Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: 5 Swords, 5 States of Swordsmanship!

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “This is the second sword, called the Purple Microsoft Sword!”

Director Guan and Bai Yu Luo looked at each other in confusion.

Lin Beifan continued, “This sword has a light and agile blade, swift and versatile in speed, capable of striking preemptively! Moreover, due to its flexible blade, it can bend and stretch, go fast or slow, just like a true gentleman!”

Director Guan applauded again, exclaiming, “Well said! This sword is excellent. It perfectly matches the mindset of a sword deity entering the martial world after several years, no longer displaying sharpness but instead being flexible. It signifies the sword deity’s path towards maturity!”

“This sword is really impressive!” Bai Yu Luo nodded with a smile.

Lin Beifan raised three fingers, “This third sword, I call it the Profound Iron Heavy Sword!”

“Profound Iron Heavy Sword? What’s the reasoning behind that?” Both of them were very puzzled.

“The Profound Iron Heavy Sword is crafted from over 60 kilograms of heavy profound iron. It lacks sharpness and is extremely unwieldy. Yet, it’s a sword without a cutting edge, its bulkiness is its ingenuity! No matter how many ingenious moves or variations you have, I can break them all with a single force!”

A blade without a cutting edge, ingenious in its bulkiness!

Countless ingenious moves, endless variations, can all be broken with a single force!

Upon hearing this, Director Guan seemed to be triggered by something deep within, as if a new world had been unlocked.

All the past confusion and bewilderment suddenly found their explanation.

Excitement surged through him, causing him to tremble all over, even the hair on his body stood on end.

He couldn’t help but applaud and exclaim, “This statement is just too accurate! Actually, if you think about it carefully, throughout history, in various fields and professions, when it’s taken to the extreme, isn’t it all about having a blade without a cutting edge, being ingenious in its bulkiness?”

“In the end, they rely on sheer strength, why would they need shortcuts?”

Lin Beifan immediately nodded, “Director Guan’s words are absolutely true! After reaching such a realm, one can already be called a grandmaster! And at this point, the Sword God has already achieved mastery in swordsmanship, and can be addressed as a Swordsmanship Grandmaster!”

“That’s right, well said, haha…” Director Guan burst into laughter.

Beside them, Bai Yu Luo nodded in agreement.

With a charming gaze, she asked with a smile, “If this third sword is already so formidable, what about the fourth sword? Or, what’s the fourth state?”

“This fourth sword, I call it the Wooden Sword!”

“Wooden Sword?” Both of them were puzzled again.

Director Guan hesitated before speaking, “The first three swords were the Green Rigid Sharp Sword, the Purple Microsoft Sword, and the Profound Iron Heavy Sword, all extraordinary in their own right! Why, when we come to the fourth sword, is it a simple wooden sword?”

It felt like they were feasting on a luxurious banquet, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

But at this moment, suddenly, a bowl of instant noodles was placed in front, so out of place.

“This fourth sword is indeed the Wooden Sword!”

“It’s made from ordinary wood. Although it lacks the fierceness of the Green Rigid Sharp Sword, the agility of the Purple Microsoft Sword, and the invincibility of the Profound Iron Heavy Sword, it allows one to not be confined by objects. Grass, trees, bamboo, and stones can all be swords!”

“Allows one to not be confined by objects, grass, trees, bamboo, and stones can all be swords?” Director Guan trembled with excitement.

This was the first time he had heard of such profound swordsmanship realm!

There was a feeling of profound enlightenment, but the description also felt exceptionally good, extraordinarily exquisite!

Just from this sentence, the Sword God’s stature was elevated!

Because others hadn’t cultivated to this realm, only the Sword God could reach it!

Others still needed a sword to fight, while the Sword God no longer did!

Picking up a random leaf, he could cut you down!

You ask if the Sword God is powerful?

Powerful doesn’t even cover it!

“Absolutely… this statement is incredibly accurate! And this realm, the description is so exquisite, indescribably exquisite! I’ve read so many martial arts novels, filmed so many TV dramas, and have never come across such a badass term!”

“This statement, and this realm, is pioneering history!”

“I have a strong feeling that when this line is featured in the TV drama, it will definitely go viral!”

Director Guan trembled with excitement, his excess flesh jiggling.

Lin Beifan quickly comforted him, “Director Guan, calm down, there’s still the fifth sword!”

“There’s more?” Director Guan’s eyes bulged in astonishment, “This fourth sword is already so strong, what could the fifth sword be? Can it be even stronger than the fourth sword?”

“Of course!” Lin Beifan smiled, “This fifth sword, I call it the Swordless Sword!”

“Swordless Sword? What does that mean?” Both of them were baffled.

“It means a sword without a sword!”

Lin Beifan explained, “At this realm, whether you have a physical sword or not makes no difference! Because the Sword God has honed themselves into a living sword, with no sword in hand but a sword in heart!”

“The sword is oneself, oneself is the sword, unity of man and sword, invincible!”

“Swordless triumphs over the sword, techniqueless triumphs over technique!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it was like Director Guan had been struck by lightning again, and he trembled once more.

Excitedly, he exclaimed, “Absolutely, absolutely! This statement is too perfect! No sword in hand, sword in heart, unity of man and sword! Swordless triumphs over the sword, techniqueless triumphs over technique… Only this realm is truly worthy of the Sword God!”

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