Chapter 11: Senior Brother, Give Me Ten Pieces for Now!

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Li Tianci broke out in a cold sweat.

“What are you doing, junior brother? Ye Ningshuang is a fierce person from the Sword Peak. It is said that over the years, she has killed countless demons and evil spirits. Aren’t you seeking death by provoking her?”

However, Chen Chang’an smiled and was not afraid of Ye Ningshuang.

“Sister, with my cultivation at the first level of Qi Refining, I am not capable of repairing the Silver Dragon Sword well, but I can bring the sword back to the Feixian Peak and ask my master to repair it for you.”

Chen Chang’an knew very well that as someone with ordinary aptitude, no one would believe that he could repair the Profound-grade magic weapon. At present, his strength was not enough, so he needed to keep a low profile and develop slowly.

He decided to mention his master, Feng Wanxi, who was highly respected and powerful.

Sure enough, as soon as Chen Chang’an spoke, both Ye Ningshuang and Li Tianci were surprised.

“He’s asking Elder Feng for help to repair it.”

Li Tianci muttered.

“Elder Feng’s strength is unparalleled, and her methods are unfathomable. She should be able to repair this Profound-grade magic weapon.”

“But Elder Feng’s status is noble. Will she repair it for me?” Ye Ningshuang asked with some doubt.

Chen Chang’an patted his chest and said, “Sister Ye, leave it to me. I’m her disciple, and I’ll take care of it. But… ”

“What?” Ye Ningshuang asked quickly.

“Even though Elder Feng is highly respected and powerful, she won’t repair the magic weapon for free. So, you know what I mean, Sister Ye.”

“As long as the Silver Dragon Sword can be repaired before our mission tomorrow, no matter how many spirit stones it takes, I can afford it. How much do you want, junior brother?” Ye Ningshuang said earnestly.

Chen Chang’an thought for a moment before saying, “How about one hundred thousand spirit stones?”

Chen Chang’an thought to himself that the Silver Dragon Sword must have cost millions of spirit stones to forge. So, asking for one hundred thousand was not too much.

Ye Ningshuang was a little surprised and looked at Chen Chang’an. Chen Chang’an coughed lightly, thinking that Ye Ningshuang might think he was asking for too much.

“This is just me giving face to Sister Ye. I only asked for one hundred thousand. After all, my master is so respected and powerful. Do you agree?”

Ye Ningshuang smiled when she heard Chen Chang’an’s words. Her smile was as beautiful as a melting iceberg, stunningly beautiful.

Chen Chang’an felt a little dazed as he watched.

Even Li Tianci, who was beside him, was stunned.

“Alright, thank you, junior brother. I’ll wait for your good news.”

After she finished speaking, she handed a spatial bag to Chen Chang’an.

She didn’t notice that he had skin-to-skin contact with Chen Changan.

Chen Chang’an felt a slightly warm and cool sensation.

In his mind, Chen Chang’an evaluated, “This hand is cool and tender, suitable to hold and sleep with.”

“Junior brother, there are 100,000 spirit stones inside. Count them.”

Chen Chang’an smiled and said, “No need to count. I trust you, senior sister.”

But deep down, Chen Chang’an felt that something was off.

Ye Ningshuang nodded slightly, and her attitude became milder than before, less cold.

“Junior brother, I have something else to attend to, so I’ll leave now. I’ll come to Fei Xian Peak tomorrow to find you and wait for your good news.”

“No problem.”

After Ye Ningshuang left, Chen Chang’an asked, “Senior brother, did she give me too many or too few spirit stones?”

Li Tianci was still staring at Ye Ningshuang’s slender figure, unable to snap out of it for a long time.

He exclaimed, “If senior sister just smiled, she would be the goddess in the hearts of all the Immortal Life Sect disciples. It’s a pity that she always looks so cold. It’s too hard to see her smile.”

“Huh? Senior brother, what did you say just now?”

Chen Chang’an: 😑

“Senior brother, I want to ask if she gave me too many or too few spirit stones?”

Li Tianci awkwardly smiled.

“Sorry, junior brother, I got lost in thought earlier and didn’t have time to remind you.”

“That’s right, ten thousand spirit stones are indeed not enough for repairing a treasure like this. After buying the repair materials, there might not be much profit left. I wonder what Elder Feng would think if she knew?”

Chen Changan was shocked, “Oh no, what should we do?”

However, Chen Changan was not really panicked inside, only feeling a bit sad.

Ah, if only he had said a little more earlier.

This time, without experience, he could only earn ten thousand spirit stones.

Why say that?

Because Chen Changan had the talent: [Proficient in Refining], repairing a treasure like this was just a piece of cake, no need to buy any repair materials. Just use some qi to fix it up.

So he was definitely going to make a profit with these ten thousand spirit stones!

But then Li Tianci said, “Junior brother, thanks for helping me out earlier. So you don’t need to worry about the repair materials. Just pick whatever you need, it won’t cost you any spirit stones. I’ll report it to our master, he won’t blame you. Moreover, this matter was originally the fault of the Refining Treasure Peak. I had a bad feeling when Miss Ye came, and it turns out it’s related to the Silver Dragon Sword.”

“Also, junior brother, don’t you need to buy materials to build your treasure house? I’ll take the liberty of giving you a fifty percent discount!”

Chen Changan was surprised, there’s such a good thing?

This way, he saved half of the spirit stones.

“Thank you, senior brother.”

Then, Chen Changan returned the Silver Dragon Sword and started selecting materials to build his treasure house.

This time, he had money.

Isn’t it the Green God Wood that costs three thousand spirit stones per piece?

One word.


“Senior brother, give me ten pieces for now!”

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