Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Luca and Lai-nee (2)

Late at night, I woke up feeling short of breath.

“Ugh.” (Aix)

Opening the blinds, I discovered the culprits playing tag noisily. It seems I was stepped on by the rabbits.

“Aix-san, I’m sorry my subordinates caused trouble.” (Rabbit Queen)

“Sigh. It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” (Aix)

Even though the Queen apologized, I feel the real demon is my Hollow. That guy… He looked down when I glared at him. What does he want?

“Moreover, it seems that due to the magic essence leaking from Aix, the connection with the Hollow Kingdom has increased, leading to a partial awakening.” (Rabbit Queen)


Is it also my fault?

The Queen gazes closely at my hollow.

“Aix’s contractor, could it be the incompetent Eten?” (Rabbit Queen)

My hollow looks sad, and my tone unintentionally becomes harsh.

“Queen, no matter what anyone says, I chose Eten.” (Aix)

“That’s not it. I just wanted to say that rumors can’t be trusted.” (Rabbit Queen)

“So, what do you mean?” (Aix)

Surprised by the unexpected turn of events, the hollow looks puzzled, and we wait for the Queen’s words.

“I heard terrible rumors, but you were actually amazing. Could it be that you’re the King of the Blank Hollow? No way? Even so, I’m grateful. I’m happy to chat with Luca. Thank you.” (Rabbit Queen)

(TN: The rabbits can talk because Aix’s buff. And source of his power is Eten)

“Hehe.” (Eten)

Looking pleased with the praise.

Oh! Since they’re looking at me with anticipation, I give the go-ahead. I know what they want to do. Go ahead and refill as much as you want.

“Eten, it’s okay. Release.” (Aix)

“Yeah. Thank you.” (Eten)

“Aix-san!?” (Rabbit Queen)

Ignoring the surprised Queen, my hollow nods happily and enters a lively mood!

The goal is the soldier rabbits, all of them.

Make them all happy.

“Support 1…!” (Eten)

Eten unleashes magic repeatedly, and soon the MP hits rock bottom at 1, feeling like crawling on the ground with ongoing mental fatigue, eyes deadening.

However, strangely, there was a smile on his lips.

“Aix-san, don’t push yourself! Stop Eten’s rampage.” (Rabbit Queen)

“It’s fine, we’re doing this because we want to.” (Aix)

“Support 1…!” (Eten)

My overzealous alter ego continues chanting magic, and the soldier rabbits bounce one by one, gradually ascending a level of existence.

When their eyes become cloudy, indicating the end of the task, the soldier rabbits line up neatly and salute Eten with gratitude, not a bad sight.


Eten, not satisfied with just that, evilly grins and demands additional rewards. Our gaze pierces through to the Queen.

“Oh, thank you. I’ll remember your kindness, Eten and Aix-san. I’ll definitely repay you someday.” (Rabbit Queen)

“Hehehehehe.” (Eten)

“Good for you, Eten.” (Aix)

I pat the evil-smiling hollow, receiving approval. Now, let’s go back to sleep. *Sigh*.

“From now on, play outside the bedroom! Dismiss!” (Queen)

Watching the neatly saluting rabbits and Eten happily leave, the Queen hugs me tightly again, getting all lovey-dovey.

“Thank you, Aix-san.” (Rabbit Queen)

“It’s okay.” (Aix)

Seems like a few of them remain, and they quietly close the door, so I drift off to sleep while engaging in pillow talk.

“What would you like as thanks? Anything, just say it. I’m willing to let you have your way.” (Rabbit Queen)

“Well, how about being nice to Nitra and the others?” (Aix)

“Sure.” (Rabbit Queen)

Even though she’s just a stuffed animal.

Well, if I feel like it, I might let her be fluffy.

But you’re my main one (the pillow), I think, burying my face in the slime pillow, and the drowsiness returns. *Yawn*.

Birds chirp softly, sunlight streams in, and my new day begins.


Stretching vigorously, I notice a mountain of exhausted rabbits and Eten sleeping soundly, probably from playing all night.

“You’re really sloppy.” (Aix)

*Yawn* “If you had fun, then I’m happy. Shall we go eat?” (Eten)

“Yes, gladly.” (Aix)

I carry the Queen on my shoulder and lead the small group of subordinates to the dining hall.

Hmm… there’s someone.

On the way to the dining hall, there’s a suspicious figure.

Well, it’s just Luca.

Seems like Luca was hovering around the entrance unable to come in, but when he sensed my presence, he flinched and approached when he recognized me.

“Aix, you’re late!” (Luca)

“Ugh.” (Aix)

Got a bit of a glare, but it’s not that bad, right?

“I’ve been waiting for you.” (Luca)

“Sorry, sorry.” (Qix)

“Why are you with the Queen?” (Luca)

“Well, I was hungry, so I thought I’d come in.”

*Sigh* This is going to be tough.

“Good morning, Goshujin-sama and Madam!” (Lai-nee)

“Good morning.” (Qix)

I greet the lively Lai-nee and Nitra, whose tail is twitching while seated.

And Luca?

Looks like shy Luca is just holding onto my hem tightly.

“Here’s breakfast!” (Lai-nee)

As we sit facing each other, a silver dome is placed in front of each seat.

Feeling a bit nervous about what’s under the lid. 50% chance of a whole red fruit.

With a smug expression, maid Lai opens it!

What’s inside?

“Oh… so it’s like this.”

“Partner, do you want this?” (Crazy Bear(

On the white plate sits a yellow, curved fruit—banana. Clearly, it hasn’t been cooked this time either.

Missy-like Luca seems slightly taken aback by the unconventional breakfast while still holding the knife and fork.

“It’s a banana. Shall we have it as our meal?”

Although there are knives, forks, and spoons nearby, they’re merely decorations.

Crazy Bear seems puzzled too, so it’s time to take the lead like a man. Grasping it firmly, I take a bite. *Chew chew*.

Hey Luca, why don’t you try too? I glance at Luca, who has pierced the banana with the fork.


Stop, don’t imitate this reckless behavior!



Luca smiles at my meddling.

With delicate clicks, like undressing with a knife, Luca elegantly peels the banana skin.

What… what’s this?


The delicate fingers dance on the plate, transforming the ingredients into a dish. What about my barbaric way of eating?

Cutting it into even slices and drizzling some potion taken from somewhere, it turns into a noble-style banana cutlet.

“Goshujin-sama! W-wow, what a splendid Madam you have.” (Lai-nee)

I understand why Lai-nee gets excited just by eating.

Elegantly, each circular dish disappears into our mouths one by one. Only around Luca, there’s an air of sophistication and tension.

“What’s this?”

Crazy Bear pours sparkling water into a glass with a fancy gesture, and Luca quenches their thirst. My gaze is captivated by their plump lips.


Startled, I look at the sudden source of music, and it turns out the royal guard rabbits are playing instruments.

Shy Luca has taken control of the room’s atmosphere!

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