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Chapter 108

Chapter 108: I Want Revenge

At this moment, the “Silk Demon” Sik inside the cocoon spoke, his voice sharp and powerful: “An, has the “Speed Demon” helped you out? Have you brought what I asked for?”

An picked up a large piece of meat belonging to the “Speed Demon” from the ground and looked up at Sik, smiling faintly, “I’m sorry, esteemed leader Sik. The item you want is not on me.”

Sik’s voice turned cold instantly, “Are you playing with me?”

An immediately shook his head, “No, no, no! How could I joke with you? I value my life, that’s all. How could I carry such an important item with me? Don’t worry, I’ve placed it in a safe location. Just follow my instructions to retrieve it.”

Sik’s anger flared, but before he could erupt, An seemed to remember something and nervously added, “I placed the item on the second-floor office desk of our Six-Star Team’s headquarters. You should know where it is. Three days ago, I discreetly informed you of the location. Oh, by the way, Boss Sik, I almost forgot to tell you that time is running out. I had to rush out, and it seems like I knocked over an oil lamp. The fire is probably spreading quickly now. I suggest you hurry to retrieve the item. If you’re late, there’s nothing I can do.”

As An spoke, he concealed his form and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Damn it!” Sik roared and, ignoring An, immediately retreated from the cocoon, heading toward the Six-Star Team’s headquarters.

Only the “Bone Demon” remained, looking perplexed, “What’s going on? We’re not going to fight anymore? I was just getting started!”

After one last glance at the meat on the ground, the “Bone Demon” picked it all up and quickly left the area.

After everyone had left, Su Hao looked at the bloody chunks of meat in his hand and a sly smile formed on his lips, “Tonight’s harvest was quite fruitful!”

The recent chaos in the city had clearly been premeditated, and the mastermind of this turmoil, the one who could turn invisible and was named An, was the prime suspect.

Such individuals who played with everything in the palm of their hand were the most dangerous.

In the future, if he encountered them, regardless of the circumstances, he would go in for the kill right away.

Su Hao had already recorded the bloodline information of his opponent, so if they appeared within his radar range again, he could detect them immediately.

However, the matter should end here.

Su Hao quickly left the area, intending to go home and get some rest. He had been awakened suddenly and hadn’t had enough sleep!

As he neared his home, Su Hao sensed a familiar aura near his house, someone wandering around in the middle of the night, looking very anxious.

“Yashan? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

Su Hao hadn’t given Yashan his specific address, only telling him that he lived on the western edge of the city.

Every time Yashan needed to find Su Hao, he just had to wander around the western part of the city, and Su Hao could quickly locate his position.

Su Hao increased his pace and suddenly appeared behind Yashan, calling out, “Yashan?”

At this moment, Yashan was carrying a woman on his back, holding a child in each of his hands. Both the woman and the two children were covered in blood, which had seeped through their clothes and was still dripping onto the ground.

Yashan heard Su Hao’s voice, turned around, and at that moment, his eyes were filled with bloodshot, fear, and anxiety. When he saw Su Hao, a look of joy spread across his face.

Yashan immediately shouted in a heart-wrenching voice, “Boss, Boss Wei, please! Save my wife and children. I beg you, Boss, you can do it, you definitely can…”

Su Hao was taken aback and didn’t say a word. He immediately began drawing healing runes and approached Yashan’s wife and children to assess their injuries.

Yashan’s wife and son have already passed away. Su Hao couldn’t do anything for them. However, his daughter still has a faint pulse. Without immediate treatment, she might also die.

Yashan’s daughter is named Taini, she is his youngest child. At the moment, she has three wounds, one in her ribcage, one in her abdomen, and one in her thigh.

They managed to avoid vital organs, but she has lost too much blood and is at risk of dying.

Su Hao immediately used healing runes to stop the bleeding, closed the six wounds, and adjusted the structure of the healing runes to stimulate her body’s activity, promoting the production of blood while nurturing Taini’s body and improving blood circulation.

He managed to save Taini’s life.

After a while, Su Hao sighed in relief, “Your daughter’s life is temporarily saved.”

“Thank goodness!”

Yashan immediately pushed his son and wife towards Su Hao and said anxiously, “Boss Wei, please, save my wife and son. Please, you can do it, you definitely can…”

Su Hao shook his head, “They are already dead, I can’t save them.”

Yashan picked up his wife and son, shook them with force, and said, “No, how could they be dead? They can’t be dead. Boss Wei, please, save them!”

Su Hao remained silent.

Yashan suddenly knelt in front of Su Hao, prostrated on the ground, tears streaming down his face, and said, “Boss… Please, Boss…”

Su Hao had witnessed many separations and deaths and knew that there was nothing he could say to Yashan at this moment. He could only wait for Yashan to accept this reality on his own.

However, if he were to put himself in Yashan’s shoes and saw his blood relatives killed before his eyes while being powerless to save them, he wasn’t sure if he could handle such pressure, if he might go insane and seek self-destruction and revenge.

Su Hao felt sympathy for Yashan; it was the helplessness of lacking power.

But what use was sympathy when Yashan’s wife and son were already dead?

After a while, Yashan suddenly knelt in front of his wife and children, wiped the tears from his face, and kept slapping himself.

It was unclear how much time had passed, but Yashan came to his daughter Taini. He opened his eyes wide, staring at her pale and lifeless face and the steady rise and fall of her chest.

In his eyes, which were filled with despair, a glimmer of hope suddenly appeared.

He trembled and reached out to touch Taini’s face but hesitated and withdrew his hand.

After a while, Yashan wiped the tears from his face and knelt in front of Su Hao. He prostrated himself on the ground and spoke with a hint of strength in his voice, “Boss Wei, thank you for saving my daughter Taini. I have no way to repay you. In the future, I’ll be at your beck and call, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao watched Yashan quietly and sighed, “Yashan, you were originally my test subject. It’s expected.”

Yashan said, “No! You let me go as a chip for your experiment, and you helped me advance to a Level 2 Transhuman Rogue. Now, you’ve saved Taini for me; I owe you, Boss Wei.”

To Su Hao, saving Taini was a simple task, but to Yashan, his daughter was undoubtedly the hope that kept him striving to survive.

The same action had different meanings for both of them.

Yashan couldn’t imagine what he would do if even his daughter had died. What was the point of living in this world? What was the purpose of his existence?

Would he advance to become a higher-level transhuman and eventually a god? But with his wife and children gone, what use would becoming a god be?

Su Hao looked at Yashan, who was kneeling in front of him, and said slowly, “Yashan, if you want to repay me, then serve me for two years without compensation.”

Perhaps this would make Yashan feel a bit better.

Yashan lowered his head to the ground, and tears flowed down again. “Thank you, Boss Wei… But Boss Wei, I want revenge…”

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

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