Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Speed Demon and Bone Demon

Bone Demon Deli stood on the rooftop, quietly observing Speed Demon Flywheel. His entire body was covered in thick white bone armor, with an extraordinarily elegant design adorned with sharp bone spikes. Overall, there was an eerie sense of beauty to his appearance.

Although Deli’s facial features were hidden, his aloof demeanor gave him away.

Speed Demon Flywheel could tell that Bone Demon Deli was a restless show-off just by looking at him.

Unable to contain his disdain for this attitude, Speed Demon Flywheel muttered, “They’re all failures fleeing from the big cities, so why act so arrogant?”

Meanwhile, Deli’s subordinates had disappeared into the darkness to engage in combat.

Speed Demon Flywheel sneered, drew dual blades from his waist, and vanished without a trace.

He was a fourth-level mutant from the “Swift Man” sequence, already one of the top-tier mutants.

In the “Swift Man” sequence, first-level “Swift Men” gained swift movement abilities, second-level “High Speed” mutants obtained ‘super-high speed’ and ‘dynamic vision,’ third-level “Shadowless Beasts” gained stealth and infiltration abilities, and fourth-level “Speed Demons” obtained ‘tearing’ and ‘hovering’ powers.

In Speed Demon Flywheel’s eyes, his abilities were nearly invincible.

With ‘high speed,’ ‘invisibility,’ ‘hovering,’ and enhanced attack and armor-piercing ‘tearing,’ who could possibly challenge him?

If he couldn’t win, he could just flee into the sky. Who could catch him?

It seemed… no one!

Speed Demon Flywheel burst into laughter.

However, when he saw that Bone Demon Deli’s appearance was more stylish than his own, he felt dissatisfied.

Without wasting words, he was eager to dismantle Deli’s bones.

In the blink of an eye, Speed Demon Flywheel’s figure appeared behind Deli, aiming at the thick armor around Deli’s neck.


A large piece of bone at the back of Deli’s neck shattered, revealing the flesh beneath.

Only then did Bone Demon Deli realize that Speed Demon Flywheel had disappeared from a distance, and he was under attack.

“Too fast! I can’t react in time!” Bone Demon Deli tightened his entire body, but he wasn’t panicking. He immediately activated his ability.

“Bone Spikes!”

“Plop, plop, plop!”

Sharp bone spikes instantly protruded from all over Bone Demon Deli’s body, each one over three meters long, turning him into a porcupine.

This was the ability ‘Bone Spikes’ of Bone Demon Deli, a fourth-level mutant in the “Osteogenic Man” sequence.

Speed Demon Flywheel was not pierced by the sudden eruption of bone spikes. When his attack missed, he immediately retreated, and his figure had long disappeared.

Bone Demon Deli slowly retracted the bone spikes, and the wound on the back of his neck had already healed completely.

He remained vigilant, observing his surroundings, but there was no trace of any enemy.


Suddenly, bone fragments flew from his body, and he was attacked again, this time near his heart. Blood flowed from the wound.

This was Speed Demon Flywheel’s ability ‘Slashing,’ specialized in armor-piercing. Even Deli’s thick bone armor couldn’t defend against Flywheel’s attacks.

However, for Bone Demon Deli, this was just a minor injury. In the blink of an eye, it had already healed completely.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

Speed Demon Flywheel’s figure kept flashing around Deli, appearing each time to cut Deli apart, leaving deep wounds behind.

However, these wounds were quickly repaired by Deli.

Speed Demon Flywheel paid no attention to how Bone Demon Deli repaired himself; he only knew that he was enjoying himself immensely. He chopped away at the bone armor he disliked, sending bone fragments flying and greatly satisfying his mood.

Chop, chop, chop! Faster, faster!

However, this sense of satisfaction was interrupted by Deli’s counterattack.

“Heavenly Thorn’s Burial!”

Bone Demon Deli stomped his foot downward.

“Splish, splish, hiss, hiss!”

Countless bone spikes suddenly erupted from the ground, piercing the sky and reaching lengths of ten meters, covering a radius of twenty meters.

The sharp bone spikes exuded a chilling aura in the dark night.

