making him fetch water and other things!

Qingyue: After rejecting him multiple times, he arrogantly said, “Only a woman like you is worthy of me. You can’t escape from the palm of my hand!” Like a stubborn band-aid, he’s impossible to shake off!

Lu Mobai chuckled.

He was already about 80% certain that the man Leng Qingyue was talking about was the one from his memories. However, he needed further confirmation.

Mobai: Are there any other distinctive features?

Qingyue: Yes!

Qingyue: Every time he finishes speaking, his mouth involuntarily twists, making him look particularly awkward and oily.

Qingyue: Oh, and everyone calls him the Dragon King!

Qingyue: In this day and age, he’s still called the Dragon King, it’s laughable!

Lu Mobai’s heart was about to explode.

It was definitely him!

Zhaotian , the Dragon King! Only he would be extremely narcissistic, extremely conceited, and extremely arrogant! Only he would always bring a group of black-clad individuals whenever he appeared! Only he would have a wife yet continue to flirt outside! Only he would speak with a crooked mouth and harbor an inexplicable sense of superiority! Only he would call himself the Dragon King!

“You, Zhaotian ! I haven’t even dealt with you, yet you’re trying to steal my woman! Lin Beifan didn’t move this fast!” Lu Mobai was furious.

He never expected this!

He had worked so hard to confront Lin Beifan and establish his country, but you were trying to poach my woman at home?

If he hadn’t connected with Leng Qingyue, he wouldn’t have known about this!

He was almost labeled with a big green hat by someone else! Even as a reborn person, he was still following the protagonist mode, yet he ended up with someone else’s hat. It was simply a disgrace!

Mobai: Has he done anything to you?

Qingyue: For now, no! After all, I’m not an ordinary person. How could I let him easily succeed?

Mobai: That’s good!

Qingyue: But who knows about the future!

After the conversation ended…

Lu Mobai’s heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. He had worked hard to build his career abroad to confront Lin Beifan, but his former ally was trying to steal what was his at home.

It was said that you shouldn’t covet your friend’s wife, but you didn’t care!

You were even more despicable than Lin Beifan!

“Dragon King Zhaotian !!!”

The more he thought about it, the harder it was for him to accept this situation. He felt it was time to do something about it. Otherwise, he would end up with another big disgrace in his life.

“Although I can’t deal with you now, I have a way to disgust you!” Lu Mobai opened his computer, transforming into an internet troll, and his fingers danced on the keyboard.

Book Title: Urban Surplus Son-in-law Dragon King

Introduction: He was once the sole heir of a super-secretive family! He was once the Dragon King who looked down upon the world! He was once a man known to be able to change the world!

But now, he’s a despised son-in-law who washes his mother-in-law’s feet, humiliated and belittled…

Chapter 1: The Three-Year Period Has Ended!

“Worthless! From today on, I’ll kick you out of the Li family…”

“Dragon King’s guards, come…”

“Dare you insult the Dragon King…”

“What Dragon King? He’s just a lowly son-in-law in our Li family…”

“The three-year period has ended. I want to ask the Dragon King to return…”

(Dragon King with a crooked mouth)

A fresh online novel is out! It starts off exciting, with special forces creating suspense, doesn’t it?

But do you think he’s writing a typical action-packed story?

No, no, no!

Lu Mobai typed while coldly smiling, “Dragon King’s Rise? I’ll turn you into a dead dragon, forever hanging on the pillar of shame!”

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