Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Kindness to the Prince is Cruelty to Oneself!

Talking and talking, it’s all about money again. I was moved for nothing!

You are still that money-grubbing young man, without any change at all!

Mo Rushuang, unhappy, said, “Mr. Lin, one million is already a lot of money!”

“Is one million a lot? Do you know how much silver I spent to research the flying celestial artifact, the Air Balloon?”

“How much did you spend?” Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai asked in unison.

“I spent over two million. I spent over two million to finally invent the Air Balloon! Aside from money, I also exerted countless sweat and hard work! Does Prince think it’s too much for me to ask for one hundred million and want to take away my manufacturing method, or am I unreasonable?”

“Is it really that much?” Mo Rushuang blinked and asked.

Lin Beifan pointed to the door, “You can go out and ask. This is something the whole capital knows about! If I didn’t dig up 2 million from the treasury, where would we get the Air Balloon we have now?”

As Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai looked at Lin Beifan’s resolute expression, they believed him.

“How about adding a little more? Is 1.5 million enough?” Mo Rushuang asked cautiously.

“You want to buy it for only 1.5 million?” Lin Beifan became unhappy again.

“1.5 million is already not a small amount. You spent that much to save the prince last time!” Guo Shaoshuai said.

“Indeed, I only spent 1.5 million to rescue the Eldest Prince! But do you know how much I would have to pay if I gave the manufacturing method to Prince?” Lin Beifan exclaimed.

“How much?” Mo Rushuang asked.

“I’ll just tell you this. Last time, to rescue the Eldest Prince, I bribed all the officials with 1.5 million and they supported me. That’s the only way I could save the Eldest Prince while still keeping my own life. But this time, how can I bribe officials? How can I keep my life?”

Lin Beifan was extremely unhappy, “The Empress has already declared three times that whoever leaks the manufacturing method of the national treasure to others, once discovered, would be executed. No one can be saved! The treasury has been cleaned up, so there’s no possibility for anyone else to leak it. My path is the only one left! Therefore, if the Prince manufactures the Air Balloon, and the Empress finds out, I’ll be dead without a doubt! In other words, I’m risking my life to do things for the Prince!”

Lin Beifan shook his head, his heart aching as he shouted, “The Prince only lost a small amount of money, but what I lost was my entire life! Money can be earned again, but once my life is lost, it’s gone! Is it wrong for me to ask for a little more money? Shouldn’t I be asking for more?”

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai were overwhelmed and nodded repeatedly, “You should, you definitely should.”

Lin Beifan continued to be unhappy, “I really doubt if Prince is intentionally targeting me. Why does he always give me such a deadly order? Does he want me to die?”

“How could the Prince want you to die? He just…” Mo Rushuang could not continue.

Because she also realized that both commands were very life-threatening.

The first command, to save the prince, almost ruined Lin Beifan and cost him everything.

The second command, to obtain the method of creating the divine artifact – air balloon, was a crime punishable by death if exposed. And it seemed very easy to expose, making it almost certain to be a death sentence.

In her heart, she blamed the prince. Why did he always give such difficult tasks to Lin Beifan? Was it intentional harm?

Guo Shaoshuai reflected on this and also felt that the prince’s commands were too difficult.

He opened his mouth and said, “Mr. Lin, you’ve worked hard!”

Lin Beifan sneered, “I’m not afraid to tell you that I now suspect the prince’s intentions, so I must keep something in reserve! Only if I have a large sum of money in my hand will he care about me and help me when my life is at stake! I’m just a powerless scholar, everything I do is just for self-preservation, is there anything wrong with that?”

“Mr. Lin, you’re not wrong. You’ve done well! At any time, the most important thing is to protect your life!” Mo Rushuang immediately spoke up.

“Mr. Lin, I understand your difficulties, and I fully support you!” Guo Shaoshuai also said.

“I’m glad you can understand!” Lin Beifan nodded in relief. “I’m not unreasonable! If, in the end, it proves that I was overthinking, one day in the future, I will return the money and support the prince’s cause!”

Mo Rushuang looked at Lin Beifan’s thin shoulders and felt heartache.

As he said, he was just a powerless scholar! However, being in the court and doing only things that could cost him his life was too difficult!

He needed more money just to protect himself!

Because only if he had a lot of money in hand would the prince be unwilling to let him die and help him in a critical moment. Otherwise, he would be left with nothing, both person and wealth.

Was it also for this reason that he had been greedy for money before?

She seemed to understand Lin Beifan even more!

“Mr. Lin, we will report the situation to the prince in detail. I think he will understand your difficulties! 2 million taels, is that enough?” Mo Rushuang said solemnly.

“Do you think 2 million taels are enough?” Lin Beifan blinked and suddenly felt that Mo Rushuang was funny.

