Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Chu Ruoxue: I’m Dealing with Scumbags!

First, it’s best not to meet, so you won’t fall in love.

Second, it’s best not to know each other, so you won’t miss each other.

Third, it’s best not to accompany each other, so you won’t owe each other.

Fourth, it’s best not to cherish each other, so you won’t remember each other.

Fifth, it’s best not to love each other, so you won’t abandon each other.

Sixth, it’s best not to face each other, so you won’t meet each other.

Seventh, it’s best not to misunderstand each other, so you won’t disappoint each other.

Eighth, it’s best not to promise each other, so you won’t continue each other.

Ninth, it’s best not to rely on each other, so you won’t cling to each other.

Tenth, it’s best not to encounter each other, so you won’t reunite.

But once you’ve met, you’ll know each other. How can it compare to not meeting?

How can we break free from each other and avoid the torment of longing?

This poem is so beautiful!

It speaks to the heart!

Not only did it perfectly answer her question, but it also vividly portrayed the emotions of infatuated lovers!

She had read many articles and seen many love poems, but there had never been one that touched her heart like this.

It deeply resonated with her as an artistic young woman!

She excitedly held onto the paper, reading it over and over. Then, she carefully placed it in her bag.

She kept murmuring the verses as if trying to commit them to memory. After a while, she folded the paper with the poem meticulously, then took out a blank sheet and wrote a few words to pass back.

Lin Beifan opened it and read: “Using paper is inconvenient; let’s chat on WeChat!”

He turned to look, and she had already taken out her phone, her beautiful eyes filled with anticipation.

So, Lin Beifan also took out his phone.

Chu Ruoxue sitting nearby had been secretly watching. She sneered when she saw Lin Beifan pass a note to Leng Qingyue.

With just this piece of paper, he couldn’t win over Leng Qingyue. She had seen all kinds of men and methods. However, what happened next shocked her.

Leng Qingyue looked at the paper for a while, then wrote something and passed it back. After that, both of them communicated through this piece of paper, passing notes back and forth, just like exchanging notes between classmates in their childhood.

Until finally, both of them took out their phones and exchanged contact information. The whole process took less than 5 minutes.

“It’s too fast! And it’s Leng Qingyue who initiated it!” Chu Ruoxue was truly taken aback.

What kind of trick did this playboy use to make Leng Qingyue actively add him on WeChat?

Curiosity filled her heart, so she also took out her phone.

Chu Ruoxue: What were you two just chatting about? Why did Leng Qingyue add you on WeChat?

Lin Beifan: We were discussing the most touching words in the world!

Chu Ruoxue: What words?

Lin Beifan: Sweet nothings!

Chu Ruoxue: What sweet nothings?

Lin Beifan: I’ll ask you first, does this count as me winning the bet? You answer me first, and then I’ll tell you!

Chu Ruoxue felt a bit frustrated. She had initially wanted to pretend to forget about this bet, but now the other party had brought it up.

Chu Ruoxue: Alright, alright, you’ve won. Spit it out!

Lin Beifan: “What is love? It teaches people to commit life and death together!”

Chu Ruoxue: ???

Chu Ruoxue: I asked for sweet nothings, and you gave me this nonsense?

Lin Beifan: …

Lin Beifan: Isn’t this phrase beautiful?

Chu Ruoxue: Beautiful my foot! What era are we in now? Isn’t it foolish to love each other to death? Isn’t it better to make money with this time? Isn’t it better to binge-watch dramas?

Lin Beifan: …

Lin Beifan: I have no common language with you when it comes to emotions!

Chu Ruoxue: Goodbye!

Chu Ruoxue: …

Then, Lin Beifan ignored Chu Ruoxue and enthusiastically continued chatting with Leng Qingyue next to him.

Chu Ruoxue watched with frustration, grinding her teeth. She wanted to tear apart the scumbag, but the timing wasn’t right, so she had to hold back for now.

In the conversation window between Lin Beifan and Leng Qingyue:

Lin Beifan: Actually, I think using paper is a bit better!

Leng Qingyue: Ah? Why?

Lin Beifan: Because… “纸短情长” (Paper is short, but feelings are long)!

Leng Qingyue didn’t reply for a long time because this sentence was too charming and once again struck her heart.

As an artistic young woman, this was what she couldn’t resist the most.

She secretly regretted, if only she hadn’t added him on WeChat. Using paper to chat would have been so much more meaningful.

Leng Qingyue: You make a good point!

Leng Qingyue: Like in the past, couples used paper to convey their feelings. A small piece of paper with just a few words can carry heavy emotions and longing!

Leng Qingyue: Unfortunately, the pace of life is faster now, communication is more convenient, and it doesn’t feel as deep as it used to be. It’s easy for people to break up and divorce nowadays, which makes me very sad!

Lin Beifan: Yeah, it’s different now.

Lin Beifan: In the past, the days were slow, the vehicles, horses, and mail were all slow, and one’s life was only enough to love one person!

“Ah~” Leng Qingyue’s heart was once again fiercely struck.

She carefully pondered over this sentence: “In the past, the days were slow, the vehicles, horses, and mail were all slow, and one’s life was only enough to love one person!”

These simple words vividly described the depth of past love. Everything used to be slow, but it was precisely because of this slowness that love was profound, enduring, and unwavering. Your love could only be given to one person, so you had to invest all your life’s strength to love and stay together.

She couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Lin Beifan. The man before her was so elegant, speaking like a poet! Moreover, his understanding of love was profound, every sentence was classic, and every word had its unique charm. Could it be that he had experienced heartbreak? But looking at his age, it didn’t seem likely.

At this moment, Lin Beifan sent another WeChat message.

Lin Beifan: Actually, using WeChat is not bad!

Leng Qingyue: How so?

Lin Beifan: Because… “缘裏姻缘一线牵” (In the web of destiny, there’s a thread that connects)!


Leng Qingyue’s heart was struck once again.

Watching the two of them engrossed in their conversation, Chu Ruoxue, who was sitting beside them, felt annoyed. She took out a doll from her bag, then grabbed a pen and wrote “Lin Beifan” on the doll before fiercely poking it. The noise was a bit loud, catching the attention of Lin Beifan and Leng Qingyue.

Lin Beifan couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing?”

Chu Ruoxue replied fiercely, “I’m dealing with scumbags!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

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