Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Not Dead Yet?

Su Hao did not answer and raised his sword to chop.

When Sik dodged.

“Sliding Shadow Step”

Su Hao instantly appeared beside Sik and swung his sword towards Sik’s neck.


He missed!

Just as Su Hao swung his sword, Sik used a rope to pull himself to the side, avoiding his attack.

Sik jumped to a high position on the rooftop and dared to shout at Su Hao, “You are the [Night Demon]! Bastard, return my [Control King]’s flesh and blood to me, otherwise, I will shred you into pieces!”

Su Hao’s mouth twitched.

Has this guy gone crazy? Can’t he see who has the advantage now?

Su Hao immediately exploded from his position and pounced on Sik.

And Sik, like a madman, produced a large amount of fine threads that surged towards Su Hao, roaring in his mouth, “Return the flesh and blood of [Night Demon]! The flesh and blood of the [Control King] must be on you! An didn’t deceive me! Once I have the flesh and blood, I can ascend!”

“[Night Demon]!!”

In Sik’s roar, attacks were thrown at Su Hao in large waves.

“Fire Ring!”

Circular flames spread out from Su Hao as the center, burning and breaking the fine threads one after another.


The fine threads attacking from above and the ones entangling his ankles from below collided with his armor, making a sizzling sound.

Su Hao approached.

“Sliding Shadow Step!”

Shan flashed to Sik’s side and swung his sword horizontally.

Sik, as before, used strands to pull himself to the other side, avoiding Su Hao’s long sword.

“Triple Burst!”

Su Hao’s feet suddenly exploded, increasing his speed and quickly catching up to Sik.

He swung his sword! “Pu”

An arm fell to the ground.

Sik covered his severed arm, and the intense pain seemed to bring him back to his senses.

Looking at Su Hao rushing towards him again, he immediately waved his hand and said, “Wait, it’s a misunderstanding! We’ve both been played by An! An said that the Control King is in your hands.

“He deceived me, I’m a victim.”

“Don’t kill me, go find An.”

“An deceived you!”

Su Hao furrowed his brow.

He had never seen An before, so how could he deceive him? However, Su Hao remained cautious, unsure if he had made a mistake somewhere and revealed his tracks, allowing An to scheme against him.

The next time he encountered An, he would cut off his head first before talking.

But for now, the priority was to quickly kill the Silk Demon.

Su Hao narrowed his eyes, pondering his strategy.

In a breath, he exploded, charging towards the Silk Demon, swinging his sword horizontally! Sik was shocked and tried to pull himself away with the strands again.

“Fire Ring!”

A huge ring of fire surged outward, instantly destroying all of Sik’s strands.

Sik was left dumbfounded, with his hand used to shoot the strands suspended in mid-air, his mind briefly blank.

It was in this confused moment that Su Hao’s long sword slid past.


Sik’s head was directly beheaded.

Su Hao, still unsure, reached out his hand towards Sik’s body. “Fire Dragon!”


Flames suddenly burst out, igniting Sik’s body, making a hissing sound.

Su Hao then spewed out two more Fire Dragons, confirming the charred state before turning around to pick up Sik’s severed arm and disappeared into the darkness, leaving directly.

“The battle on Yashan side, is it still not over.”

Su Hao murmured.

In his radar perception, the battle between Yashan and the Bone Demon Deli was still ongoing, with the affected area expanding.

Su Hao frowned immediately: “I’ll go and take a look quickly, end the battle as soon as possible.”

When Su Hao arrived at the place where Yashan and [Bone Demon] were fighting, he saw a scene of unimaginable devastation.

Two people stood not far from each other, constantly launching attacks at each other, but each time they ended up with no injuries, as their wounds quickly healed.

Yashan’s eyes were bloodshot.

Every time he launched an attack, his rune-enhanced sharp longsword would cut off one thick bone spike after another, but the momentum of his sword would be exhausted by the time it reached Deli, leaving behind only a long wound.

It couldn’t inflict a fatal blow.

And the wound would be repaired by Deli in an instant.

Deli’s attacks couldn’t break through the barrier of red light surrounding Yashan, only sending him flying away.

Even if the barrier was shattered, Deli’s remaining strength could only leave a shallow wound on Yashan’s tough outer shell, which would be repaired by Yashan in no time.

The two of them continued like this, constantly exhausting each other’s vigor, seeing who could hold on until the end.

‘Hard’ ‘sharp’ ‘penetrating’ ‘corroding’!

Yashan charged towards Deli again, unstoppable, filled with hatred.

“Crack crack crack!”

He cut off countless bone spikes along the way and arrived in front of Deli.

‘Bright light’!

A flash passed by!

Deli instinctively closed his eyes and was still shaken, but he remained calm.

With his experience, he immediately generated a large number of bone armor, tightly wrapping himself up.

Yashan swung down his sword, bone fragments splattered, cutting through Deli’s thick bone armor and directly into his flesh, causing blood to splatter.

However, it was useless as Deli quickly healed the wound.

Deli retaliated with a powerful swing of his bone sword, once again sending Yashan flying away.

Yashan got up, prepared his runes, and charged again.

The once unreachable and unbeatable [Bone Demon] now had the power to resist.

Just a little bit more, and he could chop off his enemy’s head and complete his revenge.

‘Strong electric current’!


As the electric light flashed, Deli instinctively generated ‘bone spikes’ and produced a large amount of bone to block his vital points.

He knew how powerful this move was.

Once hit by the electric light, his whole body would immediately go numb and uncontrollable, becoming a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

He almost died from this move before.

Sure enough, once the electric light flashed, Deli’s body went numb and unable to move.

But Deli was very confident in his defense.

With the obstruction of ‘bone spikes’ and his thick bone armor, the opponent’s exceptionally sharp longsword couldn’t cut him in half.

As long as he didn’t sever his connection, he could repair himself immediately.

Thinking of this, Deli felt confident.

He would definitely survive this wave!

Indeed, Yashan’s long sword cut through the thick bone armor, cutting through two-thirds of the flesh in his neck, almost beheading Deli.

But it got stuck in the last one-third and couldn’t move forward any further.

Yashan inwardly roared, “Cut it open for me!!”

However, he knew this attempt had also failed.

He didn’t have a chance to activate the second round of runes because Deli’s counterattack with his bone sword was already coming.

In the next second, it would send him flying away.

Yashan felt helpless.

Every time he launched an attack, he would first be slowed down by a large number of bone spikes, and even be pushed back, making it impossible for him to approach properly.

And when he cleared the bone spikes in front of him with his sword, he couldn’t gather strength again to unleash a lethal strike. Each time, it stops at about one-third and can’t make any progress.

He knew that at this rate, he couldn’t kill Deli.


But just when he was disappointed again, a head-sized stone flew over and smashed heavily on the back of his knife.



With a crisp sound, Deli’s head flew high up in the air.

But his body, as if unaware that his head was gone, continued to wield the huge bone knife and sent Yashan flying far away.


Deli’s head tumbled and was then stomped on by a metallic boot.

Deli, not completely dead yet, tried to look up with his confused eyes, only to see a completely dark figure and a pair of icy eyes hidden in the darkness.


Deli’s strange voice made a sound.

“You’re not dead yet.”

Su Hao looked surprised and then split the head in half with his dagger.

Deli only heard a young voice and then his vision was split in half, plunged into darkness.

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