Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: My Home (6)

“Which room should we choose?”

“Which room?”

Guiding the bewildered Luca and others.

“I’ll show you around the house, so follow me.”

“Got it!”

“Thank you.”

Luca and Crazy Bear sparkle with excitement, making me happy.

“Partner… This house is huge.”

“And it’s beautiful and brand new. Amazing.”

Kitchen, bath, living room.

“This is the dining room. Recently, Lai-nee has been buying food from the food stalls and we all eat it here together.”

“I see.”

Oh, right. Luca is shy around new people, so what should we do about meals from today on? There’s no point in worrying about it now, so let’s put it aside for the moment and continue the tour.

“Well, this is Lai-nee’s room, and the attic is Nitra’s room. Any other room is available, so feel free to choose.”

Right now, there’s a wide selection of rooms lined up. You could even turn it into an inn.

Huh? Why does Luca seem to have a complaint on her face?

“Hey, Aix. With so many rooms available, why did you put that little kid in the attic? I don’t want you to discriminate against beastkin.”

“Why? It’s because that’s what the kid wanted.”

Luca blinked rapidly.

Beastkin have some unique perspectives, so I understand their feelings.

“Huh? It’s what the kid wanted. There are often scenes like that in stories. Ah…”

“Yeah. Surprising, isn’t it?”

By the way, Nitra claims that the empty box there is also part of his house, but it’s probably best to keep quiet about that.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well, don’t worry about it.”

While introducing the empty rooms and strolling along, we arrive at a detached building connected by a sky bridge.

“Master~, how about this building?”

“Not a bad room, huh?”

Calling one building a room is typical of a young lady like her. Well, it seems fitting for a large family.

“Shall we bring meals to the rooms later?”

“…Sure. I’ll come if you call me.”

It seems like there was some hesitation, but they’re willing to eat together.

“Really? Then, see you later. Don’t worry if it’s too much; I’ll split it into two meals.”


Will Luca’s debut at the dinner table go well? I can’t help but feel anxious with Nitra and Lai-nee as the members.

When Aix returns to the main building, Luca anxiously asks Crazy Bear,

“Are you okay with eating with people?”

“Master~, at that time, I can have the partner all to myself, so there’s no problem at all.”

“That’s right.”

“Hehe. Time to dive onto the soft-looking sofa! Hyahho!”

Luca also sat on the sofa in the room, a bit late. Since there’s no bed, it looks like they’ll be sleeping on this sofa tonight.

“Aix, you’re amazing! Crazy Bear.”

“Yeah! You’re quite the partner.”

As Luca smiles and shelves their worries, Crazy Bear jumps around excitedly, and Luca suddenly starts rummaging.

“Oh! I forgot. I need to tell Queen that she can bring everything.”

“Yeah. Oh, Master, didn’t you mention something else?”

“Oh, I think I said something about ensuring safety. I don’t think it’s necessary. Sonar.”

Ping! The wave of detection spreads in a circular shape, and only the figures of a beastfolk girl and a horse come to mind.

“How is it?”

“It seems Crazy Queen’s worries were unfounded. There doesn’t seem to be anyone monitoring us.”

Shrugging, Crazy Bear rummages through the bag and takes out a crystal ball of magical tools.

“Oh, Queen. Can you hear me?”

“I can hear you, Bear. What’s the situation?”

A rabbit sitting gracefully on a chair is reflected in the crystal ball.

“All green. And I have good news.”

“Oh! What is it?”

“The partner’s house is a mansion! We got a separate building as a room, even larger than the current base.”

“Well done, Aix-san!”

The rabbit’s ears twitch.

“That’s why, look forward to it and join us casually.”

“Yes, I’ll head there now. By the way, have you already dealt with the intruders?”

Luca glares sharply through the crystal.

“Queen! Intruders? One of them is just a very young child!”

“Oh, I didn’t specifically mention anyone, did I?”

“Ugh, unfair.”

“Yes, I’ll become an unfair woman. You can’t trust men anyway. Besides, there are peaceful ways to deal with them, like sending them to the royal academy. Think carefully about what will make you happy.”

When communication with the rabbit ends, Luca flops onto the low table in front of the sofa.

“Hmm, why does Queen say such things?”

“Who knows, there must be various reasons. He’s a famous figure in the Void Kingdom.”

“Something happened?”

“I’ve said too much. It’s vulgar to pry into a woman’s past.”

Giving up on questioning Kumakichi, Luca lies back on the table and listens absently.

“Was Aix also a famous figure in the Void?”

“Come to think of it, he was famous in a bad way. Being a dropout and all, rumors aren’t reliable.”

Grabbing Crazy Bear, Luca, while still lying on the table, lifts Crazy Bearwith both hands and plays by tossing him like a bird.

“That’s right. Whee!”

“Hehe, thanks to you, I can even fly. Master, are you overexerting yourself?”

After stopping the game and hugging tightly, Luca flops back onto the sofa and puts on a maiden-like expression.

“Yeah, I’m worried. What should I do to make Aix like me?”

“Well, you have to be honest. Bare your heart, maybe even strip off your clothes.”

Approaching the vulnerable with sweet words from the Void is deceitful. However, one must never heed their words, no matter how well-intentioned they may seem, as they differ from humans in both nature and common sense.

“Barely dressed, naked. Ugh, but isn’t that embarrassing?”

“Master, trust me.”

Thanks to the bullshit advice from Crazy Bear, who spends his time stark naked, Luca was left feeling restless until the meal notification arrived.

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