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Chapter 112

Chapter 113 – Operation

Night falls.

Su Hao carefully inspects his two knives and armor, a long knife and a short knife that he’s used in his previous life, totaling two. The armor is a custom-made, expensive piece.

He still likes to don thick armor for battle. In case of unexpected situations, it might save his life.

Various runes of Yashan are inscribed on the armor and long knife, making it convenient for use in battle.

There are also three fist-sized spheres, all small gadgets called “Twenty Explosions,” with not much damage but a strong deterrent effect.

At this moment, Yashan, the current “Thorned Beast,” is checking his two long knives, one main and one backup.

On the carapace, circular runes are tattooed in a dense pattern.

Yashan is already very familiar with these runes and can activate them with just a thought.

Su Hao turns to Yashan and says, “Yashan, are you ready? Tonight’s [Bone Demon] is up to you.”

At this point, Yashan, with the blood intensity of the “Thorned Beast,” has reached the peak of his physical condition, and with the blessing of a Tier 3 Mutant, he has reached the level of a Junior Master. Although compared to the Bone Demon, his blood intensity is significantly weaker, with numerous runes backing him up, he may not be an easy opponent for the Bone Demon.

Yashan is trembling with excitement at the moment, biting his lip, unable to speak, just nodding vigorously.

For the sake of avenging his wife and children, he has been waiting for this night for two years, enduring two years of torment.

Su Hao puts on his armor, stretches his body after putting on his breastplate, hangs the two knives on his waist, and says, “Let’s go! If you can’t handle it, run to me directly. Don’t be reckless; as long as you stay alive, there will be more opportunities in the future.”

Yashan immediately nods and says, “Thank you, Boss Wei!”

For Yashan, as long as he can kill the Bone Demon, death is an acceptable outcome. But if he dies and cannot kill the Bone Demon, that would be the most helpless scenario.

As Su Hao and Yashan push open the door, Taini, who was pretending to sleep, sticks her head out from the room and silently watches her dad and Uncle Wei disappear into the darkness.

She’s grown taller and more sensible now.

A long time ago, her brother and her mother suddenly disappeared, and her dad never mentioned where they went. She now understands.

She has only one small wish in her heart, that her dad doesn’t suddenly disappear, that he doesn’t suddenly become unfindable.

Because he’s her only family left.

Su Hao and Yashan both activate the “Light Absorption” rune, blending into the darkness, making them hard to detect.

Su Hao first locates the Bone Demon’s position with Yashan and points to a building, saying, “He’s on the third floor of that small building.”

Yashan takes a deep breath, tightly gripping his long knife.

Tonight, he’s going to personally decapitate the Bone Demon to vent his pent-up hatred.

And the hatred that has been suppressed for two years is also going to be unleashed tonight, one cut at a time.

Yashan doesn’t speak, immediately activating the runes on his body: “Hard,” “Penetrating,” “Sharp,” and “Corroding,” covering him in densely-packed spikes.

With a light leap, Yashan jumps to the opposite building.

“Spike Eruption!”

“Puff puff puff—”

Countless spikes burst from Yashan’s body, shooting towards the third floor where the Bone Demon is located.

“Ah!” A cry of pain from the third floor as a massive bone-armored figure bursts through the roof and leaps into the air.

At this moment, the Bone Demon Deli has numerous small and large blood holes on his body, constantly oozing blood, and the wounds are sizzling as if corroded.

Obviously, Yashan’s surprise attack has had some effect.

But for Deli, this level of injury is nothing; it’s just painful and annoying, quickly healing. Deli’s bone armor surges, and the wounds are soon covered, leaving him unscathed.

However, after the healing was completed, Deli noticed something unusual about his wounds. “What’s with this highly corrosive force?”

It’s not that the wounds can’t be repaired, but they require more time and energy for recovery.

Deli became alert but was still in a furious state. He had been sleeping peacefully, and the sudden attack had left him extremely uncomfortable.

As he leaped out, he immediately sensed Yashan’s location and locked onto Yashan, who was shrouded in darkness.

“Thorned Beast?”

Sensing that his opponent was just a Level 3 Mutant of the “Shell People” sequence, Deli’s face contorted into a sinister grin. A mere “Thorned Beast,” what right did he have to stand before him and think about devouring his flesh?

Deli didn’t waste a moment and instantly generated a bone knife in his right hand, charging towards Yashan.

This intruder who disturbed his sleep, he wanted to ensure that he would sleep forever!

Yashan remained silent, gripping his knife tightly and advancing.

The sounds, the smiles, and the laughter of his wife and son came to his mind, so vivid yet so distant, never to return.

He roared internally, “Bone Demon! Go to your death with remorse!”

“Barrier,” “Hard,” “Sharp,” “Penetrating,” “Corroding.”

As they closed in on each other…

“Bone Spikes!”


Deli activated his bone spikes, sprouting a multitude of them all over his body.

Yashan, in response, increased his speed drastically.

Yashan’s approach was impeded by the sudden appearance of bone spikes, slowing him down and making it difficult to get close. He had no choice but to cut through a significant number of bone spikes in front of him. The blade narrowly missed Deli, causing no harm.

At the same time, Deli’s bone knife swung towards Yashan.

Yashan quickly retracted his knife to block.


Then Deli’s blow sent Yashan flying backward.

Deli stomped his foot.

“Heaven’s Gift Burial!”

Numerous bone spikes suddenly emerged from the ground, accurately aiming for Yashan.


However, the scene Deli imagined, where the bone spikes pierced Yashan, did not materialize.

Yashan was simply thrown into the air by the bone spikes, suffering no harm.

Deli narrowed his eyes. “When did the Thorned Beast’s defense become so strong? This is strange!”

Su Hao was hidden nearby, watching for a while. Seeing that Yashan was unharmed, he turned and left, heading towards his own target.

His mission was to deal with the “线魔” (Silk Demon).

Perhaps the “Bone Demon” and the “Silk Demon” fought too fiercely last night, and neither of them had come out to cause trouble tonight.

This suited Su Hao’s intentions. If he could quietly eliminate the “Silk Demon,” it would save him a lot of trouble.

Su Hao boosted himself with “Light Absorption” and “Void Breaking” runes, moving stealthily towards the “Silk Demon,” Sik.

When Su Hao arrived in front of the building, he suddenly stopped.

“What’s this?”

Only when he got extremely close did Su Hao notice that both the inside and outside walls of the building were covered in countless invisible fine Silks, like invisible lines. If not for the faint blood aura detected on these Silks, he wouldn’t have noticed them.

“Perhaps as long as I touch these Silks, the Silk Demon will immediately detect my location.”

Su Hao took a couple of steps back and focused his radar sense entirely on the small building. What he saw astonished him.

The entire building was covered inside and out with an intricate network of invisible Silks, so fine that not even a mouse could get in.

Recalling the scene two years ago when the “Speed Demon” suddenly fell apart, Su Hao figured that if any reckless individual dared to intrude on this building, the outcome might very well be inexplicable dismemberment.

Su Hao gained a new level of fear for the “Silk Demon.” The level of protection was a bit exaggerated.

Su Hao hesitated for a moment. Could he still assassinate the “Silk Demon”?

In this world, Esper powers often required decapitation and dismemberment to ensure an enemy was truly dead. It seemed like approaching stealthily was out of the question.

Su Hao took a deep breath and thought to himself, “Then I’ll have to go in guns blazing.”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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