Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Rina’s Shop 2

But this person was an aunty.

Although she looked like a big sister, I remembered in my heart that I had classified her as an aunty.

“Oh, is that so? Then, how about this as a request from a friend, not a commission. As a thank you, I’ll give you the best slime pillow as a gift.”

I had forgotten, but she was shameless.

“No, I have money, so it’s okay.”

I immediately refused, but when I glanced at the price tag of the best slime pillow, I was surprised to see that it was quite expensive.

I decided to take it home, but this pillow costs so much!

This is a five-minute job and this is free? It was a very tempting proposition.

But I didn’t hesitate, because I had decided not to work.

I’m unemployed. In other words, I’m invincible.

“Hmm. If Aix-kun doesn’t make it possible for me to use the bath, I might accidentally tell a customer about the product inspection earlier. Besides, that product is popular and has a waiting list. I can change the order for a friend, but…”

Damn it, it’s no use.

I don’t feel like I can win at all.

Taking the best breasts hostage is so despicable!

Cough, no, that’s not it. I mean, my slime pillow-chan, I’ll save you now.

It can’t be helped.

It’s not just casting two spells for a friend. It’s a holy war to save the slime pillow.


“W-Well, I guess I have no choice. If it’s a request from a friend…”

“Kyaa! Aix-kun, you’re wonderful! Won’t you marry me? My daughter likes you too. I can even give you the child in my belly right now.”

In the end, I was swept away, but if I’m appreciated this much, I guess it’s okay.

If I had such a high-paying job, maybe I could have continued being an adventurer in the future.

While listening to the aunty’s jokes and pretending to be interested, I moved to the living area and inserted water and fire balls into the water supply system.

Pshh, pshh.

It started to boil with a clanking metallic sound.

“Alright, it’s done. Even if it’s left on for a year, it should hold.”

“A year?! It got extended again, didn’t it?”

Come to think of it, it had been extended quite a bit.

When I saw the surprised look on the old lady’s face, maybe it wasn’t so bad to be pushed around and trained by those people’s crazy demands.

I won’t do it again, though.

For some reason, I feel like my heart feels warm and fuzzy even though I know I’m working right now.

Is that weird?

“Did someone come?”

I heard a loud reaction and a child came down the stairs.

“Oh, Rina. Aix-kun came to visit us. So from today on, you can take as many baths as you want. If you want to keep taking baths, just make sure to keep Aix-kun around.”

“Thank you, Aix nii-chan. You can do whatever you want to Rina, okay?”

Cough cough…

I couldn’t believe the kind of education this little child was receiving.

When I looked at the aunty with disbelief, she just grinned at me.


“Rina-chan, you should wait until you’re bigger to say those things.” (Aix)

“Muuu~~ Rina is big though.”

She shook her chest with both hands.


The big breasts run in the family.

What I meant was about her age.

If I did that in front of Elise the elf, I’m sure she would evolve into an ogre.

(Tln: she would very angry like an ogre)

“Aix-kun, if you’ve quit being an adventurer, do you plan to make some money with that magic you just did with the aunty?” I was asked so casually.

I understand that the auntie didn’t mean any harm, but I was scared.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to work anymore,” I said.

“Oh, sorry about earlier. I won’t say anything anymore, so don’t worry,” the auntie replied sympathetically.

Her face twisted in pity, and she suddenly hugged me tightly with her full bosom. It had more real elasticity than a slime pillow, and strangely, it made me feel calm from the bottom of my heart.

“Feel safe, okay?” she said.

Rina-chan followed suit and hugged me too.

I couldn’t help but smile.

I didn’t feel nervous.

Instead, it felt warm and cozy.

“Thank you both. I’m okay now,” I said.

“If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We’re friends, after all.”

“Friends!” they both exclaimed.

Their kindness made my expression relax.

Also, I got a premium slime pillow that was on a waiting list for free.

Friends are wonderful.

“I’ll come back again. By the way, do you know about the Ice Room?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s a high-level magic tool that the noble has, I think,” the auntie replied.

Suddenly, I felt happy and added an ice ball that wouldn’t melt for a year as a bonus.

“Well then, shall we start our noble life?” I said to the ladies.

“Aix-kun!” Lina exclaimed.

“Aix nii-san! Please become my husband!”

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