Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Luca and Lai-nee 3

“Madam, what kind of liquid was poured on the banana just now?” (Lai-nee)

Excited Lai-nee entwined with Luca, who had been behaving gracefully, seemed to revert to shyness and stared at Aix with pleading eyes, frozen.

“Lai-nee, that’s a potion.” (Aix)

“Is that so?! Goshujin-sama is knowledgeable.” (Lai-nee)

Ah, Lai-nee turned around and looked at me with fanatical eyes.

It felt like Luca’s mouth moved to say thank you, so it’s okay.

“Thanks, partner.” (Crazy Bear)

“You’re doing great, Aix-san.” (Rabbit Queen)

Feeling slightly relieved.

I’m glad I can help.

But still, I want a more decent breakfast. Even though I used to eat slime until recently, it’s not easy to say because Lai-nee goes out of control.

Nitra’s ears twitched and she looked up.

“Someone’s coming!” (Nitra)

I couldn’t hear anything, but beastmen are amazing.

“Thank you for telling me, I heard you.”

“You did well, Nitra.” (Lai-nee)

“It’s normal for me to do this.” (Nitra)

Though I turned away, Lai-nee stroked me and my tail wagged uncontrollably, unable to hide my embarrassment, making me feel warm inside.

“Shall we go?” (Aix)

Well, without any plans, we all headed to the entrance to see the guests. Oh? Luca seems to be coming too.

“Goshujin-sama, who could it be?” (Lai-nee)

“Hmm. It’s a surprise to see.” (Aix)

Could it be the guide, the princess, or…


I unintentionally exclaimed.

When the door opened, there stood a woman in flashy clothes and another in modest attire, accompanied by a big man.

Moreover, behind them were many people from the slums carrying luggage. I felt a bit wary.

“Hey there! Aix-sensei, it’s been a while, huh? Do you remember us?” (Ane-san)

“What can I do for you?” (Aix)

Stepping forward to shield everyone, I was met with a puzzled expression.

“Well… we were summoned here, you know?” (Ane-san)

Following the gaze and turning my head, Rabbit Queen, perched on my shoulder, provocatively crossed her short legs.

“Oh, looks like the rat isn’t here today, huh?” (Rabbit Queen)

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” (Ane-san)

As expected, the face of the woman in flashy clothes turned red with anger, glaring fiercely, ready to explode at any moment.

*Sigh*, why me?

“Um… where’s Uracal-san?” (Aix)

“That guy got sulky saying my job isn’t to do favors.” (Ane-san)

“Sorry for the boss not showing up.” (Trap-kun)

“No need for the miss to apologize. Ouch! Sorry about that, Ane-san.” (Baldy-san)

Wow. Did the big guy take on her hate? He looked teary-eyed, as if in pain from being stepped on with heels. Sorry for my rabbit causing trouble.

From piercing stares, the woman returned to a fake smile and spoke in a soothing voice.

“Shut up!… Sorry about that, Aix-sensei.” (Ane-san)

“Um… I’m not a sensei.” (Aix)

“Oh, come on, don’t be modest. Since that guy calls you that, I’ll call you that too. They say Aix-sensei is a reliable guy, contrary to appearances.” (Ane-san)

“Uh-huh.” (Aix)

I feel nothing but fear now.

A shadow darted forward and pointed a finger at sis.

“Hey, hey, we’ve been listening.”

“Hey, Crazy Bear, quiet down for a bit. Everyone, I’ll show you around, so please carry your luggage.”

Not wanting to be further troubled, I hurriedly covered Crazy Bear’s mouth to silence him and guided them to Luca’s separate building.

“Haha, what are you doing? I’m doing this for my partner’s sake.”

“Thank you. But let’s get along.”

“Well, I guess so. I’ll cut you some slack.”

Ane-san clapped her hands loudly.

“Now, everyone. It’s time to work!”


The slum residents began carrying the luggage one by one.

Oh, that person is carrying a backpack thrust upon them by the stall vendors.


“Eek! Did I do something?”

“Aix-sensei, if there’s any rudeness, let me know. I’ll make sure to scold them properly, so feel free to speak up.”

The person carrying the luggage, threatened by sis, started trembling.

“No, it’s not like that. The backpack contains a large amount of food.”

“W-what? Please believe me! I beg you. I wouldn’t steal anything! There’s no fool stupid enough to mess with the Slum Empire’s goods in the back alleys.”

“Enough with the excuses, come over here. The floor will get dirty here. Ax-sensei, I’m sorry. I’ll make him throw up, so please give me a little time.”

What’s she planning with that terrifying smile?

Amidst the terrified slum dwellers looking at Ane-san, perhaps too shaken, the person overturned the backpack, and food spilled out.

“Ow… I… I didn’t do anything…”

“This person didn’t do anything.”

“Oh! Thank you so much!”

They were greatly appreciated.

It felt like a hero had appeared in a village in peril. But it’s complicated because I started the fire.

