Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: You’ve been so actively helping me make money, you’ve worked so hard!

On the other hand, Dragon King Zhaotian’s situation has almost changed. Soybean prices have dropped by 2%, which means he’s about to lose several billion again!

Several billion is not a small amount; it’s already equivalent to a small county’s fiscal revenue for several years!

For the richest man, it’s just a moderate setback!

And it all vanished in the blink of an eye!

Really, in the blink of an eye, he blinked, and the prices plummeted!

Several billion disappeared with a brush…

Plus the money he lost earlier…

Dragon King Zhaotian was so stimulated that he couldn’t even look at the computer screen, afraid of being scared by that enormous floating loss figure. So, he could only roar, “Sell everything off quickly!” The man in black smiled bitterly, “Return, Dragon King, everyone is selling, and there are no buyers for our orders!” Zhaotian was extremely furious, “I don’t care! Sell at a lower price, we must sell everything today, or we’ll incur even more losses! I only want results, not the process!”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

Under their operation, soybean prices quickly plummeted by another 2%! The market was in turmoil! Dragon King’s face grew even darker!

On the other hand, Wu Ge’s face grew darker too.

Because he had once again witnessed Lin Beifan, his arch-enemy, making 2 billion in the blink of an eye. Who could he complain to?

And looking at this trend, in the following days, he might make tens of billions more… Wu Ge tightly clutched his chest; his heart was convulsing.

His face showed a constipated expression.

Is there anything more painful than seeing your enemy thrive?

“Ah! I accidentally made another 2 billion! It’s too fast; I didn’t even react!”

“Lin Beifan is surprised.

“Congratulations, General Lin! Congratulations, General Lin!” Everyone congratulated in unison. “Shared joy, shared joy! Haha…”

Laughter filled the trading room.

This laughter was like a demonic sound that drove Wu Ge almost crazy. “No! I can’t let him make more money! I must find a way to stop him!” Wu Ge’s mind quickly started spinning.

Indeed, he was the protagonist, and with his shallow financial knowledge, he could figure things out. He loudly said, “General Lin, I think it’s time to close our positions!” This voice was like thunder, breaking the joyful atmosphere, and everyone looked over in astonishment.

“How can we close positions at a time like this? The situation is excellent!”

“Based on my experience, I believe this downward trend will continue for at least a few more days, until it drops by 20% and stabilizes! During this process, we can all make steady profits. Why would we want to close our positions now?”

“But how much money would we lose if we close now?”

“Novices will always be novices!”

Wu Ge felt embarrassed under everyone’s gaze because he also thought that suggesting this at this moment was foolish, but he had to try.

He looked directly at Lin Beifan, waiting for his response.

Lin Beifan hesitated, “Little brother, share your thoughts.”

“Because I think our country and the Beautiful Country can never sign such a significant soybean contract,” Wu Ge said, surprising everyone.

“Why not? Beautiful Country’s soybeans are cheap and of high quality. Isn’t it a good deal for us?”

“If it were up to me, I would definitely choose affordable soybeans of good quality!”

“And it’s already been officially announced online; how could it be fake?”

“You can’t fake things on official websites!” Many voices chimed in.

Wu Ge pressed on, “What you’re all saying makes sense, but in international trade, we can’t just look at economic benefits; we need to consider deeper reasons. Imagine, if such affordable soybeans enter our market, what impact would it have?”

“First of all, it would hit the soybean market; soybean prices would definitely plummet! Soybeans are a basic agricultural product, and if soybean prices drop, can other agricultural products remain unaffected? Definitely not! They would also be affected to varying degrees! So, our country’s agricultural products would all experience varying degrees of price drops!”

“Who would be most affected by the drop in agricultural product prices?”

“The farmers!”

“Our over 900 million population of farmers!” Wu Ge spoke loudly, gaining more confidence as he continued.

“If agricultural product prices plummet, their incomes will undoubtedly be affected, making life difficult, and some may even fall back into poverty! Our country places great importance on our farmers and their livelihoods. Do you think the country would just stand by?”

The group fell into deep thought, and opposition voices grew quieter.

“What you’re saying makes sense, but it’s already been announced; could it be fake?”

“Yeah, they wouldn’t joke about something like this!”

“This agreement has just been announced, and many details haven’t been clarified. The country may have follow-up safeguard measures! Right now, it’s just an overreacted move in the futures market; prices will inevitably drop further!”

“So, we shouldn’t close our positions yet!”

Watching everyone stick to their opinions, Wu Ge felt very anxious and could only look to Lin Beifan with hope.

Lin Beifan maintained a calm expression, but he was actually thinking quickly. After all, he had just made a wish for his profits to double. And for the protagonist, the profits would double too. Even if the market hit the limit down today, the profits would only be doubled once. Where would the other half of the profits come from?

Thinking of this, Lin Beifan nodded appreciatively at Wu Ge and said, “I think Wu, my friend, makes a lot of sense. I also believe the country should not sign such a contract. So, let’s close our positions! Furthermore, go long for me, buy soybeans!”

Everyone was shocked and tried to dissuade him.

“Lin, we’ll lose a lot of money if we close now!”

“Closing positions is one thing, but why go long?”

“It will erase the money we’ve made!”

“Lin, please reconsider!”

“No need to say more; my decision is final!” Lin Beifan waved his hand.

“Lin, I’ll help you!” Wu Ge was overjoyed, not expecting Lin Beifan to agree with his idea. He eagerly offered his assistance.

“My friend Wu, you’ve been working so hard to help me make money; it’s really admirable!”

“Not hard at all, not hard in the slightest!” Wu Ge smiled widely.

At this point, soybean prices had already dropped by 9%, and they could hit the limit down at any moment. The market was in turmoil, filled with short sellers, all eager to cut their losses. Lin Beifan, despite having a large position, quickly closed it out.

At Dragon Tooth Capital headquarters, the man in black reported excitedly, “Reporting to Dragon King, we’ve closed all our positions, and the losses have been contained!”

“Everything is closed?” Dragon King Zhaotian, who had been lying paralyzed on the ground, suddenly sprang back to life. “Haha! This is fantastic! It seems I’m indeed the luckiest son. Every adversity turns into good fortune, and every misfortune becomes auspicious!”

“Congratulations, Dragon King! Congratulations, Dragon King!” The men in black congratulated in unison.

“Our position was so large, who helped us out like this?” The man in black shook his head. “I’m not sure, but the other party closed our positions with the blink of an eye!”

“We encountered a fool who took all our orders!” Dragon King Zhaotian held a champagne glass in his hand, a smug smile on his lips. “Find out who he is! When I meet him, I’ll definitely raise a toast to him!”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

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