Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Why was I reborn and my senior brother is even worse?

It’s happening again!

Why is it happening again!

In my previous life, my senior brother was treated like this, losing his job and living a mediocre life!

But now that I’ve been reborn, my senior brother is even worse off!

In less than two days, he’s already in jail!

I’ve only been reborn for two days, and I haven’t done anything, yet I ended up in the hospital while my senior brother ended up in jail because of me!

It feels like the whole society is filled with deep malice towards me!

Could it be that even the heavens are conspiring against me?

Helping this demon?

A feeling of powerlessness lingers throughout my body!

Am I going to lose again this time?


I will never give up!

He roared in his heart, “The heavens have given me a chance to make up for all the regrets, to defeat this demon! The show has just begun, Lin Beifan, you better wait for me!”

“I will return the pain that you inflicted on me, tenfold, a hundredfold!”

On the other side.

Lin Beifan was also contemplating.

Although he had crippled the protagonist Xiao Chen’s right-hand man, he couldn’t let his guard down now.

Because the other party is the beloved son of the heaven, he would never fail so easily.

Give him a moment to catch his breath, and he’ll immediately come back stronger.

As for personally taking care of him…

That’s just wishful thinking!

He’s not dealing with just one protagonist, but several protagonists.

Not only the protagonists, but also many major antagonists.

These people are all highly skilled, and they are protected by the heavens. If he reveals any flaws, they might seize the opportunity to strike back fiercely!

They can afford to lose multiple times!

But if he loses even once, it’s all over for him!

Therefore, he absolutely cannot show any handle!

All actions must be done without leaving a trace, clean and neat!

If he can avoid doing it himself, he will never do it!

If he can use someone else’s hand, he will!

In any case, he must remain clean!

This way, he may not claim to be invincible, but at least he can stand undefeated!

Moreover, he also feels that doing it himself is too low!

It doesn’t meet the standards of a major antagonist!

In his previous life, he used all sorts of strategies to manipulate these protagonists and make them suffer. They were afraid of him even at the sight of him!

He was called the “Demon King of the World”…

That man!

Could it be that even with the advantage of being reborn and having more abilities, I still can’t defeat him?

“Let’s play slowly, there’s no rush.”

Lin Beifan arrived at Song’s Hospital with a joyful mood.

At this moment, Song Yuqing was busy handling Zhao Shiming’s affairs, feeling overwhelmed.

Seeing Lin Beifan, she asked, “I heard that you were at the scene at that time, one of the eyewitnesses. What was the situation like?”

“At that time, I happened to be visiting Xiao Chen at the hospital. Just as I arrived at the door of the ward, I heard a horrifying scream coming from inside the room! It was a really miserable sound, echoing throughout the entire building!”

“So, I rushed in with the nurses from the surrounding hospitals! I saw Zhao Shiming holding a long and thick silver needle, piercing Xiao Chen’s chest, near the heart, reaching a depth of seven or eight centimeters. It was really frightening!”

“Afterwards, we managed to restrain Zhao Shiming who had broken in! Not long after, about 10 minutes later, the police arrived and arrested him! That’s the general situation!”

Lin Beifan confessed honestly, neither exaggerating nor belittling.

Song Yuqing frowned, “How could Dr. Zhao suddenly want to kill someone? I heard that person was even his junior brother, and their relationship was very good. There’s absolutely no reason for this!”

“During the arrest, the other party consistently claimed that he was trying to save a life, not kill. However, who would use such a long and thick needle to save someone, and still pierce the heart area so deep!”

Song Yuqing sighed.

She still couldn’t quite believe that the other party would do such a thing!

But what good would it do to not believe?

There’s evidence, there are eyewitnesses, it’s just that the motive is unclear!

Moreover, as a doctor, daring to commit violence in a hospital, the nature of it is too heinous!

The police will definitely handle it seriously!

Lin Beifan asked, “How do you plan to handle this matter?”

“What else can we do?” Song Yuqing said helplessly, “Regardless of whether it’s clear or not, this incident has already had a very damaging impact on our hospital. Who would dare to seek treatment from such a doctor? So we can no longer employ him! We’ll suspend him for investigation, and if it’s proven innocent in the end, we’ll find a reason to dismiss him!”

“Alright, stop thinking about these troubling matters! It’s dinner time now, let’s go have dinner! I found a newly opened restaurant that supposedly has good flavors, let’s go and try it together!” Lin Beifan said eagerly.

“Always thinking about eating! That’s all you know!” Song Yuqing said annoyed.

“Then are you going or not?”

“Of course I’m going, you need to eat well to have the energy to lose weight!”

“That’s right! Let’s go!”

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