Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – My Home 5

As we packed for the move, Luca suddenly asked me a question.

“Aix, tell me the truth.”

“What? Everything I said was true. Why?”

Suspicion filled Luca’s eyes, directed towards my backpack.

“It’s because of that backpack. You look like you’re going on a trip.”

“Oh! The shop owner forced it on me as a thank-you for killing an orc in town during my journey here.”

Both of them stared at me with strange expressions.

“Is that so?”

“I had no choice. People were so kind to me, and I couldn’t refuse. There were just so many items. Would you like some, Luca?”

Luca was astonished as food kept coming out of the backpack. Even Crazy Bear looked tired.

“Partner, that’s too much. Master doesn’t eat much, and I can’t eat it either.”

“Well, what should we do with all this food then?”

“I’m not sure.”

I was in a bit of a predicament.

At that moment, Rabbit-chan spoke up.

“That’s not important right now. Let’s hurry, or it’ll be dark soon.”


Urged by Rabbit-chan, we set off for my new home.

It seemed like Rabbit-chan and the others would stay behind. Rabbit-chan seemed to be chasing my Hollow, so we left him too.

Luca, who had stepped outside, gazed at the enchanting evening sky and murmured,

“They’re still here.”

“By the way, Luca, have you delivered the items they ordered?”

The Queen Amine airship gleamed in the sky, reflecting the light.

“I have. I think she really liked them.”

“I see.”

I wondered what gave Luca such confidence.

Well, it’s fine because it’s cute.

We began walking towards my new home. I enjoyed the twilight because it made me feel taller amidst the shadows.

“So, partner, what’s the house like?”

“That’s a secret.”

Oops, my Hollow returned to my body. It seemed we couldn’t separate too far.

“Crazy Bear, this is going to be fun.”

“Oh, yeah.”

I walked towards the house with Luca and the others, all in high spirits.

The house I had bought from Princess Rula for one gold coin had an unusually spacious garden, so we took a shortcut.

“Let’s take a shortcut.”

“Hey, Aix. We’ll get in trouble if we go in without permission.”

Hehehe. This is my yard. I’ll keep it as a surprise for later.

Ignoring the voices trying to hold me back, I somehow managed to wriggle up the stone wall and reached out to Luca below, who was looking at me intently.

“It’s okay, come on.”


I grabbed Luca’s slender, cold, and smooth hand, then pulled her with force, and she floated up as if she were a gentle fairy.

I heard a small thud and didn’t feel any weight at all.

She must have kicked the wall and turned it into upward momentum.

“Maybe you didn’t really need my help at all?”

“No, I did!” (Besides, it’s not a bad idea to see you look cool once in a while)

Luca blushed, which was a rare sight.


“No, I’m fine.”

I hoped she really was okay.


I landed on both hands and one knee, infiltrating the mansion’s garden. After brushing off the dirt with a pat, Luca, who landed softly, followed.

We walked through the newly built garden towards the front door.

“Partner, what will we do if the house security guards see us?”

“There are no guards, Crazy Bear.”

The gardenThe garden had low bushes arranged at regular intervals and sparsely planted trees with uneven grass.

Perhaps because there were no people around, Luca’s footsteps were light.

“What is this feeling? Hmm. I feel like I’m doing something bad. Hey, Aix.”

Luca’s mischievous laughter blended with the chirping of birds.

Of course, sneaking into someone else’s house is quite thrilling, isn’t it? But unfortunately for me, this is my house.

The rustling of leaves shook the trees, and someone peered out from the bushes.

“Huh? Nii-san?”

“Whoa, Nitra? You startled me. What are you doing?”

“I’m patrolling~! Making sure they don’t take our house this time!”

“I see, you’re doing a great job.”

“Yeah, can I have skewers as a reward?”

Te-he. Nitra ran off, and Luca, who had been frozen, started moving.

“Aix, who is that little girl?”

“Huh? Oh, she’s the girl from the slums I told you about. She’s under my care now, for some reason.”

“Hmm. She’s beautiful.”

“Yes, she’s a very kind girl. Luca?”

Seems like he’s in a somewhat bad mood.

“Partner, it seems like you’re going through a difficult time.”


“Well, never mind. But hey, could it be that this property is your house?”

Oh no, it’s been exposed.

“Sigh~ That’s right. The gate is too far.”

“Wow, amazing!”

“Partner, it’s even bigger than Lord’s house!”

Luca was incredibly proud, as if the house were her own, and Crazy Bear was bewildered. But I smiled and guided them.

“Well, the entrance is just ahead. Huh?”

There were two familiar carriages at the entrance.

“Aix, someone’s here?”

“Maybe it’s Princess Rula.”

The two carriages were not unfamiliar.

She seems to be in a bad mood again.

Today, Luca is hard for me to understand.


A suspicious-looking man was near the carriages.


“Aix, the Great Magician! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? It’s truly remarkable for you to acquire such a large house. Congratulations!”

“Mr. Guide!”

He was the one who brought me to the secluded alley and left me there.

“Are you angry about something?”


I wondered what he wanted from me this time. Another dinner invitation, perhaps?

“Oh, I see. But this will surely make you smile! I’ve come to deliver the carriage you ordered today. Please come this way.”


Buhuhu! (horse’s sfx)

I was greeted by a majestic horse.

“I’ve finished delivering it. Well then.”

“Wait a minute!”

The guide left with the simpler carriage. I feel like I can’t have a proper conversation with that man.

“Aix. This is more amazing than the carriages of my family.”

“Partner, I’m impressed.”

This is… a royal carriage.

If they both look happy, then it’s fine.

I have become a horse owner.

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