Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: We’re Just Too Naive and Foolish!

“Let’s go out and explore, and maybe buy some things at the market.”

“Okay!” Lin Beifan nodded with a smile.

Then, Bai Yiyi asked Lin Beifan to wait for a moment and hurried back to her room.

As everyone knows, women tend to take some time before going out.

Lin Beifan waited and waited, but after half an incense stick’s time, she still hadn’t come out.

Bored, he opened the door, thinking of going out first.

As soon as the door cracked open, Lin Beifan sensed a terrifying resentment.

Lin Beifan’s heart skipped a beat!

This is bad, there’s hostility!

Moreover, the source of this hostility is not a person but a dog!

Countless “licking dogs”!

They have reached the door!

There might be a bloodbath today; it’s not safe to go out. Lin Beifan quickly closed the door.

At this moment, a familiar roar came from afar.

“Stop! Lin Beifan, I’ve seen you. Don’t think you can hide. Get out here now!”

It was too late to react; Lai Xiaoqiang had swiftly arrived at the front gate, pulling Lin Beifan out from behind the door.

At this moment, Lin Beifan once again felt the overwhelming resentment from countless “licking dogs.”

This wave of resentment was even more fierce, surging, and terrifying, making Lin Beifan shiver with fear.

Did I murder someone or set fire to something? Why do they hate me so much?

They even blocked my doorstep!

“Lai Xiaoqiang, so it’s you! Long time no see. How have you been?” Lin Beifan awkwardly greeted, trying to break free from Lai Xiaoqiang’s grip and retreat back into the courtyard.

However, Lai Xiaoqiang’s hand clamped onto Lin Beifan’s arm like an iron claw, refusing to let go. His eyes glared red, emitting fiery hostility, and his breath sounded like a snarl, as if he was about to kill.

“Lin Beifan, you’ve kept me waiting for so long! Do you know how I’ve been these two months?”

He spoke through gritted teeth, revealing several missing teeth.

Lin Beifan was puzzled, “I’m not your stomach worm. How would I know?”

“Let me tell you, I’ve endured these two months gritting my teeth!” Lai Xiaoqiang gritted his teeth. “Tell me the truth, how did you get to know Sister Bai?”

“How else could I get to know her? We met naturally while walking on the road!”

“Was it a natural acquaintance or love at first sight?”

Lin Beifan was once again confused, “Is there a difference?”

“Yes, there’s no difference at all!”

Lai Xiaoqiang instantly broke down.

They had spent two months together, and whether it was love at first sight or a natural acquaintance, the feelings they should have cultivated were already there, and the things they should have done were already done. Dwelling on these details was meaningless.

Thinking about his dream lover being in Lin Beifan’s embrace, he felt an urge to vomit blood.

Other eavesdropping “licking dogs” also had the urge to vomit blood.

Ah, Lin Beifan, you deserve to die!

How could you do such a thing?

I’m going to kill you!

The resentment surged again, causing Lin Beifan to break into a cold sweat.

However, Lai Xiaoqiang was still unwilling to give up, holding onto a one-in-a-million hope and asked, “Lin Beifan, let me ask you again, what have you done in these two months?”

This question was well-asked!

The once-fading hearts of countless “licking dogs” were reignited!

Their withered hearts revived, heads held high, eyes sparkling with hope.

Although they lived together.

Although they shared the same residence for two months.

Although they were very close.


The key point is this “but”!

As long as they haven’t slept together, there’s still hope.

Lin Beifan puzzledly said, “Lai Xiaoqiang, your question is inexplicable. What else can I do in there besides cultivating? Of course, I sleep.”

“Sleep?!” Lai Xiaoqiang screamed.

“Sleep?!” The licking dogs also screamed.


Lai Xiaoqiang, with a trembling voice, asked, “Have you already slept together?”

Lin Beifan was sweating profusely, “No, no… don’t talk nonsense. I always treat her like a sister, and she always sees me as a brother. We’re completely innocent!”

“Really? Don’t lie to me!” Lai Xiaoqiang asked eagerly.

Lin Beifan solemnly swore, “Who’s lying to you? Whoever does is a dog!”

Lai Xiaoqiang breathed a sigh of relief.

Countless licking dogs also breathed a sigh of relief.

So, they haven’t slept together; that’s good!

Just at that moment, the neatly dressed Bai Yiyi walked out from the courtyard. She naturally reached out and hugged Lin Beifan’s arm, tilting her head, and with a charming smile, she asked, “Brother, do I look good?”

Lin Beifan carefully observed and found no apparent difference.

But in front of a girl, you can’t say such things straightforwardly. So he quickly nodded, “You look great, very beautiful!”

Bai Yiyi happily laughed, her eyes squinting beautifully.

Then, as she touched her forehead, she exclaimed, “Oh dear, I forgot to bring my hairpin. Brother, please wait for me a moment!”

Saying that, she hurriedly rushed back into the room.

In response, Lin Beifan could only shake his head and sigh, “I really can’t do anything with this sister!”

Turning around, he was startled by Lai Xiaoqiang’s appearance.

“Lai Xiaoqiang, what’s wrong with you?”

He saw Lai Xiaoqiang gritting his teeth, eyes red with anger, as if staring at a sworn enemy, and said, “Lin Beifan, you liar! You said you were completely innocent. Does this look innocent?”

“How is it not innocent? We just held hands, nothing more!”

“Just holding hands, nothing more?”

Lai Xiaoqiang spurted blood!

Countless licking dogs spurted blood!

Just holding hands is nothing…

Does that mean you’ve done even more inappropriate things than holding hands?

And you kept deceiving us, claiming to be innocent?

Do you think we’re fools?

Yes, we’re just too naive and foolish, falling for your tricks!

Lai Xiaoqiang felt utterly defeated, forcefully shaking off Lin Beifan’s hand and shouting, “I don’t believe anything you say anymore. Right now, all I want to do is beat you up! Lin Beifan, come here and face your doom!”

The countless licking dogs couldn’t hold back any longer, rushing out one after another.

“Now I also want to beat him up!”

“Let’s finish him off!”

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