“Aix-sensei, it’s just to make them throw up as a precaution, so it’s not troublesome, okay?”

“No, I’ll take care of it.”

They looked at me with surprise.

“Is it okay?”

“Yes, please go ahead, everyone.”

The helpers from the slums’ eyes gleamed at the sight of the food. Sis smirked.

“You guys did well, so I’ll let you choose whatever you want!”

“You’re amazing, Ane-san! You’re truly a great woman.”

Ane-san, not seeming entirely displeased, angrily brushed off the praise as if to hide her embarrassment.

“Hey, you! You should thank Aix-sensei for this!”

“Aix-sensei, thank you very much!”

Phew, that’s a relief.

The enthusiastic slum residents, along with the rabbit squad, began setting up the items one by one under Crazy Bear’s guidance.

Amidst the bustling sound, one rabbit ended up under the pile of luggage. As I tried to help, Rabbit Queen pulled my ear.


“Just watch for a bit.”

As I watched, Nitra approached and effortlessly lifted the luggage. What’s going on?

It reminded me of when dirty water splashed onto the rabbit squad, and Lai-nee stopped me until she helped.

“What’s going on?”

“Ax-san, maidens have their secrets.”

*Fluff, fluff* There you go!

“You little…”

“Oh, it’s too intense.”


(Author’s Note)

Explanation including spoilers:

Aix’s hollow appeared suddenly, which may have caused confusion for some readers, so here’s a supplementary explanation. I apologize for the lack of clarity due to my limited writing ability.

Below is a somewhat soporific explanation, but for those interested in the setting:

Magic and Magicians:

As the main plot and slice-of-life aspects are unrelated to magic, I haven’t explained anything about magic in the story. However, there have been some comments in the feedback section, so I’ll provide a brief explanation for those who might be interested.

Humans have an inherent potential for magic, starting at level 1. Nobles often have level 2, and the Gifted have level 3. Anyone can use basic magic spells like Water Ball if they tLain in magic, but it’s not very efficient. While it can be used for drinking water, it’s not suitable for baths. Clever warriors might use weak basic magic to fill a cup with water and drink it.

With intermediate magic like Water Pool, you can fill a small bath. (Aix’s continuous usage is abnormal, but because magic is part of everyday life, skilled magic users can easily surpass Aix for brief moments. Due to the Guild Master’s skillful manipulation, the butlers mistakenly overestimated Aix’s importance.)

Beastmen have zero potential for magic but compensate with exceptionally developed physical abilities.

Magic Potential:

Potential (1): Can use basic magic

Potential (2): Intermediate magic

Potential (3): Advanced magic

All magicians have Potential 3. (Aix is treated as Potential 1 due to sacrifice.)

Magic users with Potential 3 can form a contract with one hollow (demon) and advance to the next stage.

When contracting with a hollow, a magician falls into the stage (1) (Acquiring the inherent magic of the hollow, paying a balanced sacrifice.)

Erosion Level of Magicians:

Stage (1): Contract with a hollow, becoming a magician

Stage (2): Able to communicate with the hollow

Stage (3): The hollow becomes ethereal

Stage (4): The hollow materializes

Those at stage 3 are visible to others, causing them to be wary. Without the title of Grear Magician, Aix would have been expelled. Magicians are often unconventional due to being influenced by the norms of the hollow’s realm, often breaking common sense in this world.

From stage 4, troublesome entities like the Demon Lord are born. Apprentice Demon Lord, Fool.

Erosion Levels of Each Character:

World Search: Stage 1

Mara: Stage 1

Luca: Stage 2

Aix: Stage 2 → 3

Fool: Stage 4

*Aix’s erosion level increased from 2 to 3, and the hollow materialized.* This was a result of the author writing about the hollow in the process of publishing a book, leading to some confusion. Hence, a brief explanation has been added afterward to clarify the situation. (Perhaps Fool’s hollow should have been used for magic.)

Luca and Crazy Bear:

By the way, Luca irregularly summoned friends from the hollow’s world. Therefore, Crazy Bear, Queen (the rabbit), and the rabbit squad cannot use their original powers. Due to Aix’s interference, their connection to the hollow’s world increased, allowing them to regain some of their abilities and speak. (Slime gained +1 intelligence and became smarter but still couldn’t understand human language until later. If it were a strong monster, it would have been a different story.)

As for how Luca is perceived by others, magicians are presumed to only be able to summon one hollow, and at stage 2, the hollow does not materialize. Therefore, except for Aix, those around Luca perceive Crazy Bear and the rabbits as puppet golems, unaware that real hollows inhabit them. (It’s believed that the caster is manipulating them. Due to the shyness penalty, except for Aix, they freeze in place, so it appears as if they are using original magic to converse through the dolls.)

There may be holes in the setting, but this is the gist of it. I’ll gradually fill in the gaps, but since I can’t deviate from the main story, I’ve written this in the afterword.

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