Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Rejection Condition


The air seemed to fall into silence.

Xu Yuan slowly turned his head and looked at the woman beside him.

This somewhat familiar term, accompanied by Ran Qingmo’s clear and tranquil gaze as if it were their first meeting, made his hair stand on end.

Suddenly, he understood where the pain that came from deep within his bones before losing consciousness originated from.

Rejection Condition.

Absurdity, helplessness, and a hint of realization.

【Reaching the initial state of the Source, entering the realm with martial arts, shedding blood for rebirth, the physical body indestructible. Entering the realm with Qi, solidifying the mind and spirit, capable of out-of-body experiences and soul-snatching.】

This world itself allows for possession, but who could have imagined that this crossing between worlds could also result in him developing a repudiation syndrome.

Apart from the howling of the cold wind, the vast snowy plain remained silent.

Xu Yuan remained speechless for a while before softly saying:

“Rejection Condition?”

Ran Qingmo gazed at Xu Yuan and nodded:


Xu Yuan narrowed his eyes, his ambiguous smile forming:

“Miss Ran, what do you mean by this?”

Ran Qingmo stared directly into Xu Yuan’s eyes and replied:

“You are not Xu Changtian.”

Xu Yuan “….”

Her voice remained calm, as if she were stating the most ordinary thing.

The speculation in his heart was spoken out loud by the other person. Perhaps due to the confusion caused by being unconscious for a long time, Xu Yuan realized that he wasn’t panicked by having his identity exposed.

Now there were only two paths before him.

To admit or deny.

If he denied, what reason could he use to deceive the other person?

If he admitted, what would be the consequences?

After a long silence,

Xu Yuan slowly stood up, under the gaze of Ran Qingmo. He picked up the water flask next to him and took a sip of Yanling Liquid to warm himself. He raised his eyes and glanced at the unfathomable mountain peak above, then, illuminated by the moonlight, he cast a glance towards the endless sea below the mountain.

In these four days of his unconsciousness, Ran Qingmo and the large white tiger had somehow brought him to the mountainside of Tianmen Mountain.

With a rough plan in his mind, Xu Yuan turned his head and looked at Ran Qingmo, calmly saying:

“Is it important to you whether I am Xu Changtian?”

Without denying, Xu Yuan calmly admitted it.

What Ran Qingmo needed was merely a “living” Xu Changtian, someone she could use to threaten the third son of the Prime Minister. The specifics of how he lived were not important.

Moreover, the other party must have already thought of this, or else they wouldn’t have brought him to Tianmen Mountain according to the original plan while he was unconscious.

Ran Qingmo pondered seriously for a moment and shook her head:

“It’s not important, but why don’t you understand cultivation?”

As she spoke, a trace of innocent confusion flickered in her eyes.

Indeed, the change in Xu Changtian’s personality before and after his unconsciousness did provide a reasonable explanation. However, if the man before her had clearly undergone rebirth through possession, why did he seem like an infant when it came to matters of cultivation?

Xu Yuan sat beside Ran Qingmo with the water flask in his hand. His heartbeat was steady as he raised his hand and pointed to his own head, calmly saying:

“Because I have a lot of memory loss, many things are fragmented.”

“Including the cave you mentioned?”


“What about the things concerning Xu Changtian himself?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps the cultivation method I practice is unique. Among these fragmented memories, there are some remnants of Xu Changtian’s.”

“And how did you come to know about the Sword Sect?”

Xu Yuan heard this and didn’t continue to answer. He smiled and shook his head:

“Miss Ran, didn’t we agree not to inquire about each other’s matters in this regard?”

Ran Qingmo remained silent upon hearing this, her eyes flickering briefly beneath the black veil covering her face. Eventually, she nodded.

Seeing this, Xu Yuan took advantage of this moment of disclosure and continued:

“Although you might not listen, I still want to advise you. That person will never waver in their decision because of me or Xu Changtian.”

