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Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Falling Apart (Fourth Update)


This time, the bone spurs didn’t erupt in a circular pattern but concentrated beneath the 【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel, closely following its figure.

【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel leaped into the air.

【Bone Demon】 Deli released his hands from his head, palms open, aimed at the empty space.

“Flying Spikes!”

“Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!”

From the palms, numerous small bone spikes, only the size of fingertips, shot out.

【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel’s heart tightened, “He knows my location?”

Tonight’s battle shattered Su Hao’s understanding of mutants.

He knew advanced mutants were powerful, but he didn’t expect this level of strength. His arm was severed, but it could be reattached, and even regrown? His head was almost reduced to just flesh and skin, but he could hold it in place with his hand? And in the blink of an eye, everything healed!

From what he saw, the power generated by their genes exceeded his comprehension.

“If I could obtain the genetic sequences of these two…”

Su Hao’s first thought was to rush in, give each of them a slash, and collect some blood. But he quickly shook his head, dismissing this unrealistic idea.

It’s too dangerous right now! Wait a year or two, let my body mature a bit.

Plus, these mutants are tricky.

For example, the bone man from earlier. If he had just slashed the bone man’s neck in half, he would have assumed the bone man was dead, let his guard down, and might have been killed in return.

However, if he were to face them head-on, Su Hao wasn’t afraid. With his strength, he could easily protect himself. And if he understood these mutants better, he could prepare runes in advance to eliminate them.

As Su Hao watched the battle, he weighed the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, carefully considered his options, and simulated how to respond in case of a battle.

At this moment, the battle in the field had turned into the bone man chasing the invisible man.

No matter where Flying Wheel circled to, Deli could immediately locate him and launch ruthless attacks. When Flying Wheel landed, he was met with a barrage of bone spikes; if he jumped into the air, a large number of bone darts shot at him. Flying Wheel was getting battered.

“He can determine my location?” Flying Wheel couldn’t believe it.

His invisibility wasn’t just about fooling sight; he minimized his scent and even reduced the sound of breaking through the air. Locating him was supposed to be impossible for 【Bone Demon】.

Flying Wheel began changing his position constantly within the city. However, no matter where he went, as long as he stopped for a moment, Bone Demon could immediately catch up and launch a concentrated attack.

Flying Wheel furrowed his brows as he evaded.

Deli was incredibly proud at this moment; this method of tracking was his specialty. No matter where the target hid, he could find them, then relentlessly pursue and kill them.

The tracking method was quite simple: while 【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel slashed at his bones, countless bone fragments scattered into the air, spread throughout the environment, and then adhered to the 【Speed Demon】. When their quantity reached a certain level, no matter how he hid, he would be as conspicuous as a bright lamp in Deli’s perception.

The satisfaction of vengeance had been experienced when 【Speed Demon】 slashed through his bones earlier. Now it was Deli’s hunting moment.

Deli extravagantly wielded his power, and large swaths of bone spikes followed closely behind 【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel, piercing forward, gradually spreading throughout the small city, affecting numerous ordinary people.

Su Hao followed behind with a furrowed brow.

After some thought, he decided to stay steady. It wasn’t certain who would win now. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future; he could prepare properly before taking action.

“Step, step!”

An landed on the ground, exhaling slowly.

Behind him, two bodies fell to the ground slowly. One was a Level Three mutant from the Radiant Light Guild, the 【Silk Spitter】. The other was a Level Three mutant from the Heavenly Gate Guild, the 【Thorn Reverser】.

As for An, he belonged to the 【Swift Man】 sequence, a Level Three mutant known as the 【Shadowless Beast】.

He concealed his presence, taking advantage of the intense battle between the 【Silk Spitter】 and the 【Thorn Reverser】 from the Radiant Light Guild and the Heavenly Gate Guild, respectively. Seizing the moment when both were wounded, he suddenly struck, decapitating them before they could react.

The 【Thorn Reverser】 had thick armor, and even An couldn’t deal with it directly. He waited for the moment when the 【Silk Spitter】 broke through its defenses and then struck, completing the kills.

An turned around and said, “Fred, Charlie!”

Fred and Charlie slowly emerged from the darkness, looking at the two coveted bodies on the ground, trembling with excitement.

Fred was a Level Two mutant from the Heavenly Gate Guild, known as the 【Rampager】, who had been stuck at this stage for a long time but finally found his opportunity tonight.

Charlie widened his eyes, approached slowly, bent down, and bit fiercely into the 【Silk Spitter】’s corpse.

Fred glanced at An, who nodded, allowing him to tear into the 【Thorn Reverser】’s flesh.

“Gurgle!” The sounds of their satisfied gulping echoed.

An glanced into the distance and said softly, “You guys go to the Fallen Leaves Courtyard in the South City to complete your evolution. I’ll find you later.”

Then he turned and walked towards the distant battlefield, gradually disappearing. He thought to himself, “It’s about time! It’s my turn to advance to the 【Speed Demon】 sequence!”

An had been planning his move to the Silin City for five years, constantly collecting and analyzing information. Finally, tonight was the time to close the net on all his targets!

Meanwhile, on the other side, 【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel was being pursued relentlessly by 【Bone Demon】 Deli.

Flying Wheel was getting frustrated and said as he ran, “Bone Demon, since I can easily outrun you whenever I want, why don’t you give up?”

Deli snorted coldly and didn’t respond, continuing to chase after Flying Wheel with determination.

Flying Wheel’s face grew grim. He thought, “I’ll give my all and run straight ahead. Let’s see if he can catch me! Hehehe!”

Flying Wheel stopped wasting words, suddenly accelerated, and disappeared from sight in an instant. His speed was so fast that within two breaths, he was out of Su Hao’s perception range.


Suddenly, the eyes of 【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel widened in disbelief. His face mask split in half and fell to the ground.

He opened his mouth as if trying to say something, but blood streaks suddenly appeared all over his face, spreading to his entire body. In the next second, 【Speed Demon】 Flying Wheel’s entire body shattered into pieces of varying sizes and fell to the ground.

Even in death, Flying Wheel couldn’t understand what had happened.

Su Hao was watching from a distance and quickly sensed 【Speed Demon】’s blood energy again. However, what surprised him was that 【Speed Demon】’s blood energy response had split into many parts and was gradually dissipating.

“What’s going on?” Su Hao furrowed his brow and decided to get closer for a better look. Soon, he sensed the blood energy of a high-level Grandmaster-level mutant approaching.

“Another high-level mutant!” Su Hao became even more cautious.

He had seen the scene in the field: 【Speed Demon】 had turned into a pile of flesh and couldn’t be more dead. Beside 【Speed Demon】, there stood a slightly taller cocoon. Su Hao knew that the unfamiliar blood energy response was inside that cocoon.

At this moment, 【Bone Demon】 Deli stood on the rooftop, looking at the pile of flesh that used to be 【Speed Demon】, his face full of vigilance as he stared at the cocoon in the distance. He knew that this was the famous leader of the “Shanghe Society,” 【Silk Demon】 Sike.

As Su Hao watched the dead 【Speed Demon】, he couldn’t help but sweat: “I thought this high-speed, almost invincible mutant, who could also turn invisible, would be unstoppable. Who would have thought he’d die just like that! Mutants have all sorts of weird abilities, really hard to defend against.”

As Su Hao was nervously pondering, he sensed the blood energy of another mutant, a Tai Shi-level one, approaching at an extremely high speed. Soon, it stopped in front of the pile of flesh that used to be 【Speed Demon】 and slowly revealed its form.

It was An, the 【Shadowless Beast】.

(End of this chapter)


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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