Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: The Fifth Protagonist Appears!

Leng Qingyue: This person is nothing but a literary thief! A big fraud! He actually stole your work and used it to deceive others. What an infuriating scoundrel! Don’t let me find out who he is, or I’ll definitely give him a good lesson! (Angry.jpg)

Lin Beifan chuckled, “You’re absolutely right!”

Indeed, the other person was a literary thief who stole my work to deceive others, and he even succeeded in fooling them.

Lin Beifan: There are all kinds of people in this world. It’s not worth getting angry over someone like this.

Leng Qingyue: But I’m still very angry! (Angry.jpg) (Angry.jpg) (Angry.jpg)

Lin Beifan: Can you send me his WeChat ID?

Leng Qingyue: What do you want to do?

Lin Beifan: I want to tell him not to use my poems recklessly.

Leng Qingyue: Just that?

Lin Beifan: Yes.

Leng Qingyue: In my opinion, it’s better to report him and let him reflect in prison!

Lin Beifan: Isn’t that a bit too much? (Sweating.jpg)

Leng Qingyue: It’s necessary! Otherwise, the cost of theft would be too low, and he would never learn his lesson!

Shortly after, Leng Qingyue sent over the other person’s WeChat ID. Lin Beifan took out another phone with an empty SIM card, registered a new WeChat account, and changed the name to “Qingyue.” Then, he left a message: “Is ‘Most Beautiful Moon’ written by you?” Next, he searched for the other person’s WeChat ID and chose the “Add Friend” option. The other person quickly accepted Lin Beifan’s friend request.

Ink White: Who are you?

Qingyue: I’m the person you added as a friend before! Sorry for the delay; I’ve been quite busy until now. Your poems are beautiful, and I really like them!

Ink White: Thank you! But… why are you using a different account?

Qingyue: That account is public, and this one is private.

Ink White: I see!

Qingyue: May I ask, we seem to be strangers. Do you know me? Why did you keep adding me as a friend?

Ink White: It’s probably fate! I was bored and wanted to chat with someone, so I randomly selected an account to send a friend request to, and it happened to be yours!

Qingyue: Hehe! It looks like we do have some kind of connection!

Ink White: Yeah, it seems like fate!

Qingyue: Are those poems all written by you? They’re so beautiful, I couldn’t find them online!

Ink White: They’re just casual works, nothing grand. I’m not worthy of such praise.

Qingyue: You’re too modest!

Then, the two of them continued their conversation, mainly discussing poetry and literary matters. They found that they had similar interests and got along quite well.

Lin Beifan chuckled, “If you’re not that literary thief, why did you reverse my name and use my poems to show off and flirt with girls? Let’s see how I deal with you!”

In a luxurious apartment in Beautifulland, a young man cheered excitedly, “This account must belong to Leng Qingyue! Only she has such literary elegance! I finally added her as a friend! Haha!”

His name was Lu Mobai, a reincarnator. Before his reincarnation, he was a soul who had crossed over, bringing the splendid culture of another world into this one. It was almost like a protagonist mode!

He initially thought that with his knowledge of a different world’s culture, he could easily outshine the locals, build a super entertainment empire, and thrive. However, he didn’t expect to encounter a formidable local genius during his rise. The other person was exceptionally talented in poetry, literary works, and writing.

That person was Lin Beifan.

Despite bringing the culture of an entire world with him, he couldn’t defeat the other person, and worse yet, he lost his beloved woman, Leng Qingyue, to him. He was even manipulated into becoming the other person’s artist, a lifetime of servitude, working to earn money for him. All of his talents and abilities were drained by the other person. It was a dark period that he couldn’t bear to think about.

Now, thinking back, his body shivered, and he often had nightmares. Fortunately, he had been reborn!

The first thing he did after his rebirth was to run far away from this demon, settling in Beautifulland to avoid being targeted by him again.

He had already planned to develop abroad first, become a super celebrity, and build up enough power. Once his fame reached its peak, he would return to his home country and settle old scores. He wanted to repay Lin Beifan a hundredfold for all the pain he had inflicted on him.

But he couldn’t bear to leave behind his dream woman, Leng Qingyue.

“Leng Qingyue is the woman I’ve loved most in two lifetimes, so I must make her mine! Furthermore, Leng Qingyue has a hidden family with tremendous power behind her. If I make her mine, it will be easier to deal with Lin Beifan!”

With this thought in mind, he added Leng Qingyue as a friend.

Knowing that Leng Qingyue was a woman who enjoyed literature and the arts, he crafted himself into a literary young man’s character and occasionally displayed his elegance to capture her attention.

“Although I carry the culture of another world, when it comes to poetry, Lin Beifan is still the most amazing!” Lu Mobai felt envious. “Since you treated me so poorly in our previous lives, is it too much for me to steal your poems in this life?”

“Not only do I want to steal your literary talent, but I also want to steal your woman!”

“I’m walking your path, leaving you with nowhere to go!” So, with this mindset, he used the poems Lin Beifan had written to attract Leng Qingyue.

He was quite skilled at this, after all. But after over a month had passed with no response, he started to wonder if he had messaged the wrong person. However, he was then added as a friend by someone named “清月” (Qingyue). Through their conversation, he became increasingly convinced that this person was indeed his dream woman, Leng Qingyue.

“Only Qingyue truly understands poetry and him!” Lu Mobai was thrilled.

He believed that with his talents, he could surely win over this exceptional woman and gain the support of the Leng family to seek revenge.

Just at that moment, his “goddess” let out a sigh.

Qingyue: “Sigh! Let’s stop here for today; I have something to deal with.”

Mobai: “Judging by your tone, it sounds like you’ve encountered something troublesome?”

Qingyue: “Yes, I’ve recently been pestered by a man, and it’s really bothering me.”

Mobai: “Tell me about it!”

Qingyue: “What’s the use of telling you?”

Mobai: “Go ahead, maybe I can help you feel better!” (Smiling.jpg)

Qingyue: “Alright, I’ll tell you! I’ve recently been pursued by a man, and it’s seriously annoying!”

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