Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Is Buddhism just a scam? Let’s see who can scam who!

Everyone looked shocked!

When did this old monk appear here?

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai immediately rushed to Lin Beifan’s side, drew their swords and watched the old monk in front of them vigilantly.

The little princess also ran over and whispered: “My father told me that there is a high monk in Thundercloud Temple who eats vegetarian food and recites Buddhist scriptures all day long, ignoring worldly affairs! But he has profound Buddhist skills and strong strength, so he should be the one!”

Lin Beifan nodded slightly.

The other party’s strength was indeed very powerful, giving him the feeling that it had reached the pinnacle of innate, and it seemed to be only one step away from the realm of the Grand Master.

He was the second strongest person he had ever seen.

The strongest was naturally Bai Qingxuan, that woman who was like a god or a devil.

“Master!” The little monk walked over and clasped his hands together in front of the old monk and bowed slightly.

The old monk nodded and calmly said to Lin Beifan and others, “Don’t be nervous, the poor monk’s name is Jing Tai, an old monk from Thundercloud Temple, and there is no malice towards you! I just want to say a few words to this donor. I hope you all understand. Amitabha! ”

“Step back, this master should have no malice!” Lin Beifan waved his hand.

Even if there was malice, he was not afraid.

With his current strength, although he couldn’t beat the other party, he could fight with the other party for dozens of rounds.
Dozens of rounds were enough for Bai Guanyin to come and save him.

“Be careful, Mr. Lin!” Mo Ruoshuang said before retreating.

Lin Beifan walked over and smiled, “Master Jing Tai, what do you want to say to me?”

“Amitabha!” Jing Tai clasped his hands together, “Just now, this poor monk was behind the Buddha Hall, listening to donor’s explanation of the divination. I found that donor spoke with profound Buddhist principles. When I looked at the donor’s appearance, I found that you have Buddha nature and Buddha bones. Therefore, I have the intention of accepting you as a disciple. Donor, are you willing to follow this poor monk to learn the supreme Buddhism and save all beings?”

Lin Beifan was stunned after listening!

You actually heard the Buddhist principles in my nonsense?

And you want to accept me as a disciple?

Let me abandon my family, my beautiful wife, my fine wine and food, my glory and wealth, and become a miserable monk with you?

Are you kidding me?

Everyone else was stunned too!

This is the top scholar who has won three consecutive years of examinations and is highly favored by women. He is expected to have a bright future.

You, a monk, are asking him to give up his glory, wealth, and future, and become a monk with you?

Are you out of your mind?

Lin Beifan shook his head and smiled, “Master Jing Tai, you ask me to abandon my beautiful wife, abandon fine wine and food, abandon my glory and wealth, and become a miserable monk who eats vegetarian food and recites Buddhist scriptures… I can’t do it!”

Jing Tai’s expression remained calm. “Donor, you are deluded! You must know that women are all bones covered in flesh. Even if they are beautiful, they are only a skin bag and will eventually turn to dry bones! If you are obsessed with women, you are equivalent to being obsessed with dry bones. When will your heart be liberated?”

“Master, I think you are deluded!”

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “You must know that form is emptiness and emptiness is form! Form is not different from emptiness, and emptiness is not different from form. Since it is originally empty, why bother to care so much? Moreover, all beings are equal! Are we not just bones covered in flesh like women? Since we are all dry bones struggling in the sea of suffering, we should join hands and work together. Where does this obsession come from? Finally, I want to say…”

Lin Beifan spread his hands out and said, “As long as there is Buddha in the heart, there is nowhere that cannot be liberated.”

Master Jing Tai opened his cloudy eyes and praised, “The donor indeed has wisdom roots, this Buddhist principle is inferior to the poor monk! With Buddha in the heart, there is nowhere that cannot be liberated. I have learned from the donor!”

“Master, you flatter me,” Lin Beifan said humbly.

“But, donor, being addicted to fine wine and delicacies is a great sin! Know that alcohol is a poisonous drug, meat is the knife that kills life, being addicted to fine wine and delicacies is equivalent to slowly committing suicide and will eventually harm oneself! Donor should awaken early and accompany the poor monk to eat vegetarian food and chant Buddha to be rid of this poison!” the old monk advised again.

Lin Beifan rolled his eyes. You want me to give up fine wine and delicacies? That is impossible! Just kill me instead!

“Master, you are mistaken again!” Lin Beifan exclaimed.

Master Jing Tai looked at him in confusion.

“The reason why Buddha wants people to abstain from alcohol and meat is because he is concerned that people’s determination is not enough and will be deluded by the secular world, and eventually be far away from Buddha! However, as long as there is Buddha in the heart, drinking wine and eating meat is also possible!” Lin Beifan declared boldly.

“Indeed … as the saying goes, ‘alcohol and meat pass through the stomach, but Buddha remains in the heart!” Master Jing Tai was greatly shocked, “Donor, you are right! It seems that I have indeed been mistaken, which caused me to be further away from Buddha! Amitabha Buddha, I have benefited greatly from your guidance, thank you!”

He then bowed respectfully.

“Master, you are too polite!” Lin Beifan quickly helped him up.

At this moment, Master Jing Tai looked at Lin Beifan’s eyes not as a senior looking at his junior, but as an equal.

He regarded Lin Beifan as a person who is knowledgeable in Buddhist teachings.

