Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Will your conscience not ache for embezzling so much money from me, Lin Beifan?

The next day, Lin Beifan attended court again.

“Greetings, Your Majesty, may you live for ten thousand years!”

“All rise, my beloved ministers!” the Empress said.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

After the formalities, Lin Beifan took a step forward and respectfully said, “Your Majesty, I carried out the order to search the homes of the censor officials yesterday! It has now been completed, please take a look!”

“You were so efficient!” The Empress praised, “Only yesterday did I issue the order and in less than half a day, you finished it! Indeed, you are an invaluable asset to our Great Wu Dynasty. With you, our country is fortunate!”

Lin Beifan was humble, “Thank you for Your Majesty’s praise. I do not deserve it!”

“Tell me about the situation,” the Empress commanded.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan took out a memorial and spoke loudly, “Yesterday, I carried out the order to search the homes of the censor officials! I worked tirelessly throughout the night. Out of the 28 officials, two were found to have embezzled over 20,000, three between 10,000 and 20,000, and five between 5,000 and 10,000…”

“Finally, out of the 28 officials, 24 were suspected of taking bribes! The total embezzled amount was 150,000, which is a huge sum! The specific details are all in this memorial. Please inspect it, Your Majesty!”

The officials around them all had grim expressions.

To have searched the homes of 28 officials and only found 150,000, less than the amount that the former Minister, Quan, took – how could they believe that this was a huge sum?

Their eyes looked strange as they looked over at Lin Beifan. Would he steal the remainder?

The Empress, seated on her high chair, also had a change in expression.

This jerk!

He really did steal 450,000!

Do you not feel guilty for stealing so much money from me?

How can you say it so calmly?

Your face is really thick!

In the face of everyone’s meaningful glances, Lin Beifan remained calm and composed.

Whatever you think, whatever you see, I am not greedy!

I am just returning the money and goods that everyone has stolen to their rightful owners!

I am the conscience of the officialdom! I have more conscience than you!

The more he thought about it, the more confident Lin Beifan became, raising his head high.

In fact, the empress had already known about the situation of the house search and had secretly issued an order. But in the court, they still needed to perform.

They saw her angrily saying, “Well done! As a censor, not only did they not lead by example, but they also embezzled and violated the law, adding to their crimes! Continue to investigate, if they are completely unaware, seize the illegal gains and fine them for a year’s salary! If they have no knowledge, but the amount is over 10,000, seize the illegal gains and fine them for two years’ salary! If they are knowingly committing a crime, embezzling less than 5000 silver, seize the illegal gains and fine them for three years’ salary, and demote them by one level! If they knowingly commit a crime and embezzle more than 5000 silver, immediately remove their position and throw them into prison!”

“All censors, although not imprisoned, will still be under observation for three years and cannot be promoted! Those who merit will be given leniency at the discretion of the court! But if they commit the offense again, they will definitely be executed!”

“Your Majesty is wise!” Lin Beifan loudly said. Other officials followed suit and shouted, “Your Majesty is wise!”

“Sir Lin has done a great job in searching the house, and We will reward him!”

The empress smiled and said, “What do you want, tell Us!”

Lin Beifan lowered his head in fear, “It is the duty of an official to share the worries of Your Majesty! As long as I can do things for Your Majesty, that is the greatest blessing of a subject! Your humble servant does not dare to expect any other rewards!”

“Sir Lin!” The empress pretended to be very moved on the surface, but sneered in her heart, this bastard is quite good at pretending! When you were embezzling, why didn’t you think of me?

“You can’t have merit without reward! Let’s do this…”

After a moment of contemplation, the empress said, “According to convention, since you were the top scorer in the imperial examinations, the court will arrange for you to enter the Hanlin Academy and serve as a Hanlin Academy editor, with a rank of sixth grade official! Now, We will promote you half a rank, to a proper sixth-grade official!”

At that moment, the officials present all looked at Lin Beifan with envy and jealousy. It’s important to note that from the time Lin Beifan became the top scorer in the imperial examinations until now, it had only been two days. In just two days, he had searched his own home twice and was immediately promoted half a rank. Who knows how many years’ worth of effort that saved him!

This can truly be called “great imperial favor”!

“As for the official position…” the empress laughed and said,

“The National Academy is in need of a new director of studies! Sir Lin, who has achieved triple success in the imperial examination, is highly educated and virtuous. He is a perfect fit for the position. Therefore, I will appoint you as the director of studies of the National Academy! I hope that Sir Lin will pass on his knowledge and teach more outstanding talents for the country and the people!”

Everyone once again looked at Lin Beifan with envy and jealousy. Although the director of studies of the National Academy is only a sixth-ranked official, it is a very high position.

The National Academy is equivalent to a national university, and the director of studies is like a vice-president, responsible for specific administrative affairs under the president’s leadership.

In the future, anyone who comes from the National Academy will pay their respects to Lin Beifan and call him master.

The empress really dotes on him! Lin Beifan was also very surprised, he didn’t expect the empress to give him such a great official position! But, there are benefits to be gained.

So, Lin Beifan loudly said, “Thank you for your great kindness, Your Majesty!”

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