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Chapter 107 – Old Fox and White-Eyed Wolf!

Yu Ren’er was having a hard time in her heart.

She had personally experienced the Blood Slaughter Formation and knew how dangerous it was.

Su Shi had foreseen the disaster beforehand, yet he still remained in the city and refused to leave.

Although he saved everyone in the end, he himself was almost buried in the sea of blood!

Over the past few days, Yu Ren’er had taken good care of Su Shi, suppressing all her emotions in her heart.

Now that he was awake, his body was extremely weak, but the first thing he cared about was the safety of others.

This made her really worried.

Looking at the little fox pearl’s face, Su Shi couldn’t help but fall silent.

He had indeed underestimated the power of that Blood Slaughter Formation

Weakening Blood Slaughter Formation, Star Intent, Unsurpassed Golden Body, Yin and Yang Reversed …… could all be destroyed if there was a single mistake.

And at the last moment, that demonic embryo was even able to blow itself up!

If it weren’t for that silver spear, he would have been seriously injured even if he didn’t die, and it definitely wouldn’t be as simple as running out of spiritual power.

“It was indeed a bit forced, but the good thing is that the result was good.”

Su Shi smiled.

Yu Ren’er said angrily, “You are still smiling! Big fool, can’t you think more about yourself?”

Su Shi shrugged, “Who says I’m not doing it for myself?”

Yu Ren’er shook her head, “If you really think about yourself, you won’t risk staying in Huangyuan City .…..”

The words stopped in mid-sentence.

Thinking of how excited he was just now, she suddenly understood,“So all this is for Chief Zhan’s sake.”

“I am a member of the Demonic path, I can do what I want.”

“But Qingchen is different, she has a good heart and compassion for the people of the city, she won’t let the people of the city be slaughtered just like that.”

Su Shi said indifferently, “For her sake, I must destroy this Blood Slaughter Formation.”

Yu Ren’er lowered her head.

In her heart, she suddenly felt a little envious of Zhan Qingchen.

“By the way.”

Su Shi asked, “You still haven’t told me why I appeared in the Green Hill Plains?”

Yu Ren’er wiped her tears and said, “When you were exhausted and fell from the air, it just so happened that my father arrived and brought you back with him.”

Su Shi cupped her chin, “Are you saying that Yu Yuan made a move?”


At that moment, a soft cough came from the entrance of the room. A man in a black robe and of slender build was seen walking in slowly.


Yu Ren’er stood up.

Yu Yuan said, “Ren’er, you should go out first, I want to talk to Shengzi Su alone.”

Yu Ren’er frowned and said, “Brother Su Shi just woke up, his body is still weak, what urgent matter should we talk about now?”

“This is ……”

Yu Yuan was silent for a moment.

Su Shi said with a smile, “It’s okay, it’s just chatting, no problem, you can go out first.”


Yu Ren’er obediently stood up.

When she passed Yu Yuan, she was still agitated and urged, “You only have two incense sticks burning, don’t cross your time limit.”

Yu Yuan’s eyelids fluttered wildly.

Whose side is she really on?1

The door of the room closed.

Yu Yuan sighed and said helplessly, “This is indeed not a talk where a girl can stay.”

Su Shi rubbed his nose awkwardly, “Yu Ren’er’s heart is very kind.”

“But she is not so kind to everyone.”

Yu Yuan looked at him, “Shengzi Su is an intelligent person, you should understand what I mean by that.”

Of course Su Shi understood.

He was not blind and could feel the special affection Yu Ren’er had for him.

This had clearly surpassed the feeling of gratitude.

Su Shi was just about to say something, but Yu Yuan stopped him and said, “Don’t get me wrong, Shengzi Su, I’m not forcing you to take a stand. I don’t want to get too involved in the matter between you youngsters.”

Yu Yuan had actually been torn apart for a long time…

At present, the relationship between the human race and outsiders is very tense, and Su Shi’s identity is very special, so if Yu Ren’er gets too close to him, she can easily get involved in the whirlpool.

But think about it in another way.

If it wasn’t for Su Shi, her daughter would have been killed long ago.

Yu Yuan took out a token and handed it to him.

Looking at the intricate patterns on it, Su Shi was puzzled, “This is ….”

