Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Another twist, both protagonists collapse!

The other party responded to the buzzing soybean market rumors.

The other party made it clear that there was indeed interest in this aspect of the negotiations. However, as soybeans are a basic agricultural product with broad implications for everyone’s food security, the decision to import their soybeans requires careful consideration.

So, this news is baseless and completely unreliable. As for why the official news from the Beautiful Country reported it, they claim not to know.

Just then, Beautiful Country responded. Their official website had been hacked, and the hacker had mischievously reported this news on their website. Now, that hacker has been apprehended, and the website is back to normal.

So, this news is fake, and everyone should not take it as truth. Those who were shorting soybean futures were left dumbfounded for a moment.

Who would have thought that the soybean contract between the two countries, which caused turmoil in the soybean futures market, turned out to be a big mistake!

A hacker caused this big blunder! The futures market was suddenly in turmoil.

“Damn it! I was long on soybeans, bought dozens of contracts, and now they’re all gone!”

“I just heavily shorted soybean futures, damn it!”

“Hurry up and close my positions! If I don’t, it’ll be too late!”

“I’m losing so much! This time, I’m really going to lose everything! Decades of hard work!”

“Damn hacker! Don’t let me catch you!”

Soybean prices hit rock bottom and started to rebound. As fast as they fell earlier, they were now rising rapidly, soaring to new heights!

A quick turnaround!

Meanwhile, at the Dragon Fang Capital headquarters.

Dragon King Zhaotian and the black-clad individuals continued to stare in disbelief at this news.

The scene became extremely quiet.

After a long while, Dragon King finally spoke hesitantly, “So, that news was fake?” The black-clad individuals, with gritted teeth, replied, “Yes, Dragon King!”

Dragon King continued, “It was a hacker’s prank, right?” The black-clad individuals continued with forced determination, “Yes, Dragon King!”

Dragon King looked perplexed, “So, does this mean we’re going to lose money again?” The black-clad individuals persisted, “In theory, yes!”

Dragon King’s eyes lit up, “But in practice?”

“In practice, too!” Dragon King coughed, “Ah…”

Everyone was cautious, afraid to make a sound, lest they provoke Dragon King.

After a long while.


It was Dragon King who spoke first.

He could be seen clutching his chest, his face pale and exhausted, groaning in pain, “Ah~~”

This sigh was filled with endless sorrow!

Endless agony! Endless despair!

As if he had a terminal illness.

The black-clad individuals were anxious, “Dragon King, what’s wrong with you?” “Nothing much, just a bit of heartache, a bit of chill, a bit uncomfortable…”

The black-clad individuals grew more worried, “Dragon King, hang in there!” Dragon King Zhaotian clenched his fist, with a determined expression, “Don’t worry, I can endure it! A minor setback won’t defeat me! I am the mighty Dragon King, reigning over the seas!”

“Dragon King, you’re awesome!” The black-clad individuals worshipped him like crazy. “Right, I feel a bit chilly, bring me a heating pad!”

The black-clad individuals: “… One pad might not be enough, we might need two!”

The black-clad individuals: “Fine, just bring them all!”

The black-clad individuals:

In the end, Dragon King Zhaotian held ten heating pads in his hands and weakly said on this sunny afternoon, “Alright, go on with your own business. Don’t worry about me.”

The black-clad individuals were concerned, “But Dragon King…”

“Don’t bother me; I want to be alone,” Dragon King Zhaotian stood up with ten heating pads in his hands, staggering as he walked up the stairs.

One of the black-clad individuals thought for a moment and said, “Dragon King wants to be alone, who is ‘alone’?” One of the black-clad individuals weakly raised their hand, “My nickname is Alone!”

“Dragon King misses you; go over and comfort him!”

Dragon King suddenly fell with a thud. Compared to the heavy atmosphere here, Lin Beifan’s side was filled with laughter and joy.

“Wow! I can’t believe it was a mistake! A hacker caused this blunder!”

“If we hadn’t closed our positions, we would have lost big!”

“Close call! It was really close!”

“Lin Beifan is a genius; he saw through the illusion in advance, saved our losses, and made a fortune!”

“This time it’s a technical adjustment; the prices will surely return to their previous levels quickly! We now have nearly 2 million long positions; conservatively estimated, we can earn 10 billion. It’s insane!”

“Adding the previous 7 billion, it’s 17 billion in a single day! Unbelievable!”

“Lin Beifan is amazing!”

“Lin Beifan is amazing!” (Applause)

Flattery poured in!

Lin Beifan, who was being praised by everyone, couldn’t help but laugh triumphantly, “Hahaha…”

Laughter filled the entire trading room.

Meanwhile, Wu Ge, surrounded by laughter, completely broke down.

How did it go up again?

I almost drove Lin Beifan crazy, and now you’re telling me it’s a mistake? You’re telling me this is fake news?

It’s a prank by a hacker?

Is it possible to mess with people like this?

Damn it, I’m flipping the table! I’m done playing!

This is beyond playing!

I want a rollback!

I don’t want to stay here!

I’d rather be with a group of dumplings than with you!

Dumplings might be annoying, but you guys not only annoy but also hurt my heart!

Just then, Lin Beifan pushed him forward.

“Lin Beifan, what’s going on?” he said in confusion.

“Old buddy, stand by me; your moment of glory is coming next!”

“Listen, everyone!”

Lin Beifan clapped his hands, drawing everyone’s attention.

“The reason I achieved these results today, all of this is thanks to our dear Wu!” Lin Beifan said excitedly. “Just now, if it weren’t for Wu’s reminder, telling me that this news is unreliable, I wouldn’t have been so resolute in getting rid of all the short positions to salvage our losses!”


Wu Ge felt like a dagger was piercing his heart.

“Just now, if it weren’t for Wu standing firmly by my side, helping me with the operations, assisting me tirelessly, we wouldn’t have been able to hold so many long positions and earn so much money!”


Wu Ge felt another stab in his heart.

“He helped us withstand the pressure! He turned the tide at a critical moment! He handed us this victory personally! When you drink water, don’t forget the person who dug the well. So, we must thank Wu for his selfless dedication!”


Wu Ge felt yet another stab.

After hearing Lin Beifan’s words, everyone was deeply moved.

“Lin Beifan is right; we need to thank Wu!” “If it weren’t for his reminder, we would have lost money!”

“To remain calm in such a critical moment is truly remarkable!”

“Wu Ge, I misunderstood you earlier! Wu Ge, you’re amazing!”

Lin Beifan said with great excitement, “Now, I’ll ask you all one question: where is the applause? Where is the cheering?”

Applause immediately erupted: “Clap, clap, clap…”

Wu Ge felt like he was stabbed repeatedly.

These stabs were figurative, but they hit him hard! His body was overwhelmed, his emotions pierced, and he felt he couldn’t love anymore!

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