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Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Using My Poetry to Woo My Woman?

So, unable to resist, she wanted to learn more about him.

Leng Qingyue: What are you doing right now?

Lin Beifan: I’m admiring the beautiful scenery!

Leng Qingyue: What kind of scenery?

Lin Beifan: “In the sun, the river’s flowers are redder than fire, in spring, the river water is as green as blue!”

On the other end of the phone, Leng Qingyue was astonished.

“In the sun, the river’s flowers are redder than fire, in spring, the river water is as green as blue!”

This line of poetry was truly exquisite! It instantly painted a picture before her eyes.

The sun rising, casting its brilliance, illuminating the red flowers along the shore, even redder than blazing flames.

Spring had arrived, and the river water was crystal clear, reflecting the colors of the sky, so green it appeared blue.

What an enchanting scene! Her artistic soul was stirred, and she couldn’t help but envision herself, hand in hand with her beloved, strolling by the riverside, admiring the fiery red flowers and the azure river.

Leng Qingyue: It’s really beautiful. I’d love to see it. Please tell me where this place is!

Lin Beifan: It’s very close.

Leng Qingyue: Where is it?

Lin Beifan: Open the stock market index on your phone. The red and green colors there, isn’t it beautiful?

Leng Qingyue:

The previously beautiful imagery vanished in an instant!

Leng Qingyue: I’m angry! (Angry.jpg)(Angry.jpg)(Angry.jpg)

Leng Qingyue: The kind of anger that’s hard to placate! (Angry.jpg)(Angry.jpg)(Angry.jpg)

Lin Beifan 987: This is my job, actually! (Wry smile.jpg)

Lin Beifan: I’m quite pitiful, really. I have to face these things every day. If I don’t create some romantic ambiance for myself, I might go crazy!

Leng Qingyue: So, what does your typical work involve? (Curious.jpg)

Lin Beifan: “A body like an orchid, graceful and alluring, its spicy flavor conceals without boasting. Coldly facing blades and sickles, breaking arrogant bones, cutting down one generation after another!”

Once again, Leng Qingyue was amazed. This poem was too beautiful.

She felt as if she were looking at a lush green meadow, experiencing the bittersweetness of life, but never complaining to the outside world.

Although the body might be fragile, there was a strong backbone, facing blades and sickles with a resolute attitude. Even when cut down repeatedly, it continued to grow, resilient and unyielding.

Leng Qingyue was once again captivated by Lin Beifan’s talent. This was a man who could turn words into poetry! So impressive!

After realizing it, she found that the poem he sent and her question didn’t seem to have any connection.

Leng Qingyue: I asked you about your work, and you sent me a poem. What’s that for?

Lin Beifan: Still don’t understand?

Leng Qingyue: ???

Lin Beifan: I’m harvesting leeks in the stock market!

Leng Qingyue:

On the other end of the phone, Leng Qingyue couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She had never imagined that someone could make stock trading sound so fresh and artistic, with such poetic flair.

Just look at the market trends; why add a poem to it? Just harvest leeks; why add a poem to it? And yet, it was very picturesque!

If those retail investors knew, they would be shocked!

She realized that Lin Beifan not only had talent but was also quite humorous at times. Having talent and humor completely hit her sweet spot. Chatting with Lin Beifan was truly enjoyable!

Unable to resist, she wanted to chat a little longer.

At this moment, her assistant walked in. “Miss Leng, we’ve already arrived at Jiangbei Square! The event is about to start. Do you need anything else?”

Without lifting her head, Leng Qingyue replied, “I don’t have time right now. Cancel it for me.”

The assistant was shocked, “But we’ve already signed the contract. Cancelling will incur penalties!”

Leng Qingyue calmly said, “Let it incur penalties.”

“Yes, Miss Leng,” the assistant said with a bitter smile.

Only someone like her, a wealthy young lady, could be so willful and capricious.

After dealing with the assistant, Leng Qingyue continued chatting with Lin Beifan, discussing various topics freely.

