Chapter 106 – Desolate Star God Flame, Yu Ren’er is crying!

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Su Shi was dumbfounded.

Waking up from sleep and getting over two hundred plus plot points?

Although he intended to do it for Zhan Qingchen, he did not expect to gain so much plot points.

Especially this prestige of Linlang Empire, actually giving out as much as 100 points!

“It seems that the news about Huangyuan City has already spread.”

“As for the extermination of the Tiger Clan …… I think it was Master’s doing.”

“But what exactly did Feng Chaoge and Sikong Lanyue decide to still give fifteen plot points?”

Su Shi was somewhat curious.

What kind of decision did they make?

But he was not afraid.

Although these two women were ruthless characters, he still had the Netherworld Demon Empress by his side.

With someone as strong as her supporting him, there was nothing to worry about.

Open the system panel.

[Host: Son of Destiny Killer – Su Shi]
[Status: Spiritual energy depleted, spirit depleted]

[Talent: Holy-grade perfect]

[Cultivation Base: Golden Elixir Realm (Late Stage)]

[Cultivation Method: The Great Harmony of the Nine Revolution Elements of Heaven and Earth (First Revolution), Heavenly Sutra (Perfect), The Breathing Technique of Netherworld (Great Success), Netherworld Divine Cultivation (Small Success)]

[Plot Points: 305 points]

It’s drained again.”

Su Shi shook his head and smiled bitterly. Although “Yin and Yang Reversed” was powerful, it also had obvious side effects.

Every time he used it, he would drain all of his spiritual power and then fall into a complete coma.

Su Shi pondered seriously, “Using this kind of Mystical Ability at the Golden Elixir Realm is still too taxing on the body, so I must find a way to upgrade the realm as quickly as possible.”

If this thought were to fall on other ears, one’s jaw would probably drop.

After all, in just a few months’ time, he had already broken through one major realm and three minor realms in a row!

Yet he thought this was still too slow!

As for the plot points.

With the 60 points left over from before and the 245 points obtained this time, the plot points had reached over 300!

“First of all, avoid drawing the Blind Box.”

Su Shi could never forget that he opened the apron from the Blind Box and was captured by the Demon Empress.

“I guess it’s been discarded by the Demon Empress, right?”

Su Shi sighed helplessly, “Ten plot points wasted.”

Open the Store.

There were various items in front of him.

Clicking on the system recommendations, there were a total of three items inside.

[Mystical Ability: Dispel Clouds and See the Moon, Price: 200 plot points]

[Spiritual Treasure: White Smoke Mist Green Shirt, Price: 150 plot points]

[Exotic Item: Pure Source Fire Seed, priced at 260 plot points].

These were the three items that offered Su Shi the best value for money at the moment.

The Mystical Ability to Dispel Clouds and See the Moon could break through thousands of formations.

Combined with the “Myriad Formations Solution”, there were very few formations in the world that could trap him, except for ancient formations.

The White Smoke Mist Green Shirt is a piece of clothing.

After wearing it, swords and daggers can be easily broken, and fire and water cannot hurt him. Not only can it calm the mind, but it can also increase the speed of spiritual energy recovery.

Su Shi looked at the last item.

Pure Source Fire Seed.

This item was not unfamiliar to him.

Back in the official sale in Qianyang City, he had auctioned off a fire seed that directly increased the power of the Blue Sky Heavenly Flame by thirty percent!

And now this Pure Source Flame Seed seemed to be more than a few times purer than that fire seed.

Su Shi hesitated for a moment, and finally bought the most expensive fire seed.

Although the other two items were also good, only this one could realistically increase battle prowess.

Moreover, he was also a little curious.

To what extent could this Fire Seed actually strengthen?

After confirming the purchase, a flame appeared in his palm.

It was pure, translucent and emitted a searing heat that seemed to scorch even the air.

The Blue Sky Heavenly Flame flared up and fed the fire into it.

As a result, the flame was suddenly extinguished!

Only the Heavenly Flame continued to compress and shrink, almost turning into a green-blue pill.

Just as Su Shi was confused, he only saw the pill gradually change color, seemingly dyed with a layer of golden sand, as if the stars in the sky were shimmering with golden light.

The next moment, flames erupted violently!

Pale golden flames engulfed like flowing golden liquid, emitting a terrifying power that destroyed everything!

“This is actually really enhancing?”

Su Shi froze for a moment.

Clearly, this was no longer the Fire Seed from before.

Under the influence of the Pure Source Fire Seed, it had transformed into an even more powerful unknown flame!

A thoughtful beep sounded from the system.

[The Blue Sky Heavenly Flame fused with the Pure Source Flame Seed to produce the Desolate Star God Flame.”

“Desolate Star God Flame…”

Looking at the golden flame pulsating in his palm, Su Shi was stunned as he suddenly realized something extraordinary.

“This Pure Source Flame can be purchased indefinitely.”

“Doesn’t that mean that as long as the plot value is sufficient, this Heavenly Flame can be upgraded indefinitely!”

“Or even metamorphose into the immortal and indestructible Nirvana Fire?”

Su Shi’s heart beat faster for a moment.

This was a great purchase!

Outside the room, Yu Ren’er noticed the movement and hurriedly pushed open the door and walked in…

“Brother Su Shi, you’re awake?”

Her eyes were full of shock.

But Su Shi froze, “Yu Ren’er? What are you doing here?”

Yu Ren’er said, “Because this is my home.”

“Your home?”

Su Shi frowned, got up and walked to the window. He only saw that outside the window was not Huangyuan City, but a vast and endless green grassland.

Green Hill Plains.

This was the Barbarian Realm!

Su Shi’s heart sank violently!

Even if he wasn’t in Huangyuan City at this time, he should still be in the sect, so why was he here?

Could it be that something had happened before?

Yu Ren’er came and helped him, “Brother Su Shi, you are weak, you should lie down and rest-”

Before she could finish speaking, Su Shi suddenly grabbed her arm, with a blue vein on his forehead, and shouted, “Didn’t I destroy the blood moon, why did I appear in the Barbarian Realm! Did the demon embryo finally blow himself up? ?”

“Where is Zhan Qingchen? Where is Zhan Qingchen?!”

Seeing his reddened eyes, Yu Ren’er hurriedly said, “The Demon Embryo didn’t blow itself up, Chief Zhan is also fine, and everyone is fine.”

Only then did Su Shi let out a sigh of relief.

His back was already drenched in cold sweat.

Yu Ren’er whispered, “Brother Su Shi, can you let me go first….”

Only then did Su Shi realize that he was still holding on tightly to the other party.

He hurriedly released his hand and apologized, “Sorry, I was too excited just now.”

He stumbled slightly on his feet. He was already weak and his emotions were up and down so the sky was spinning in front of him for a while.

Yu Ren’er hurriedly helped him to the bed to lie down.

Looking at Su Shi’s pale face, her eyes were misty.

Lowering her head, teardrops dripped down. Su Shi asked, “Why are you crying? Did I just hurt you?”

Yu Ren’er shook her head and whispered, “I’m not in pain, I just feel hurt inside.”

“You saved Huangyuan City, everyone thinks you’re a hero, but you will also get tired, injured and die!”

You care about Chief Zhan, but there are people who also care about you!”

“The situation was very dangerous that day, what if something goes wrong ……”

Her slender hands clenched her collar, her voice tinged with sobs, “I don’t want a big hero, I only want Brother Su Shi!”

Seeing looking at that pearly and beautiful face, Su Shi could not help but be stunned.

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