Speed Demon Flywheel, who was stealthily floating in mid-air, broke into a cold sweat, shouting in his mind, “I almost got turned into a hornet’s nest! Bone Demon is too insane!”

The next second, he suddenly burst into laughter. “But no matter how powerful he is, he still can’t kill me, haha!”

With that, he pushed off with his legs and managed to move out of the range of the bone spikes, landing on a rooftop.

Speed Demon Flywheel disappeared again into the darkness, and his dual blades began to vibrate intensely. This was his ability, ‘Tearing,’ and in the next moment, he darted toward Bone Demon Deli.

Bone Demon Deli seemed to sense something and his body once again sprouted numerous bone spikes.

“Splish, splish, splish!”

Speed Demon Flywheel looked at the sea of bone spikes, a wicked grin beneath his mask, as he swung his dual blades with incredible speed.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

He sliced through the bone spikes, scattering bone fragments in all directions.

“Beheading Strike!”

Speed Demon Flywheel flashed past Deli again, and his blade gleamed.

Bone Demon Deli tilted slightly.


Deli’s arm was severed at the root, sent flying into the air, and blood gushed from the stump. He reached out with his other hand, attempting to reattach the severed limb.


However, as soon as his hand was halfway out, Speed Demon Flywheel flashed past from the side, severing the remaining arm.

Suddenly, Su Hao was awakened by the commotion in the distance, and he sat up. “What’s going on? Such a commotion!”

Immediately, he activated his radar to sense what was happening in the distance.

Over a thousand meters away, he detected a large number of mutants, including two with blood aura intensities at the Grandmaster level, engaged in combat.

“I’ll quietly go take a look!” Su Hao quickly changed into appropriate attire, activated his radar, and stealthily moved into the darkness, approaching the scene of the mutant battle.

When he reached a distance of about five hundred meters, Su Hao stopped getting closer and instead climbed to a high point to observe the people engaged in the fight.

However, it was too dark to see anything. He needed to get closer!

When Su Hao came to about three hundred meters away, he finally saw the faint outlines of what was happening in the distance.

He saw a tall, muscular man completely encased in bone armor, being ruthlessly attacked by an invisible assailant, with bone fragments flying everywhere.

Both of the man’s arms were severed, and he looked extremely miserable.

Su Hao widened his eyes, attempting to locate the assailant, but there was nothing in his field of vision. He could only sense that the opponent was moving at an extremely high speed, constantly circling around the bone-armored man, looking for opportunities to attack.

“Faster than King of Speed!” Su Hao immediately dropped any underestimation of the mutant’s combat ability. If he were to face this speedster, he might not even have a chance to activate his runes!

“I can’t engage these mutants right now.” Su Hao analyzed the pros and cons of the situation. One, he didn’t understand the various abilities of these mutants, and two, although he had reached the High-Level Master stage, his body was still weak with plenty of room for growth. There was no need to rush things.

Soon, the battle took a turn.

Bone Demon Deli squatted down and extended two bone spikes through his own arms, then retracted them, as if reattaching them.

But how could Flywheel give him that opportunity?

In a flash, he used his blades to crush both arms.

Bone Demon Deli didn’t seem angry. On the contrary, he smiled. He clenched his teeth and shouted, and the bone at the severed arm rapidly moved, regenerating two new arms in the blink of an eye.

Bone Demon Deli reached out to test the mobility of the new arms. They were perfect!

Hovering in mid-air, Speed Demon Flywheel exclaimed, “This is possible?!”

Then, he laughed indifferently, “This time, I’ll cut off your head!”


Speed Demon Flywheel disappeared, and he flashed past Deli. It seemed that Deli had already anticipated Flywheel’s attack, tilting his head to the side.


However, his neck was still nearly severed by Speed Demon Flywheel, with only a slight connection remaining.

Just when Su Hao thought the bone man was about to die, something that sent shivers down his spine happened.

Bone Demon Deli simply placed his hand on top of his head to keep it from falling off. Then, he stomped his foot on the ground.

“Heavenly Bestowal of Burial!”

(End of this chapter)

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