“Donor, you are a person with Buddha in the heart! Why are you still addicted to the sea of suffering in the world, pursuing wealth, status, honor, and fortune? These are all fleeting things, we cannot bring them with us when we are born, nor can we take them with us when we die! Know that the sea of suffering is endless, but there is a shore! Amitabha Buddha!” the old monk advised again.

Lin Beifan sighed, “Yes, the world is a huge sea of suffering, where people struggle and fall into despair, unable to be liberated! Master, do you know why?”

“I would like to hear the details,” Master Jing Tai asked humbly.

“Because, without someone to guide people in the sea of suffering, who can return to the shore?” Lin Beifan answered.

“Exactly!” Master Jing Tai exclaimed in surprise.

Lin Beifan nodded solemnly, “As the saying goes, ‘If it’s not me who chooses to go to hell, then who else?’ I can only immerse myself in the sea of suffering to show people the right path and to save them from this misery!'”

Lin Beifan clasped his hands together and continued, “Before jumping into the sea of suffering, I made a great vow: I will not become a Buddha until all beings are saved, I will not return to the shore until the sea of suffering is dry! Therefore, Master Jing Tai, please do not advise me anymore! As long as I can show the right path to beings, even if I drown in the sea of suffering, I will be willing to do it!”

“Amitabha Buddha!” Master Jing Tai closed his eyes emotionally. “Donor, I have misunderstood you. I have committed a mistake! Only those who lead beings out of the sea of suffering can become a true Buddha!”

Lin Beifan replied seriously, “Master, you are correct. Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Jing Tai bowed again.

At that moment, he looked at Lin Beifan’s eyes full of admiration and respect, as if he saw a true Buddha.

Then, Master Jing Tai brought up another Buddhist question.

“Donor, I often hear this saying: ‘The body is the Bodhi tree, the mind is like a clear mirror stand, diligently brush it, do not let it become dusty!’ Is this Buddhist principle correct? Please enlighten me!” Master Jing Tai requested.

“Master, you have been mistaken again,” Lin Beifan said with a smile. “You should know that the Bodhi does not have a tree, and the clear mirror does not have a stand. In reality, there is nothing at all. So how could there be any dust?”

“Exactly! Donor speaks the truth. I have now understood!” Master Jing Tai bowed to Lin Beifan again.

Master Jing Tai also raised a few other questions about Buddhist teachings which Lin Beifan was able to answer accurately. Master Jing Tai listened with great joy and benefited greatly.

Everyone around them was stunned.

Unexpectedly, Lin Beifan could discuss Buddhist teachings with the high monk, and it even seemed that the master could not surpass Lin’s knowledge, frequently seeking advice from him.

Li Shi admired, “My husband’s Buddhist knowledge is really profound! After listening to it, I have benefited a lot. Both my body and mind have been purified!”

Mo Rushuang admired, “Indeed! The Mr. Lin’s Buddhist principles are profound and mysterious. There are even philosophical aspects that I have learned from it!”

Only the little princess tilted her head and said doubtfully, “Really? Why do I feel like he is duping people?”

At this moment, the little monk turned his head and whispered, “Don’t talk! Secrets cannot be shared, don’t miss this opportunity!”

So the scene quieted down once again.

The Old Monk asked several more questions, and Lin Beifan answered them all correctly.

Isn’t Buddhism just a scam?

It depends on who can scam who!

However, as Lin Beifan answered more questions, the aura around the Old Monk gradually changed.

Just then, he suddenly rushed out of the room.

Everyone was puzzled and followed closely behind.

They saw that the Old Monk had already leapt hundreds of meters away and stood with his legs on a solitary peak not far away.

As he opened his eyes, a terrifying aura came crashing down like an avalanche, sweeping through an area of several miles and dispersing all the clouds and mist.

Then, the clouds and mist gathered together again and formed a huge Buddha statue.

It was like a miracle!

Everyone was stunned, “Master, did you… break through?”

Lin Beifan yelled angrily in his heart.


This is definitely a Grandmaster!!!

The other party had even taken a step forward and become a powerful Grandmaster!

It should be noted that the Grandmaster is the most top-notch expert in this world!

Even if it’s only a third rank Grandmaster, it’s enough to dominate the world!

Then, the Old Monk folded his hands together and took a few steps forward, as if he had traveled through time and space to appear in front of Lin Beifan.

The aura around him had already converged, and he looked ordinary, already back to his original self.

However, everyone dare not underestimate this old monk.

“Congratulations, Master! You’ve taken a step further beyond the limitations of a hundred feet pole!” Lin Beifan smiled and clasped his hands together.

However, the Old Monk took a step back to avoid Lin Beifan’s bow, feeling very ashamed and afraid, “In front of you, I dare not call myself a Master nor refer to myself as a senior! Only someone like you, who possesses the fearless, selfless, and compassionate qualities of a true Master, can be called a true Master! Only you can be considered the true Buddha in the world among us mere mortals!”

“Master, this is too much!” Lin Beifan waved his hand.

“Don’t call me Master, call me a mere monk!”

The Old Monk said in admiration, “It was your Buddhism that enabled me to achieve a great enlightenment! I owe you a great debt of gratitude for imparting your knowledge to me! However, the more I know, the more I realize how ignorant I am! I don’t know if I have the chance to be your disciple, follow you, and learn the supreme Buddhist teachings?”

After saying that, he bowed deeply to Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan was dumbfounded on the spot, “What? You want to be my disciple?”

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