Chapter 10

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===010 Learning Martial Arts===

“What’s wrong, Xiangwu?”

The man heard Su Hao’s voice and asked.

“…” Su Hao didn’t answer.

It’s not that he didn’t want to answer, but he simply couldn’t understand what the other person was saying. He could only feel that this man was indeed his father in this lifetime.

This was also the most troublesome aspect for Su Hao. Except for his past life in Hua country, every time he reincarnated and woke up, he had to learn the language and writing of the different world all over again.

Thankfully, the original body, though only two years old, already had a certain foundation. As long as he adapted for a period of time, he would be able to receive the inheritance left by the original little boy. It was said that understanding would be a piece of cake.

Seeing Su Hao not answering, the man also stopped talking and just hurried on the road, being cautious and alert of the surroundings, as if worried about sudden attacks.

“We’ve arrived!” The man quickened his pace, and a small stone village appeared in front of them. On the tall walls of the village, two heavily armored men cautiously looked up and saw a man carrying a little boy on his neck, immediately feeling relieved.

“Oh, back, San Ge (Third Brother). No gain today?” One big man on the left, his face full of ferocious scars, greeted the man.

“Yes, luck was not good today!” The man nodded and quickly walked to the bottom of the walls.

Just as Su Hao was guessing what they were talking about, the man beneath him suddenly accelerated.

Su Hao was scared and tightly held onto the man’s head. He saw the man take three steps, then suddenly stomp his foot on the ground, propelling himself into the air and landing steadily on top of the wall.

Su Hao’s mouth hung open.

This wall seemed to be about eight or nine meters high, even martial arts experts wouldn’t dare to play like this.

“Could it be that the father in this lifetime is a martial arts expert?” Excitement flashed in Su Hao’s eyes. This time, he could show off his Dad!

The little boy Su Hao had possessed was named Wu Xiangwu. The man beneath him was his father, named Wu Yuntian, a high-level elite warrior of the human race.The task is to guard the Chashan outpost outside Lingyun Town, which means that Wu Yuntian is a sentinel and Chashan is his home. It was only two years ago that he received the task of guarding and the duration of the task is fifteen years, so he brought his wife and children to settle in the outpost.

Of course, Chashan outpost is not just Wu Yuntian alone, there are thirty soldiers who were also assigned to guard Chashan outpost. Those who have families will bring them to the outpost, while the few who are single basically won’t be able to find a wife in the future. So this small Chashan outpost, rather than calling it an outpost, it is more like a village with thirty households. This small village is populated by about one hundred and twenty people.

Wu Yuntian holds a high position in the outpost, his combat prowess is recognized as third in line. So everyone is used to calling him Third Brother or Third Brother Wu. As long as it’s Wu Yuntian speaking, everyone is willing to show respect, that’s what it means to have effective speech.

If we talk about Su Hao’s mother in this world, she was killed by a savage beast during an attack one year ago, in order to protect her son Wu Xiangwu. Because of this, Wu Yuntian feels extremely guilty, sometimes he even blames his son Wu Xiangwu. If it weren’t for Wu Xiangwu being a burden, his wife would have been able to escape safely.

However, Wu Yuntian also knows that he cannot push the blame onto a child, but he can’t help but think that way. So he is caught in a dilemma. Sometimes he blames himself for being too weak and failing to protect his wife, and other times he blames his son for causing trouble.

That’s why he never shows a smile to his son Wu Xiangwu, he just takes on the role of a father, protecting and nurturing his offspring, that’s all.

Su Hao slowly adapted to his new identity in this loveless environment.

One year later, Su Hao is three years old.

During this year, he has quickly learned to speak and also learned the language of this world. By reading, he gained a general understanding of the world.

People are used to calling this world the Eternal Harmony Continent. The human race does not completely rule over it, there are countless savage beasts roaming outside human settlements. For the human race, this world is full of danger and they still face the problem of survival. Large numbers of savage beasts frequently attack human towns, and incidents of towns being destroyed and people being killed also occur.

Therefore, numerous outposts are established outside each town as a warning buffer zone for savage beast attacks. However, in most cases, only a small number of savage beasts manage to intrude into human territory, which is not a significant threat and can be dealt with by the outpost soldiers. The danger is not as high as imagined, unless there is a large-scale attack by savage beasts that wipes out the entire outpost. If such a situation does occur, it can only be attributed to bad luck.

Regarding the martial arts system in this world, there are ordinary martial practitioners, elite martial practitioners, grandmaster martial practitioners, master martial practitioners, and supreme grand martial practitioners.

He doesn’t know what kind of martial strength each of these levels corresponds to. His father, Wu Yuntian, is a high-level elite martial practitioner, and in Su Hao’s opinion, he is already very powerful and could be considered a top-notch expert in martial arts. So what kind of existence are the grandmaster martial practitioners and master martial practitioners? And what about the supreme grand martial practitioners?

Could they possibly be like human-shaped nuclear bombs?

So the most pressing question for Su Hao is whether he can reach such heights through learning and training.

For dinner that day, they ate the meat of a savage beast called Huangmao Rat. The meat was tender, crispy, and when brushed with some oil, it sizzled on the grill. After it was cooked, they sprinkled some salt on it, making it a delicious dish.

While enjoying the roasted skewers, Su Hao gathered up his courage and said to Wu Yuntian, who was sitting silently beside him, “Father, I want to learn martial arts. Can you teach me?”

Wu Yuntian glanced at Su Hao and said casually, “You’re still young, I will teach you when you’re six.”

Upon hearing this, Su Hao’s heart sank. Based on his past experience, there was no guarantee that he would even survive until the age of five. If he had to wait until he was six to learn, it would probably take millions of years.

He has a reason why he must acquire self-defense capabilities in advance.Su Hao asked eagerly, “Why do we have to wait until we’re 6 years old to start learning?”

“I don’t know, I also started learning when I was 6 years old, and everyone else does too.”

“I think this is unfair.”

“What’s unfair about it?”

“The right approach should be individualized. Different people should start learning at different times. Father, when you said 6 years old is the appropriate age to start learning, it may be suitable for most people, but not necessarily for me. Maybe I’m best suited to learn at the age of 3? If I miss this prime age, I’m afraid I won’t be able to become stronger in the future.”

Wu Yuntian, as if seeing his son in a new light, when did he become so articulate? Thinking back, was he like this when he was three years old? He became interested.

“Your argument is flawed. How do you know when is the right time for you to learn martial arts?”

“How is it flawed? Let me give you an example. If everyone is squatting to pee, should I also squat to pee?”

Wu Yuntian was temporarily speechless. He felt that his son had a point, but he couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

Su Hao observed Wu Yuntian’s expression and continued, “If you want to know when the right time for me to learn martial arts is, that’s simple, right? Just try it out and we’ll know.”

That actually made sense. Wu Yuntian hesitated for a moment.

Su Hao added fuel to the fire, “I know why everyone is accustomed to starting learning martial arts at the age of 6. It’s because children before the age of 6 have immature minds and insufficient comprehension ability, making it easy for them to harm themselves through training!”

He puffed up his chest and clapped, making a thudding sound. “But I’m different! Father, don’t you have any faith in your own son?”

After a moment, Wu Yuntian nodded and said, “Alright, let’s give it a try.”

Su Hao was about to feel happy, but Wu Yuntian added, “But you’re still too young right now. Grow a bit taller first, and in six months, I’ll formally teach you.”

Su Hao gladly accepted. Six months was not bad, he could wait!

Taking advantage of these six months, he quickly continued learning in the ball space, consolidating his knowledge of the human body.

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