As he spoke, he met Ran Qingmo’s gaze and emphasized each word:

“If you truly want to prevent the destruction of the Sword Sect, there are better ways, and I can help you.”

The destruction of the Sword Sect was an important plot point in “Blue Spring.” By leveraging Ran Qingmo, Xu Yuan could gain many benefits.

However, there was no hint of hesitation in Ran Qingmo’s eyes. She simply looked at him quietly.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yuan smiled faintly and stopped persuading further:

“This offer of mine is always valid. If you change your mind, you can find me anytime.”

Ran Qingmo’s refusal didn’t come as a surprise to Xu Yuan.

Although he and Ran Qingmo were currently like fleas on the same rope, their identities determined that it was nearly impossible for Ran Qingmo to trust him.

The reason she would consider his advice and go together to that hidden cave mostly stemmed from his insignificant power, which posed no threat to her whatsoever.


Wait a moment.

Xu Yuan’s thoughts suddenly stalled.

He realized that there were some issues with his logic.

The premise of going to the hidden cave was that his low power posed no threat to Ran Qingmo. However, the sudden onset of “Rejection Condition” had invalidated this premise.

At the initial stage of the Source Realm, with Qi entering the realm, the condensation of the spirit could lead to astral projection and soul seizure.

Someone at this level could be considered unparalleled in the world.

If Xu Yuan remembered correctly, Ran Qingmo had not reached this realm at the current point in time.

The hidden cave that Xu Yuan mentioned, which could serve as a hiding place, must have been left behind in Ran Qingmo’s eyes.

In other words, Xu Yuan had transformed from a powerless playboy into a mysterious remnant soul who posed a threat to her in Ran Qingmo’s eyes.

Xu Yuan stared at the black-clad woman before him, who had once again closed her eyes to rest. Many questions flooded his mind.

Had she not noticed this, or had she noticed but didn’t care?

No, Ran Qingmo couldn’t possibly not care.

Confidence, not arrogance.

The formation and restrictions within the cave of a powerful figure at the initial stage of the Source Realm could indeed pose a threat to Ran Qingmo at present.

If that’s the case, why would Ran Qingmo dare to follow him and reveal the existence of the hidden cave?

Thinking about this, a sense of foreboding gradually rose in Xu Yuan’s heart.

After a moment of silence,

Xu Yuan slowly lowered his head and looked at the water pouch in his hand, or rather, the Flame Spirit Liquid within the pouch.

The foundation of their cooperation was built on the fact that the person behind the Flame Spirit Python wanted him dead, on the path where Ran Qingmo had captured him.

A thought emerged.

Xu Yuan realized that something must have happened during the few days he was unconscious.

And this something forced Ran Qingmo to accompany him to the hidden cave.

The moonlight cascaded like a waterfall, and silence filled the air like water.

“Tap, tap.”

Amidst his swirling thoughts, the sound of footsteps on snow came from a distance. Xu Yuan immediately turned his head and felt a slight relief when he saw who it was.

It was the large white tiger.

However, this white tiger was much larger than when they first met four days ago, as if it had undergone some kind of transformation. It seemed to have consumed many demon pills while following behind Ran Qingmo during these days.

Demon pills were not suitable for direct consumption by humans, but they were nourishing for demon beasts themselves.

The white tiger came running with a snow wolf over two meters long in its mouth. Its massive figure reached Ran Qingmo’s side, where it dropped the snow wolf and affectionately rubbed its head against her black skirt. It then glanced disdainfully at Xu Yuan before curling up beside Ran Qingmo and falling asleep, paying no attention to the prey it had caught.

Everything fell into silence.

In the moonlit snow-covered mountains, the black-clad woman and the towering white tiger created a harmonious and tranquil scene.

But Xu Yuan’s gaze remained fixed on the back of the white tiger.


in the spot where he had once sat,

a deep and bone-chilling wound was vividly visible.

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