Chapter 10: Ye Ningshuang, Are You Joking with Me?

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Chen Changan curiously looked at the silver sword, feeling the bone-chilling coldness, but he had no fear in his heart.

After all, he had the talent of “Mastery of Swordmanship,” with unparalleled swordsmanship, and could easily control the silver sword at any time.

He was just curious as to what shameful thing Li Tianci had done to the stunning woman?

Looking at her current appearance, she seemed to want to kill someone.

Li Tianci could only raise his head, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, and greeted the stunning woman with a smile.

“Sister Ye, why are you here?”

Sister Ye’s name was Ye Ningshuang, a direct disciple of the Sword Peak, and Chen Changan had often heard disciples from the sect talk about her in the past three years, but this was his first time meeting her.

She was stunning, but a little cold.

Ye Ningshuang coldly snorted, “Li Tianci, are you still asking me how I got here? Take a good look at this Silver Dragon Sword!”

Li Tianci looked carefully at the sword. The silver sword was flowing with silver brilliance, like a silver dragon swimming within it, and one could faintly hear the sound of the dragon’s roar and sword cries.

However, there were several obvious cracks on the sword, and the sword’s power was not apparent, as if it could break at any time!

Chen Changan now possessed the talents of “Mastery of Swordmanship” and “Proficient in Refining.”

At a glance, he could see that this Silver Dragon Sword was already damaged and could only exert sixty percent of its power.

Li Tianci was stunned when he saw this and exclaimed, “Sister Ye, how did your Silver Dragon Sword get so severely damaged?”

Upon hearing Li Tianci’s words, Ye Ningshuang became even more unhappy.

“Do you dare to blame me? The materials for the Silver Dragon Sword were purchased from you, and it was made by you at the Refining Peak. It’s only been a few days, and this Silver Dragon Sword is about to be destroyed! Is this the quality of your Refining Peak?”

“I came here today to return it. The material cost and labor cost for this sword together amounted to 1.13 million spirit stones. Either compensate me or repair it quickly!”

Chen Changan on the side couldn’t help but be shocked, “Holy cow, this sword is so expensive???!!”

In his eyes, the Silver Dragon Sword was of ordinary quality, and as long as there were enough alchemy materials, he was confident that he could forge it. He didn’t expect it to be worth 1.13 million spirit stones!

Li Tianci sighed helplessly.

“Sister Ye, you know that the Refining Treasure Peak does not support returns.”

“Moreover, this Silver Dragon Sword is a nine-star profound-grade magic weapon. It was almost forged into a one-star earth-grade magic weapon. In theory, it shouldn’t be so easy to damage. It must have been caused by Sister Ye’s carelessness.”

“Bullshit! I’ve already consulted my master at home, and she said that the material for this sword was wrong. The Silver Dragon Sword was forged using Silver Dragon secret ore, but the ore used in the forging of this Silver Dragon Sword only had a part of the Silver Dragon secret ore, and the other part was made from Star Sand ore. The energy properties in the Star Sand ore conflict with my attribute of magic power, which is why this sword is damaged!”

Li Tianci scratched his head awkwardly in response.

“Sister Ye, it wasn’t that there wasn’t enough Silver Dragon’s Secret Mine in the warehouse at the time. Besides, the price of Silver Dragon’s Secret Mine is 200,000 spirit stones per pound, while Star Sand Mine is 360,000 spirit stones per pound. By adding it in, the power of the Silver Dragon Sword has increased by one to two percent, so you haven’t lost anything.”

Ye Ningshuang replied coldly, “The power of the Silver Dragon Sword did indeed increase by one to two percent, but what I bought was Silver Dragon’s Secret Mine. Who gave you the right to mix Star Sand Mine in? Now, because of the different materials and conflicting attributes, the Silver Dragon Sword is damaged, and this is the fault of your refining peak.”

“I didn’t know that Sister Ye’s magical attributes would conflict with the Star Sand mine,” Li Tianci admitted his fault with a sigh.

“Here’s the thing, Sister Ye, give me the Silver Dragon Sword, and when our master comes out of seclusion, I’ll have him repair it for you.”

“How long will that take?”

“It should take a few days. Our master is in seclusion right now.”

Ye Ningshuang shook her head, “No, I have a mission tomorrow. The Silver Dragon Sword must be repaired by then!”

Li Tianci was helpless.

“Sister Ye, I can’t do anything about it. The sword is of extremely high quality, at the nine-star profound level, and only our master can repair it. My strength isn’t enough, and if I try to fix it, it might only get worse.”

Ye Ningshuang was very angry and even anxious inside.

This mission was very important and even had a certain amount of danger. The Silver Dragon Sword was specially crafted to match her soul and would play a significant role when used. It had to be used!

If she lost the Silver Dragon Sword, then this mission was already considered half a failure.

Li Tianci was nervous and didn’t even dare to look at her.

Seeing Li Tianci struggling, Chen Changan considered for a moment and decided to step forward.

“Sister Ye, actually, you can give me the sword.”

Suddenly, both Li Tianci and Ye Ningshuang’s gazes fell on him.

Ye Ningshuang could see at a glance that Chen Chang’an’s cultivation was at the first level of Qi Refining under the skill “Immortal Turtle’s Hidden Qi.” She questioned him directly, “Can you repair the Silver Dragon sword?”

Chen Chang’an remained calm and nodded. “Yes, I can.”

Li Tianci was speechless. “Junior brother, don’t talk nonsense.”

Chen Chang’an confidently smiled and said, “Trust me, Senior Brother.”

Ye Ningshuang looked at Li Tianci with a questioning look. “Who is he?”

Li Tianci explained, “Sister Ye, he is Chen Chang’an, the new disciple of Elder Feng on the Feixian Peak.”

Ye Ningshuang was surprised. “So it’s you.”

She scrutinized Chen Chang’an seriously. Finally, she withdrew her gaze and asked, “Your aptitude is average, and you are worthless. I don’t understand why Elder Feng would take you as a disciple.”

Chen Chang’an sneered inwardly. Yes, my master saw that my aptitude was average and that I was worthless.

But Ye Ningshuang continued, “Can you really repair the Silver Dragon sword?”

Chen Chang’an thought for a moment and then shook his head. “No, I can’t.”

Ye Ningshuang’s face immediately turned cold, and a hint of anger flashed across her stunning face, “So you were just playing with me?”

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