Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Being unemployed (Day 2), at the Set Meal Restaurant

I slept well yesterday. I stretch my body and make a satisfied groan.

I also made a new discovery. “I didn’t realize that the pillow could make such a difference in comfort.” I want to tell my friends about it, but I might be labeled as a weirdo.

I snuggle my head into the fluffy pillow. “Ah, it feels so good to sleep in again.”

Yes, today I overslept, and it’s already past noon. Being able to sleep for more than three hours a day is such a luxury. It seems like I have become a bad adult.

“Come to think of it, I’m hungry.” I go to my usual set meal restaurant, and as I enter, adventurers rush out, looking busy as they head towards the dungeon.

“Oh! Good to see you, Aix. The usual, right? Here you go!” The cute waitress hands me the food, gestures for me to quickly pay for them.

“What?!” I don’t understand what she said, and the daughter of a dog beastman looks at me with puzzled ears.

“What’s wrong? Are you not going to sit today?” Come to think of it, I usually ordered a bento. I was so busy that I barely had time to swallow the food she handed me.

“What is this?” I look at the mystery food she gave me.

“It’s always the same, right? Slime food. It’s terrible, but it’s easy to eat. What?! Are you going to order something decent today?”

She looks at me with hopeful eyes. Of course, that was my intention. “Yes, please.”

“Hey, boss! Aix is finally going to eat at the restaurant! He doesn’t want the vomit-inducing meal today! Guest, please. Come on, have a seat, have a seat.”

Is this food really terrible? I stare at the mystery food in my hands. I can’t even remember what it tastes like. I open the menu, and there are so many choices that my head spins.

Despite the pressure, the waitress waits for my order with excitement in her eyes, wagging her tail. I feel nervous even though she expects me to order something.

“I’ll take your recommendation.”

“Boss! Aix wants today’s special, please!”

“Sure thing! I’ll show you my passion, not the usual vomit-inducing meal!” A loud and excited voice comes from the kitchen.

Maybe I have been worrying too much all this time. I apologize.

I wait for my food.

“Here you go, today’s special, please enjoy!”

“Thank you very much.”

I looked at the dish called “My Spirit” that was presented with great care, and couldn’t help but give it a suspicious look. The chef smiled at me knowingly.

“Oh? ”

I stared at the dish with a self-satisfied expression. It was just okay, not particularly impressive. It consisted of black bread, a simple soup, and stir-fried vegetables.

But when I took a spoonful of the soup, tears unexpectedly welled up in my eyes.

“…it’s warm.”

It was delicious. I could feel the chef’s spirit infused into it. Despite its ordinary appearance, the balance of sourness, umami, and mana was exquisite. Unlike the usual terrible food, this dish actually had flavor. Come to think of it, I hadn’t tasted anything like this before.

“Boss, Aix’s dish. He’s crying because it’s warm.”

“Ooh, of course he is. That’s only natural for someone like him.”

“That’s great news, Boss.”

Ah, they can hear me. I squirmed uncomfortably, listening to their conversation from the kitchen. They had me under their thumb now.

“Thank you for the meal. It was delicious.”

“I knew it would be. Did you get some free time? This big sister was worried about you, you know? Good for you, Aix.”

I reply to the waitress, who smiles at me as if I were her little brother.

“I’m not your brother. Besides, I don’t have animal ears. Ny the way, I quit my job.”

“Huh? Then, do you want to work here? I’ll introduce you. Let’s work together. The pay is terrible, but the staff meals are the best!”

Eh! I let my guard down and was unexpectedly offered a job out of kindness.

I feel a little shaken by the unexpected honey trap, but I wave my hand and say no thanks.

“I don’t want to work anymore.”

“Hahaha, you really are different! Aix-san, we’ll be waiting for your next visit.”

I was laughed at.

It wasn’t a condescending laugh, but rather a laugh that seemed to show interest in me.

I’m not a rare animal or anything.

Rather, you’re the animal here.

I was seen off by the carefree and unreserved staff.

I feel really satisfied.

My stomach and heart are full.

Oh no.

It was so shocking that I forgot to pay.

I walked away feeling a little good and ended up walking a distance away, but then hurriedly turned back to the door when I heard two people talking inside the shop.

“Our pay sucks at this part-time job!”

“Will you raise it, Boss?”

“No, sorry. It really does suck. Should we make it a special staff meal since the customers are gone?”

“Yeah, woohoo!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s not nice to interrupt someone’s meal, so I’ll just put it on my tab for today. I’ve taken another step towards the path of being a bad adult.

I’ll come again.

I wander aimlessly.

Freedom is wonderful.

The scenery that comes into view is completely different.

A sleeping cat that was lying in an alleyway let out a big yawn.

Even though I’ve lived in this city for many years, I feel like I’ve come to a completely new place.

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