However, at this moment, she received a “friend request” message. Initially, she didn’t want to pay attention to it, but upon seeing a message above, she was immediately surprised.

Because this message contained a poem that she was very familiar with. The first line was, “It’s best not to meet, so we won’t fall in love,” and the second line was, “It’s best not to know each other, so we won’t miss each other.”

Leng Qingyue carefully read it and found that it was identical to the one Lin Beifan had written for her, word for word. She had previously searched online and confirmed that this beautiful poem was not found anywhere else; it was entirely Lin Beifan’s creation.

Now, she saw this poem in a message from someone else.

Something was very suspicious!

Since the main suspect was right here, she decided to ask.

Leng Qingyue: Is the poem “It’s Best Not to Meet” you wrote an original?

Lin Beifan: Yes, it’s my original. Why do you ask?

Lin Beifan: Did you see it from a policeman?

Leng Qingyue: Yes! For over a month now, there’s been someone trying to add me on WeChat! He’s quite talented; every message has different poems, very beautiful!

On the other end of the phone, Lin Beifan smiled faintly.

The fifth main character had finally entered the stage! Using my poetry to impress my woman? How audacious!

Leng Qingyue: However, I don’t know who this person is, and I haven’t added them! Leng Qingyue is not only a big celebrity but also an important figure in the secretive Leng family. She is very cautious when it comes to making friends. While she appreciates talent, she’s not naive.

Without knowing anything about this person, how could she possibly add them as a friend based on a few lines of poetry? And who knows if this person is truly talented, especially through a phone?

Leng Qingyue: Just now, he added me again, and he used your “It’s Best Not to Meet”!

Lin Beifan: I wrote those poems myself! However, one time while cleaning, my manuscripts went missing. It might have been picked up by someone with malicious intent! If all those poems were indeed written by Lin Beifan, his talent surpassed her imagination.

It was terrifying!

Leng Qingyue: Is that so? I find it hard to believe!

Lin Beifan: You can quiz me!

Leng Qingyue: Then I will!

Leng Qingyue: “Once the sea was difficult for water, and the next line?”

Lin Beifan: “Except for Wushan, nothing else is a cloud!”

Leng Qingyue: “In the vast sea, the bright moon is like a pearl, and it sheds tears!”

Lin Beifan: “In the Blue Fields, the warm sun produces jade-like smoke!”

Leng Qingyue: “Flowers drift and water flows, a kind of longing, two empty worries!”

Lin Beifan: “This feeling cannot be eliminated, it’s just below the brows but on top of the heart!”

Leng Qingyue: “Love doesn’t know where it starts…” Lin Beifan: “But it deepens with every step!”

No matter which line Leng Qingyue uttered, Lin Beifan quickly responded.

This time, Leng Qingyue was convinced that these poems were indeed written by Lin Beifan. Because, in a situation where he had no prior knowledge, he managed to match all the poems perfectly, word for word.

If he didn’t write them, then who did?

While she admired Lin Beifan’s talent even more, she also felt even more angry at the other person.

She hated being deceived, and she despised literary thieves!

Now, someone had stolen Lin Beifan’s poems to woo her! It was beyond shameless!



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The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

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Lin Beifan traverses a world composed of numerous urban web novels and becomes a minor antagonist with a wish-granting system that allows him to make one wish per day. Using the system’s abilities and his own clever tricks, he sabotages all the main characters and disrupts the plotlines. As a result, the heavens replicate the storyline and curse Lin Beifan, making it so that any wish he makes causes his enemies to receive double the consequences! Lin Beifan chuckles, “Is that all?” “I wish to maintain a body temperature of 36.8 degrees!” The first protagonist’s brain overheats to 73.6 degrees and dies! “I wish to sleep for 12 hours every day!” The second protagonist becomes a vegetable and dies! “I wish to be crushed to death by a 120-pound beauty!” The third protagonist is flattened into a sheet of paper by a 240-pound chubby girl and dies! In this way, the plot is once again thrown into chaos!


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