Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: A Remarkable Sword God, An Unforgettable Phrase – Dugu Seeks Defeat!

Director Guan meticulously reviewed.

Qinggangli Sword, fierce and resolute, unstoppable!

Equivalent to a novice entering the martial world, filled with pride, charging forward fearlessly!

Purple Microsoft Sword, a light and agile blade, versatile!

Equivalent to a swordsman who has roamed the martial world for many years, seen through its trials and tribulations, becoming mature and flexible, their sword techniques flowing naturally and unpredictably!

Profound Iron Heavy Sword, immensely heavy, without sharpness!

Yet, it could break through countless ingenious moves and endless variations with sheer force, invincible under the heavens, unparalleled in the world!

At this level, it’s already equivalent to a founding grandmaster of swordsmanship!

Wooden Sword, not confined by objects, grass, trees, bamboo, and stones could all be swords!

At this realm, the physical sword was abandoned, reaching the realm of natural Dao, where all things in the world could transform into a sword in one’s hand, used to defeat enemies.

At this level, it’s already equivalent to an unparalleled grandmaster!

And finally, the Swordless Sword, no sword in hand, but a sword in heart, unity of man and sword!

Swordless surpasses a sword, techniqueless surpasses technique!

At this level, one can no longer be called human, only a deity!

A god in the sword, a Sword God!

Director Guan became more and more excited as he thought.

This swordsmanship system was simply perfect!

Logically consistent, interlocking, extraordinarily classic!

He remembered it after hearing it once, forever engraved in his heart.

He was sure that when this swordsmanship system was released, it would definitely make a global impact.

He was confident that even if the TV series didn’t become popular, this swordsmanship system would forever endure, rooted in people’s hearts.

In the future, when people talk about swords, about the Sword God, they certainly wouldn’t leave out this system!

And they wouldn’t forget the one who pioneered it…

The White-Clothed Sword God!!!

“Absolutely… absolutely!” Director Guan exclaimed three times in a row.

At this moment, there were simply no words that could adequately express his excitement.

Seeing the joyful expression on the director’s face, Lin Beifan took the opportunity to suggest, “Director Guan, how about we give the White-Clothed Sword God a new name?”

Director Guan was taken aback, “Change the name? Isn’t White-Clothed Sword God good enough?”

“While White-Clothed Sword God is good, to be honest, the title ‘Sword God’ has been overused and is almost clichéd in every martial arts drama. But can any other Sword God be compared to our White-Clothed Sword God?”

“You make a point! But if not Sword God, then what?”

With a smirk, Lin Beifan, who had already created the sculpture and this classic swordsmanship system, felt that if they didn’t bring that character out, it wouldn’t quite fit!

“How about ‘Sword Demon’?”

“Sword Demon? Why ‘Sword Demon’?”

Lin Beifan explained, “Because this person has a peculiar and eccentric personality, acts without restraint, is carefree and dissolute, yet the only thing they are dedicated to is the sword. Their entire life has been devoted to pursuing the highest realm of swordsmanship! A fanatic for the sword, intoxicated by the sword, consumed by the sword. They’ve fallen into a state resembling madness because of the sword, that’s why people call them… Sword Demon!”

“What a remarkable ‘Sword Demon’!”

Director Guan applauded excitedly, “This title is in no way inferior to ‘Sword God’. It distinguishes the White-Clothed Sword God from other sword deities, and it’s unforgettable! Moreover, this title fits perfectly with the character of the White-Clothed Sword God!”

“Because, they are truly someone who has fallen into a state of madness due to their devotion to the sword! Otherwise, how could they have developed this timeless and renowned swordsmanship system, becoming a god in the sword, don’t you think? Haha…”

“Director Guan’s words are spot on!”

Lin Beifan flattered, “Also, I’ve already come up with a name for the Sword Demon: ‘Dugu Seeks Defeat’!”

“Why ‘Dugu Seeks Defeat’?”

Lin Beifan explained, “Dugu is his surname, which also symbolizes the loneliness of his life! The path of pursuing the way of the sword is inherently lonely, and only the Sword Demon can endure such solitude!”

“Well said!” Director Guan nodded slightly.

“As for ‘Seeks Defeat’…”

Lin Beifan, embodying the Sword God, looked up to the sky and sighed deeply, “I’ve roamed the martial world for over 30 years, slain enemies, defeated heroes, there’s no one under the heavens who can rival me, I’m invincible yet helpless. I could only retire to a remote valley, making a sculpture my friend!”

“Alas! To seek a worthy opponent in a lifetime and yet not find one, it’s truly a desolate and unbearable existence!”

“So I call myself Seeks Defeat, seeking only one defeat!”


Director Guan’s hair stood on end!

Though both Dugu Seeks Defeat and the White-Clothed Sword Demon are on the path of invincibility, the title Dugu Seeks Defeat is more explosive!

Because, well, he’s genuinely invincible, there’s no opponent to be found anywhere in the world!

His life has been so lonely that he wanted someone to defeat him, just one defeat!

However, such a small wish couldn’t be fulfilled even until death, he could only leave with regret!

The coolness level is off the charts, isn’t it?

It’s like the heart is directly bursting open!

Overflowing with grandeur!!!

Even though the show hasn’t been filmed yet, the invincible figure of the Sword Demon, Dugu Seeks Defeat, has already imprinted itself on his heart.

“What an extraordinary Sword Demon, what a remarkable Dugu Seeks Defeat!”

Director Guan exclaimed excitedly, “I’ve decided. The White-Clothed Sword God in this show will be renamed Sword Demon Dugu Seeks Defeat! I’ve considered the sword my demon throughout my life, yet until death, I couldn’t find an opponent, it’s truly an unbearably lonely existence!”

“So I call myself Seeks Defeat, seeking only one defeat!”

“Thrilling! How exhilarating! Haha…”

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