At this time, Guo Shaoshuai frowned unhappily, “Sister, how can you say 2 million taels is enough? Didn’t you hear what Mr. Lin said? It cost over 2 million taels to develop this Divine Artifact – Air Balloon, so the price must be higher! Besides, Mr. Lin only wants more money for self-preservation, and the more he gets, the safer his life will be. So I think at least 3 million taels!”

“3 million taels??!!” Lin Beifan looked at Guo Shaoshuai, suddenly feeling that this guy was quite handsome. How come he didn’t realize it before?

“Junior Brother, you’re right!” Mo Rushuang exclaimed.

“But 3 million taels is too much. The prince may not have that much money. How about we compromise and ask for 2.5 million taels? Mr. Lin is not a greedy person!”

Lin Beifan said solemnly, “That sounds reasonable. I’m grateful for your understanding!”

So, they reported the situation to the Prince of Northern Hebei promptly.

When the Prince saw the letter, his face turned pale, and his hands and feet trembled with cold.

Finally, he yelled in anger “2.5 million taels, why don’t you just rob me?”

“Your Highness, what happened?” The military adviser Zhuge Liang, who had just arrived, asked cautiously.

“See for yourself!” The prince tossed the letter over to Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Liang looked at it seriously, his eyelids twitching as he read further, “2.5 million, the price is indeed very high! I thought proposing 1 million would satisfy his appetite, but I seriously underestimated him!”

The prince sat on the chair, angrily stating, “Advisor, you see it too! It’s not that I don’t want to give it to him, but Lin Beifan is too greedy. Where do I find so much money to give him?”

Zhuge Liang laughed, “I completely understand your mood, Your Highness! But I also understand Lin Beifan’s mood! As the letter said, the two tasks Your Highness assigned him were almost life-threatening! That’s why Lin Beifan became suspicious and thought that you were targeting him deliberately by asking for more money to protect himself!”

“Lin Beifan is in the capital, so he has not seen Your Highness’ heroic aura and noble character, and doesn’t trust you. So, he played this little trick! If it were me, I would do the same!”

The prince’s mood eased a little.

Zhuge Liang continued, “That’s why my suggestion is to meet Lin Beifan’s demands! Although it will cost some money, we can get the method for making the flying celestial artifact and gain the loyalty of a top talent. Isn’t that worth it?”

The prince sighed, “But where do I get 2.5 million? I’ve already paid 1.5 million a month ago, and I still haven’t recovered from it! I am truly powerless!”

“Your Highness, 2.5 million is indeed a lot, but we can tough it out! You should know that all the major princes and dukes want to obtain the method for making the flying celestial artifact! However, only you have this opportunity. Isn’t it worth spending a little more money?”

Zhuge Liang’s eyes lit up with fanaticism. “If we get the flying celestial artifact, our strength will increase rapidly, surpassing other princes, and we will have a better chance to win the Central Plains! By taking control of the Central Plains and becoming emperor, everything we lost before will be regained! What’s the loss of a little money right now?”

The prince nodded repeatedly, “Advisor, you are absolutely right!”

“Moreover, Your Highness! This air balloon can transport people into the sky, meaning we have the chance to meet immortals, and have the opportunity to obtain immortality! Isn’t it worth spending a little money?”

As soon as the prince thought of his chance to become immortal, his face turned red with excitement. “Advisor, you are absolutely right! As long as we can live forever, it’s worth spending any amount of money! Since the other party wants money, we’ll give it to him! 2.5 million, compared to the chance of immortality, it’s not a lot at all!”

“Your Highness is wise!” Zhuge Liang smiled and bowed.

So, the 2.5 million silver notes were quickly handed over to Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan blinked his eyes, feeling a bit regretful and thinking he could have asked for more. The other party gave in so easily, so they must have more money! This was a super fat lamb that would drip with oil as it walks! Lin Beifan silently told himself to ask for more next time and not be soft-hearted! The prince’s kindness was his own cruelty!

The prince, who was dreaming of immortality, suddenly sneezed.

“Now that the money has been handed over, what about the method for making the flying celestial artifact?” Mo Rushuang asked.

“I’ve already prepared it! This is the method for making the flying celestial artifact, you can give it to the prince! Remember, this is very important and must not be exposed!” Lin Beifan took out a document and gave them strict instructions.

Mo Rushuang and the other left solemnly with the document. After they left, Lin Beifan chuckled to himself.

However, when he turned around, he saw a white figure appear beside him, just like a ghost staring at him intently. The two met eyes, and the proximity almost scared him out of his wits.

“Guanyin, can’t you do that? Next time you appear, can you make some noise so I can be mentally prepared?” Lin Beifan patted his chest, still frightened.

Guanyin shot him a glance, “Didn’t you say you were used to it?”

“That was before. But you’ve defeated me with your new appearance! Don’t get too close, it’s really scary!”

“I’ll keep it in mind!” Guanyin said insincerely, “But I have a question now, did you really give the method for making the flying celestial artifact to Prince of Northern Hebei?”

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