Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Luca and Lai-nee 1

During that time, Aix was lying in his room, killing time by reading an adventure story. He flipped through the pages fluently, feeling just like a hero.

There was a knock on the door, and Lai-nee peeked in.

“Goshujin-sama, I’ve bought your meal.” (Lai-nee)

“Ah, thank you. I’ll be right there.” (Aix)

She looked at him with sparkling eyes.

“You look just like a hero right now!” (Lai-nee)

“R-really?” (Aix)

“Yes. You seemed so gallant! Would you like to eradicate the slimes in the slum district tomorrow?” (Lai-nee)

“Let’s be kind to the slimes.” (Aix)

Though met with a disbelieving face, he was against the idea of tormenting mad slimes as a game. He closed the harmful book decisively and regained his composure. The world of books is enjoyable.

“That’s too bad.” (Lai-nee)

“Thanks for the meal. Also, we’ll have one more person from today.” (Aix)

He followed the swaying maid outfit.

“Is she the beautiful lady that Nitra was talking about, like a doll?” (Lai-nee)

“Her name is Luca. The doll is Crazy Bear, a talking bear plushie. Be friends with them!”


Although the response was energetic, he couldn’t help but still be worried.

“That’s right! I’ll them her right away.” (Lai-nee)

“Wait!” (Aix)

As expected, the hunch was right. He hurriedly chased after the rampaging maid.

Ahh, my legs may be slow, but with the support of a buff of 1, I can keep running!

But, I accidentally cast it on Lai-nee too.


I can’t catch up.

Seeing someone running alongside, Nitra got excited.

“Are we playing tag, Nii-san?” (Nitra)

“Hehe, Nitra, I’m busy right now.” (Aix)

Her stray hair swayed happily. Ahh! And Nitra, who has nothing to do with this, even passed me.

“Nitra’s the best~!” (Nitra)

S-sorry, Luca!

This is the worst possible situation.

Arriving at the goal, panting heavily, he found Luca petrified, surrounded by two others.


“Hey hey, don’t get too close to Master.” (Crazy Bear)

“Did the bear speak?” (Nitra)

“She’s as beautiful as a doll.” (Lai-nee)

He pulled the two away.

“Stop. Okay, okay, back off! Luca is shy, so no getting close until she’s comfortable.” (Aix)

“Partner, what are you doing?!” (Crazy)

“Mr. Bear~” (Nitra)

“Goshujin-sama, if you want to touch me, do it in bed.” (Lai-nee)

Aix intervened to protect Luca from the two.

“Sorry, Luca and Crazy Bear. I’am late.” (Aix)

“It’s fine.” (Luca)

He glared at the two sulking figures.

“For now, we’ll have a meal, so go ahead.”

“”Okay.”” (Lai-nee and Nitra)

He successfully lifted Luca’s petrification.

“Aix, you’re late.” (Luca)

“Sorry. So, what should we do? Should we skip it for today?”

(Aix’s POV)

With stubborn Luca shaking her head vigorously, we retried. Unexpectedly, being tugged at from behind and having my hem pulled while inside the house was not part of the plan.

Luca’s welcome party began in a strange atmosphere. Nitra, drooling over premium meat, was the only one behaving normally.

“From today, Luca and Crazy Bear will live in this house. And here are Lai-nee and Nitra. Everyone, get along.”


“Yeah! Nice to meet ya.”

Luca remained silent.

I wonder how this welcome party will turn out.

Nitra, diving into the meat without reading the atmosphere, saved the situation. It was getting risky; the room’s atmosphere was dying out without any conversation, especially as Nitra’s meat disappeared right before her eyes. Nitra on stage!

“Mmm~. That was delicious.”

Satisfied, she squinted her eyes, yawned, and attempted to leave the battlefield, but I didn’t let him escape.

“Nitra, there’s a delicious dessert, you know?”

“I’m not in the mood for it today.”


Wagging its tail, she went off somewhere… how carefree.

What should I do?

Oh no, Lai-nee is approaching, and tension rises between Luca and me.

Unable to react to her innocent approach, I allowed her to intrude into our privacy area without any ill intent.

Not only that, she grabbed Luca’s hand, shaking it and starting a conversation.

“Um, madam?”


I watched Lai-nee, startled, as she went on a rampage.

Seeing Luca tugging at my hem and looking like she wanted to say something, I leaned in close to her.

“What is it?”

“Aix, she’s a good girl.”

Looking at Luca’s disappointed face, I realized she was Aixcitedly smiling. Yeah. It seems there was no need to worry.

At this rate, they’ll become friends soon.

Though there was still no conversation, Kumakichi kept chattering away, and the dinner party ended successfully.

“Whew, I’m glad. Crazy Bear.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t hold a candle to my partner.”

“That’s right.”

I gently ushered the two away and headed to the bath.

“Master, try to be more honest. Bare your heart.”

“Ugh… but…”

Whatever Crazy Bear was saying, I couldn’t hear it. I’m done with any more trouble.

After taking a bath and drying off in the adjacent drying room, I felt refreshed.

“Whew. I’m tired. Maybe I should go to bed early.”

As I pulled back the bed sheets, I found a naked woman who had unlawfully intruded.

“Why are you here!?”

“I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

She enticed me with her nakedness.


“Come on, come here. I’ll warm you up. Huh? Stop being so rough!”

Grabbing her by the neck, she struggled.

I threw her into the corridor with a thud.

“But Luca said, ‘Be careful, she sleeps really violently.'”

“That’s terrible!”

Seeing her floppy rabbit ears, I decided to let her back in again. Alright, come on.

“Are you coming?”

“Aix, come on.”

She’s so fluffy.

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