Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Making Money Is So Easy!

The candy store.

Ji Yan was still negotiating with those drug addicts.

By now, Ji Yan didn’t need to put in any effort to introduce his products. The drug addicts were already convinced that Ji Yan’s merchandise was excellent, and they were prepared to buy from him.

However, Ji Yan had set some rules that made them a bit uncomfortable. They had never seen anyone selling drugs like this before. But there was nothing they could do; Ji Yan had made it very clear, and they had to abide by his rules.

“Brother, I want five grams, deliver it now!”

“I’ll start with one gram to test the waters.”

“Bro, give me ten grams, and I’ll pay you later!”

“I want five grams, when can you give it to me?”

“Boss, here’s my card number!”

By evening, Ji Yan had finally finished negotiating with these drug addicts. Approximately twenty to thirty of them had placed orders. Most of them were buying five grams at a time, and there were not many who purchased ten grams.

Some of the buyers were first-timers and were a bit hesitant to trust Ji Yan completely. As a result, they only ordered one or two grams to test the product.

Behind his computer, Ji Yan’s face was beaming with a smile.

“Damn, this money is so easy to earn!”

“So many people have made purchases in such a short time!”

Ji Yan roughly sorted through the list of orders in his hand.

There were about twenty-four to twenty-five customers who wanted five grams each, and around five to six customers who ordered one or two grams each.

When he calculated the total, Ji Yan realized he could make a considerable profit from this group of drug addicts. Wasn’t this more than what he earned from his candy store? Moreover, this business required almost no initial investment. At most, he would need to spend a little on packaging and shipping fees.

But compared to the profits he obtained, it was completely negligible.

“I have to say, I really have a knack for business!”

Ji Yan smiled happily.

His fingers danced rapidly on the keyboard.

“I have too many orders here; I can’t ship them all at once.”

Ji Yan copied and pasted this message to each drug addict who placed an order with him.

“Whoever pays first will get the delivery first.”

Ji Yan continued copying and pasting.

If you’re going to act, you have to do the whole performance, right?

And indeed, Ji Yan had received an overwhelming number of orders today. He needed to secure some money first before proceeding with the deliveries.

Three or five drug addicts couldn’t sit still when they saw Ji Yan’s message.

“Brother, give me your account number! I’ll transfer the money to you right away!”

Several of them asked Ji Yan for his account number.

They were the type who hadn’t tasted drugs for several days and wanted to get some from Ji Yan as soon as possible.

Ji Yan didn’t waste any time and directly sent his account number to these people.

As for the others, they didn’t transfer money to Ji Yan yet.

“Brother, you can send the goods first, and I’ll transfer the money to you after that!”

“This is my first time buying from you, so please understand, brother!”

“I’ll transfer you the money as soon as you send the goods!”

These people still had some vigilance towards Ji Yan, afraid that he might take their money and not deliver the goods. They decided to wait until Ji Yan shipped the products before making the payment.

Ji Yan wasn’t in a hurry with such buyers.

After all, sooner or later, they would transfer the money to him.

Whether he collected the money early or late didn’t make much difference.

Ji Yan had plenty of patience.

“Alright, I’ll let you know when I ship the goods.”

Many of the drug addicts received Ji Yan’s message.

Upon seeing the message, they felt relieved and prepared to wait quietly for the drugs to arrive.

Soon enough, Ji Yan’s phone received several notifications of incoming transfers.

“Your bank account has received 500 yuan, transferred from another person…”

“Your bank account has received 1,800 yuan…”

In total, Ji Yan received five notifications of money transfers.

A rough calculation showed that in just a short time, Ji Yan angrily earned several thousand yuan.

“Damn, this money is too easy to make!”

Ji Yan glanced at his bank account balance.

His eyes almost popped out.

He felt even more convinced that developing this money-making method was the right choice.

“Although it’s a one-time business, the profits are substantial…”

“Even if I fleece each sheep only once, I can still make a lot.”

“I hope this won’t be exposed too soon!”

Ji Yan muttered to himself, closed his computer, and prepared to sleep.

As for the rock sugar orders for which payment had been received, Ji Yan planned to ship them after waking up the next day.

That night, Ji Yan dreamt about chatting with those drug addicts online.

The next day, early in the morning, Ji Yan got up from the bed.

He began to cut the rock sugar for those drug addicts.

When Ji Yan had determined this path last night, he specifically searched online to see what real methamphetamine looked like.

He was in for a shock.

Indeed, methamphetamine looked quite similar to rock sugar, both being transparent crystals!

No wonder those drug addicts called methamphetamine “rock sugar.”

“Three five-gram bags, one ten-gram bag…”

Ji Yan silently recited the orders he received and continued cutting the ice sugar.

To make it look like real methamphetamine, Ji Yan deliberately crushed the ice sugar a bit more.

“It does look quite convincing this way…”

Ji Yan mumbled to himself as he looked at the ice sugar on the table.

After packaging the five bags of ice sugar, Ji Yan put them in his pocket and hummed a tune as he left his place.

He was ready to go to the express delivery station to send these “drugs.”

At the same time, in the bustling city.

In an inconspicuous alley, several men wearing hats were lurking around, looking around discreetly at both ends of the alley.

These people were plainclothes police officers in disguise.

They had been staking out here for several days.

A few days ago, they received information that a drug addict was hiding in this alley.

After several days of surveillance, the authorities confirmed his whereabouts and were ready to apprehend him today.

Unaware of the dragnet set up outside, Hu Daxi just received a package from Sichuan province.

After opening the cardboard box, a small bag of white crystalline powder appeared before him.

“Hehe… This batch of goods looks good!”

Hu Daxi couldn’t wait and poured the contents onto the table, ready to have a great time.

Meanwhile, the plainclothes police officers had already approached the outside of Hu Daxi’s door.

Exchanging glances, one of the officers forcefully kicked open Hu Daxi’s door.

“Police operation! Don’t move!”

Hu Daxi was shocked and immediately tried to escape through the window.

However, before he could reach the window, two officers had already pounced on him and pinned him to the ground.

“Stay put!”

“Comrade, it’s a misunderstanding!”

The handcuffs were quickly clasped around Hu Daxi’s wrists.

One officer, wearing gloves, stepped forward and collected the methamphetamine that Hu Daxi had laid out on the table.

At this moment, the officers’ attention was drawn to a nearby package.

“What’s this?”

One of the officers picked up the package.

It was the same package that Hu Daxi had just opened.

The sender’s address on the package indicated it came from a certain location in Sichuan province.

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