Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Who Can Resist the Temptation of Flying? Just Wait to be Deceived by Me!

Such favoritism made the officials jealous and envious! However, they couldn’t find fault with it! After all, the other party had created a divine artifact, a balloon capable of carrying people into the sky, becoming the first person in Great Wu to fly, and even the first person in the world to fly! He had made history! It had an unimaginable impact on the country and the world! No amount of rewards would be enough! Only a promotion and a hundred acres of good land and other items were granted, and the empress had already shown great restraint. If they were emperors, they would probably be even more crazy than the empress.

“Sir Lin, as the first person in Great Wu to fly, please come and share with us your feelings of flying for the first time with the officials and students present!” the empress urged.

The officials’ eyes brightened, and the students and teachers present here were also excited. Although they had not flown, hearing Lin Beifan’s feelings of flying still satisfied their curiosity. After all, humans had always been curious. No one could resist the temptation of flying! For a moment, everyone around quieted down and listened carefully.

“Yes, Your Majesty! Then I will share my feelings of flying with everyone!” Lin Beifan said, and then he began to exaggerate. Climbing onto the balloon and flying up into the sky, he could overlook the prosperous scenery of the capital! He could instantly travel through mountains and rivers, face the blue sea and the setting sun, and see the beautiful rivers and mountains of Great Wu! Drifting in the sky, it seemed like he could ascend to the sky and pick the stars and moon! He roamed freely between heaven and earth, with a heart as vast as the sky and the earth, and with nothing to restrain him! In short, he exaggerated how beautiful it was, causing everyone to listen enthralled and dreamy!

“Beautiful!” The empress exclaimed, “If there is a chance, We really want to experience it!” The others also nodded uncontrollably.

“Your Majesty, although flying is beautiful, it is also very dangerous! If there is any mistake in operation, it could easily result in a fall from the sky and death!” Lin Beifan said with a serious face. Everyone couldn’t help but shudder, waking up from their beautiful dreams. Flying was indeed beautiful, but it would be death without burial ground if accidents happened.

“Sir Lin’s words are true! We will not take risks, and We also hope that Sir Lin will not take risks in the future! After all, your existence is very important to Us, and to Great Wu!” The empress said solemnly, and her deep affection toward Lin Beifan made everyone in the court and the students present envious. Even Lin Beifan was slightly dazed. The empress valued him so much, would he not need to escape when the truth was revealed in the future?

“Sir Lin, We have another question!” The female emperor asked again.

“Your Majesty, please ask!” Lin Beifan bowed.

The empress was in a daze again and said, “Can this balloon carry people to the ninth heaven to see the gods?”

The court officials and the students present here couldn’t remain calm anymore! Fly to the ninth heaven to see the gods? How many people yearned for it but could not obtain it! Could this balloon really do it? Everyone perked up their ears and listened carefully.

Lin Beifan secretly laughed. Even the empress was not immune to the allure of becoming an immortal and pursuing longevity! In fact, when you think about it, what else can these emperors and those in power who stand at the top of society pursue, given their supreme power and endless wealth and riches? Only by becoming an immortal and achieving eternal life can they continue to enjoy their luxury and comfort forever!

Therefore, he pushed out the balloon. He did not believe that other emperors or those in power could resist this temptation! If they couldn’t resist, then they can only be at his mercy!

“In reply to Your Majesty’s question, although we have not done it, as long as the balloon can fly higher, we will definitely be able to do it!” Lin Beifan said respectfully but secretly laughed. “Moreover, even if we can’t achieve it, participating in the balloon flight is still a very enjoyable experience!” Everyone had a very naive idea that immortals reside in the heavens, so as long as the balloon can fly higher and higher, they will have a chance to see the immortals and obtain fortune! Lin Beifan’s words made everyone excited and agitated.

“Flying to the heavens! Seeing the gods in the sky!” Everyone was excited.

“Obtain fortune!” someone else shouted.

“Is there really a chance to achieve it?” asked someone else.

“The balloon, the divine flying tool!”

In short, everyone was excited and agitated.

“Okay!” The Empress was very happy and wanted to reward someone.

“Sir Lin, come forward and receive your reward!” Lin Beifan was dumbfounded, “Another reward?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! I can’t control myself, stand up and accept your reward! Because Sir Lin brought immortality, I am pleased to reward you with taels of silver, and 10 barrels of the finest palace wine…”

So, Lin Beifan gained some weight again.

He felt very sad. Could the empress stop giving him rewards?

His house can’t fit anymore! Plus, it’s so much work to organize everything! It’s a waste to have so much, and Dali and Xiao Cui are both complaining!

“Ah! I’m really suffering!” Lin Beifan sighed.

The officials were jealous and furious: Such an ungrateful person!

Soon, Lin Beifan returned home with a pile of rich rewards.
On the way home, people were excitedly running towards him, surrounding him and asking how he flew and what it felt like. This was the first time that Lin Beifan was so adored by the people!

