Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: No extraordinary power, yet capable of surpassing the extraordinary!

Lin Beifan withdrew his fist, his breath restrained, like an ordinary person.

After pondering for a moment, Bai Yiyi began to comment: “Brother, although your cultivation is still in the body-refinement realm, your strength has greatly improved, equivalent to a powerful figure among the extraordinary with divine power.”

Lin Beifan nodded.

The extraordinary is a broad realm, divided into three smaller realms: divine power, divine sea, and divine core.

Divine power is the realm of just stepping into the extraordinary and awakening divine power.

Divine sea is the realm of cultivation in the extraordinary for many years, with divine power spreading throughout the body, flowing continuously like a surging sea.

Bai Yiyi is currently in this realm.

Divine core is when the entire divine power is completely restrained, forming a flawless golden core in the dantian.

The aura may seem weaker, but the strength is more formidable.

Soaring through the sky, splitting mountains and breaking rocks, all within reach.

Currently, only a few people in the outer sect have reached this level of strength.

Lin Beifan, without having entered the extraordinary yet, already possesses the strength of a divine power expert, undeniably strong.

Bai Yiyi continued her assessment.

“Those below the extraordinary are no match for my brother!”

“Newly entered divine power experts are unstable, but encountering my brother, they would mostly end up defeated!”

“Those who have immersed in the divine power realm for many years may have stable strength and rich experience, but my brother can go toe-to-toe with them, even if not winning, he won’t lose!”

“As for divine sea experts, due to the pervasive divine power, my brother is currently not their match! If encountering such experts, it’s necessary to avoid them early!”

“Thanks for the reminder, little sister, I understand!” Lin Beifan humbly accepted.

“But, brother, there’s no need to be afraid. You have me! If a divine sea expert dares to bully you, I’ll help you fight back and repay tenfold! I’m very strong, even against a divine core expert, I might have a chance!”

“That’s right… I know what to do. Let’s not cause trouble, but also not fear it!” Lin Beifan affectionately ruffled her little head and smiled.

Bai Yiyi agreed wholeheartedly: “Exactly, that’s the way!”

Then, Bai Yiyi looked envious: “Brother, you’ve created a new cultivation method, making your body so powerful! In the future, once you step into the extraordinary, you might even be able to battle divine sea experts!”

A stronger body means greater strength after entering the extraordinary, a well-known fact.

This is also the reason Lin Beifan created a new cultivation method, to ensure a stable and distant path in the future.

“It’s a small matter, not worth mentioning! Sister, do you want to learn? I can teach you!”

Bai Yiyi widened her eyes in astonishment, “Brother, you want to pass on your cultivation method to me?”

Lin Beifan smiled and nodded; this was a well-thought-out decision.

Firstly, it was to repay a debt.

Without Bai Yiyi, he would have been expelled from the sect long ago, and he wouldn’t have the abundant cultivation resources he enjoys now. He has always wanted to repay Bai Yiyi, and now, with the cultivation method, he can return the favor.

Secondly, it was to establish a foothold.

Now, Bai Yiyi is like his corear within the sect. As she becomes stronger, his position naturally becomes more secure. It’s good to have shade under a big tree!

Thirdly, Lin Beifan genuinely considers Bai Yiyi as his sister.

Having a sister and not spoiling her is not being a good brother!

Fourthly, his true “cheat” is the “Great Dream Heart Sutra.”

With this scripture, he has everything; everything else is secondary.

Bai Yiyi quickly waved her hand, “No, this is your own technique. How can it be passed on to outsiders? It’s not allowed…”

“Why not? We’re siblings!”

Bai Yiyi was stunned, “Right, we are siblings!”

Recalling her past life, her brother was just as selfless, giving her the best things.

Although they are now in a different world, they are still siblings. Siblings can share good things without any sense of alienation.

“Brother, quickly pass on your cultivation method to me!”

“Okay, little sister!”

Then, Lin Beifan transmitted the martial art cultivation method to Bai Yiyi.

Bai Yiyi was very smart and eager to learn. In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, she learned it and then followed Lin Beifan to practice.

After about a month, she finally cultivated to the level of vigorous energy.

As for the ultimate realm of The Breaking the Void, Being the Invincible like a God, she couldn’t break through no matter what. This was related to personal talent and understanding, something that couldn’t be forced.

Nevertheless, she was already satisfied.

After cultivating to the level of vigorous energy, her body became even more powerful, greatly enhancing her strength and potential. She was not far from reaching the divine core realm.

“Brother, your cultivation method is a bit extraordinary. Make sure not to expose it, or it might attract trouble. Let this be known between us; you know, I know!” Bai Yiyi cautioned.

Lin Beifan nodded solemnly, “I know this. I will definitely keep it a secret!”

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