Yu Yuan said, “This is the White Fox Secret Token, people who see this token are like seeing me.”

“With this token, you can access the entire Barbarian Realm, and all the foxes in the world are ready to help you.”

Su Shi was surprised, “This is too precious, isn’t it?”

Yu Yuan shook his head, “No matter how precious it is, it’s not as important as my daughter’s life.”

“Ren’er is simple-minded, yet playful and fickle. If it weren’t for Shengzi Su, I’m afraid she would have already–”

“With Shengzi Su’s status, I guess you no longer need to feel inferior, this secret token will be considered a thank you gift, so you should stop feeling shy.

“But ……”

Su Shi still hesitated.

The White Fox Clan was very strong, not weak at all against human strength, and the value of this secret token far exceeded any supreme treasure.

So when accepting it, he was a little reluctant.

Yu Yuan hesitated for a moment and said, “Actually, I have one more thing to ask.”

Su Shi said curiously, “What is it?”

Yu Yuan sighed and said, “Please, Shengzi Su go back and properly explain to Demon Empress that our Fox Clan has nothing to do with this matter, bringing you back is just a misunderstanding and nothing else.”

Su Shi froze at her words and frowned, “Did Her Majesty come here?”

Yu Yuan scratched her head, “Demon Empress didn’t show up, she just watched from afar for a long time, but I could feel it, she seemed to be very angry.”

It is already over!

Su Shi felt worried.

He knew why the Demon Empress was angry.

When he had just left the sect, the other party had specifically written to remind him that he was not allowed to go to the Barbarian Realm to look for Yu Ren’er.

However, he himself was sleeping peacefully in Green Hill Plains.

Forget it, let’s go back and explain it to her.

Seeing that the other party had received the token, Yu Yuan also breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “In that case, I won’t disturb Shengzi Su’s rest, if there is anything you need, you can ask.”

Su Shi nodded and said, “You are too polite, Patriarch Yu.”

Yu Yuan pushed the door out.

He only saw that Yu Ren’er was lying at the door with her ears perked up and eavesdropping.

The two of them looked at each other.

Yu Ren’er smiled sarcastically and said, “Finish talking so soon?”

Yu Yuan glared at her, “Are you worried that you will get your heart broken?”

Yu Ren’er disobeyed, “Father, what nonsense are you talking about?!”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say a word that I shouldn’t have said.”

Yu Yuan smiled and said, “And I even gave him the White Fox Secret Token.”

Yu Ren’er was puzzled, “What use is this to Brother Su Shi?”

Outsiders would not easily set foot on Linlang Territory, So it doesn’t have any use.

Even if Su Shi had the Secret Token in his hands, there were very few situations where he could use it.

“How it is used is secondary, the key is the meaning behind the token.”

“This shows the attitude of our Fox Clan, that we will definitely not be hostile to the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect.”

“If fate wills, then the Fox Clan will always be his supporter, but if he dares to let you down, with an order from me, isn’t that thing no different from scrap metal?”

Yu Yuan smiled slyly, arrogantly.

Yu Ren’er gritted her teeth in anger, “You sly old fox!”

Yu Yuan: “……”

Yu Ren’er said angrily, “Brother Su Shi is my life-saving benefactor, not only do you not feel grateful, you are actually still calculating like this! Is your conscience really not hurting?”

Yu Yuan coldly snorted, “How else can I thank him when this old man has even tethered his daughter to him?”

Yu Ren’er’s pretty face turned red and she stomped her foot angrily, turned around and left.

Yu Yuan frowned and said, “Where are you going?”

Yu Ren’er didn’t even look back and said, “I’m going to open the treasure of the fox clan and let Brother Su Shi choose whatever he wants! Anyway, according to what you said, this is all my dowry!”

Yu Yuan was furious, “This Old Man also has no wolf blood, how can I give birth to a white-eyed wolf like you?”2

“White wolf with empty gloves, I learned that from you!”3

1. The elbow turns the wrong way / to favor an outsider instead of someone on one’s own side (idiom)

2. Going back to the early chapters, White-Eyed Wolf is a term for an ungrateful person.

3. White wolf with empty gloves = (idiomatic) to cheat without any investment. Source: Wikipedia


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