Even when he got home, he couldn’t have peace.

“Husband, you finally came back safely. I was worried sick about you!”

“Master, I heard you rode a magical flying object called a balloon, with such a large volume, it must be very heavy, how could it fly? Master, can you tell me?”

“Young master, was flying fun?”

After using a lot of persuasion and effort, Lin Beifan finally comforted everyone.

He couldn’t help but be amazed, pretending to be someone he wasn’t wasn’t that easy!

At that moment, the little princess ran into the house excitedly, pushed past everyone, and ran up to Lin Beifan, asking, “Lin Beifan, how did you fly into the sky? Tell me about it!”

So Lin Beifan had to tell the story again.

The little princess was particularly fascinated: “Being able to see the whole city from the sky, watching the blue sea and the green trees, and even talking to gods in the sky… It’s so much fun! Lin Beifan, can you take me flying once? I beg you, I’ll listen to everything you say! Please, please…” She said, grabbing Lin Beifan’s arm and acting cute.

It must be said that the lovely little princess acting cute had a special charm.

Everyone was moved.

They all looked at Lin Beifan expectantly.

Lin Beifan smiled, “You’re too late! The balloon has been taken by the empress, heavily guarded, and no one can get near it without the empress’s permission. No one can fly without his approval, even I can’t!”

“Ah~~ How could this be!” The little princess was very disappointed.

“Don’t think about it too much for now, there might be a chance in the future! It’s late now, let’s eat first!” Lin Beifan patted the little princess’s head and said with a smile.

Dinner time was finally calm at Lin Beifan’s house.

However, the news that the Great Wu Dynasty had a flying magical object spread quickly throughout the city, to the major provinces, to the bordering countries, and even the whole world.

Lin Beifan, the creator of the flying magical object and the first flyer, became famous throughout the world!

The heads of all major families, feudal lords, and emperors of various countries were all shocked!

The Great Wu Dynasty actually possessed a flying magical object!

This thing can take people to the sky, does that mean there is a chance to meet the gods in the sky?

If you meet the gods, do you have a chance to achieve immortality and live forever?

No ruler could resist the temptation of immortality!
The temptation of eternal life!

All people’s eyes turned red!

“Send someone to the capital quickly, we must bring the flying magical object to us!”

“Even if we can’t get the flying magical object, we must get the blueprint for it!”

“The way to become immortal, to be equal with heaven, is right in front of us!”

The winds of change were gathering in the capital city. However, this matter will not be discussed for the time being.

The next day, at the morning court session.

“We pay our respects to Your Majesty, long live the Empress for ten thousand years!”

“All of you ministers may rise.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

At this moment, Lin Beifan stepped forward, holding a document in his hand, and loudly stated, “Your Majesty, this is the production method for the Air Balloon, also known as the Divine Flying Machine. It has been compiled and organized by your subject! With this method, our Great Wu can produce a large number of Divine Flying Machines! Please have a look, Your Majesty!”

The Empress was delighted and eagerly said, “Quickly, show it to me!”

After receiving the document, the Empress read it carefully.

In the end, she smiled and said, “Sir Lin, you are truly loyal, brave, and patriotic! With you in Great Wu, it is a blessing for me and the country!”

“Your Majesty flatters me,” Lin Beifan replied with a slight smile.

He knew that these things were useless to keep to himself, and it was better to proactively give them up.

At least it could help improve his favorability in front of the Empress.

Then, Lin Beifan took out another document.

“Your Majesty, this is the method for controlling the Sky Balloon compiled by your humble subject! As long as we learn this method, our Great Wu can quickly train a group of Sky Warriors, who can control the Air Balloons and protect the Great Wu’s territory!”

The Empress exclaimed, “Quickly, show it to me!”

After obtaining the method, the Empress studied it carefully.

“The method for controlling the Air Balloon is very detailed and comprehensive. Its advantages and disadvantages are also clearly explained! With this method, we can quickly enhance the power of Great Wu!”

The Empress smiled and looked at Lin Beifan with satisfaction. “Sir Lin, you have presented the production and control methods for the Sir Balloon, and have made great contributions. How should I reward you?”

Lin Beifan felt frightened, “Serving Your Majesty loyally is my duty as a subject. I beg you not to reward me anymore. My home can no longer accommodate it.”

The surrounding civil and military officials felt that Lin Beifan was showing off.

The Empress was surprised and laughed, “Okay! I won’t reward you anymore. This achievement will be recorded and saved for future reward. I have a feeling that this day will come soon!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan saluted and withdrew to the back of the court.

“Now, our Great Wu has the production and control methods of the Air Balloon! All ministers, how should we use them to quickly enhance the power of Great Wu?”

The Empress surveyed the officials and asked the critical question that needed to be answered.

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