Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Luca the Doll Master (11)

As I was thinking about what to do with the carriage that was being pushed around by the guide, I heard Luca’s excited voice.

Her figure was so small and delicate, making the already large mansion seem like a castle.

“It’s so huge!”


When Luca turned around, she smiled like a fairy.

“You really are amazing!”

“Partner! It’s thrilling!”

“Yeah, thank you.”

The genuine admiration of the two of them is pleasant.

Luca’s sparkling eyes peeking through her long eyelashes are only looking at me.

I’m glad I bought this house.

Is this happiness?


Hyaa! The wet breath of the horse and the smooth, silky fur are a bit ticklish.

Rubbing her face against me, the horse that barged between us was petted and its big eyes narrowed in pleasure.


“Traitor. Hey, look only at me.”

Luca’s cold voice sent shivers down my spine!

“Huh? What are you saying? You’re misunderstanding!?”

When I turned around in a hurry, she was smiling broadly, contrary to her voice. She was holding her stomach.

“Hehe, cute.”

Ah! Got me.

Even Luca, as reliable as she is, couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of the horse. It’s frustrating.


Playing the older sister, Luca leisurely stroked the horse. Her slender, smooth fingers lightly swam through its fur, and her glossy lips played a melody.

“Hey, what are you going to name this one?”

“Well, let’s see… What do you think, Luca? Oh!”

Nope, that’s not it after all! Before I could say those words, the reply came quickly.

“How about Crazy Horse?”


That’s right. Luca has excellent fashion sense, but for some reason, her sense of names is hopeless.

I mean, seriously, when you hear the names of her clothes or bags, they’re like Number1156, right? But collectors seem to love it, and because of that, she’s gained some weird confidence.

“Master, you’re so cool!”

“What’s up, Aix? It’s a good name, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Since she seemed completely unconcerned about the horse, from today, you’re Crazy Horse. It’s kind of frustrating that it seems like only I care.

“Nice to meet you, Crazy Horse.”


When I took her to the stable, it seemed like the guide had left food and straw, so with basic magic, the facilities were set up. Luca seemed excited, so maybe we don’t need a key.

“The sun has set, shall we go inside soon?”

“I’m nervous.”

In response to Luca’s eager anticipation with her warm breath, I mimicked a butler and elegantly opened the door. The beautifully polished marble entrance greeted us, and there was a scent of flowers, perhaps brought by Lai-nee from somewhere.

Luca, looking around anxiously, is cute.

“Excuse me… Wow, amazing.” (Luca)

She came excitedly pulling on the hem of my clothes, but I need to be a little cautious about this.

“That’s not it, Luca.” (Aix)

“Huh?… Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Huh? Where did I go wrong? She looked up at me with a very worried expression.

Yes, you’re the one who’s wrong.

“I’m home, right?” (Aix)

“!?” (Luca)

If you get me, I’ll get you back!

Relief, anger, and happiness mixed together in a confusing mess.

In the end, with cries of protest, I got a pat on the stomach. With steam rising from my face, my comeback victory was assured.

“Luca, you’re cute.”


Crazy Bear, who doesn’t read the room, helps the master in a pinch.

“Hey, partner! Can I just slide down that railing? I can’t stand it anymore! Hey!”

“Crazy Bear, later for that.”

Embarrassed Crazy Bear stumbles around, but Luca hugs him tightly. Luca’s face, with a hint of regained peace, is cute.

“I’ll guide you.”


“Master~, come on. Just one slide, okay?”

Struggling Crazy Bear.

Give it up.

When we reach the long corridor, the guildmaster’s self-portrait conveniently slides along the ground, so I hop on.


“This is really handy! Luca too.”


“Partner, wait for me!”

Luca and the others fall behind as their voices fade away.

Well, they’ll come back once they reach the end, so let’s wait a bit.

As they reach the end, Luca’s puzzled expression gradually approaches, which is quite amusing.

Like getting hit by Nitra, I reach out to greet Luca and pull her up.

“Come here.”

“Hyaa… Ah, it might become a habit.”

For some reason, Luca squats down and hides her face in Kumayoshi.

Level 1 hide-and-seek. I’m better at this!

The next transfer point is approaching.

What should I do?

While I’m hesitating, Luca, still crouched with her eyes covered, jumps up and completes the transfer. Seriously?

Swoosh, and the transfer point is getting farther away.


I almost lose my balance, and the only one who lets out a voice is me, just barely making the transfer.

Heart pounding. Hey, Luca, aren’t you adapting too quickly? Even though your eyes are covered.

We arrive at my room.

“That was exciting, wasn’t it?”


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