Chapter 1: Transmigration and Ascension? This world is too scary!

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“Yang’er, you don’t need to be sad, this Master of yours may look like he failed to pass the tribulation, but in fact, he has been guided by the ancestors in the upper realm ……”

“This is the greatest treasure of my daoist sect for generations, from this moment on I give it to you.”

“You can cultivate peacefully, I will pave the way for you in the upper realm, one day, you and I will be reunited in the upper realm ……”

After glancing at the tomb in front of him, and then at the jade butterfly pendant on his chest, remembering his master’s words, Chen Yang couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, and then his eyes turned red again.

This master of his was really outrageous to the point that even in the last moments of his mortal life, the words he spoke were so …… “fresh and unpretentious.”

His late master wished to be reunited with his only disciple as soon as possible? Isn’t that tantamount to wishing Chen Yan to die soon?

And ……

Failed to pass the tribulation? Receiving guidance from ancestors in the upper realm?

This Master of his who he knew used to fight with the village children at the foot of the mountain for half a day just for a piece of candy?

Chen Yang could not help but sigh again, for his late Master and also for himself.

As a transmigrator, Chen Yang was full of hope for his life when he first crossed over.

His identity in this world was that of an orphan, having grown up living in the mountains with an old and decrepit Master.

No matter how you look at it, this looks like the template of a protagonist in an urban novel!

Moreover, Chen Yang’s master is completely in line with the image of a hidden master in urban novels, which is… doing unconventional things, and will occasionally show profound appearances.

Chen Yang could always hear some esoteric and mysterious words from his Master’s mouth.

For example: Yang’er, our Qingyang Daoist Temple is the only inheritance of the Daoist lineage, you must be careful not to embarrass your master by being careful with your words.

In fact, Chen Yang had never seen the Dao Qingyang Temple at all, and the two of them were still living in the simple wooden house Chen Yang had single-handedly built from the trees on the mountain.

Chen Yang even followed his Master’s practice for a while, but …… Chen Yang, however, did not find any effect.

His master did have a saying.

“Cultivation depends on enlightenment, and if you can’t enlighten yourself, you will naturally make slow progress.”

“Don’t be anxious, those who achieve great things need to, meditate and calm down, one day you will learn something.”

Chen Yang truly believed it for several years and followed his master’s practice until one day….

Chen Yang finally quietly followed behind his Master and left the mountain for the first time to a small village at the base of the mountain.

Chen Yang saw his Master ……

Fighting with a child for a piece of candy for half a day, and finally …… he lost ……

This can still be said to be a hidden master person playing mortal…

But …… That afternoon, Chen Yang watched the whole process of his teacher going up the mountain, and it was terrible.

Also at that time, Chen Yang was convinced of one thing, this is nothing more than an ordinary world, it is just a parallel world different from the earth.

There were no immortals here, and his Master himself was just an …… ordinary mortal old man.

Perhaps the only unusual thing was that the his Master might owe a large sum of money and could only hide in the deep mountains for refuge?

However, there was one thing that Chen Yang felt quite strange about.

Chen Yang found that there was a great lack of knowledge about Daoism in this world, not even the Tao Te Ching. 1

After all, this was not Earth, so it was only natural that there were slight deviations in the parallel world.

Thinking back on the past, Chen Yang actually cried when he thought of the time he spent with his Master.

He looked at the tomb in front of him and bowed three times before saying with a solemn face, “Master, have a pleasant journey, this disciple will live well.”

Although his Master was not a so-called supreme Master, Chen Yang, an orphan, had been raised by his Master.

Chen Yang had great respect for his Master.

However ……

Because of that, Chen Yang was actually very confused right now.

Chen Yang grew up following his Master and almost never left the mountain, occasionally going down the mountain, but only to some nearby villages.

Although Chen Yang had not learned from his master how to live in society, his body skills were not bad.

Living in the mountains, Chen Yang could be completely independent.

Actually, this was normal, all this time he lived in the mountains, food, clothing, shelter, and transportation all relied on himself, without some skills he would starve to the bone.

But …… Was it the right choice to live in the mountains for the rest of his life?

He was just an orphan with no identity who had never interacted with society and not an urban novel protagonist who practiced martial arts, so how should he live after entering the city?

“Hahaha… You dare to come take revenge on me with that little ability of yours?

“Demon Blood Ancestor, I can destroy a mountain with one slap, and I can make a river flow backwards with one breath, I’m more than ready to fight with you!”

“You’re only here to die!”

Suddenly, a loud voice rang out in the distance.

Chen Yang hurriedly turned his head to look.

Just to see …… Behind the cliff, under the white clouds, two figures stood opposite each other, and under their feet …… was empty air!

Chen Yang’s eyes were wide open and his face was filled with disbelief.

The two of them …… could really stand suspended in the air?

They …… They are Immortals?

Chen Yang couldn’t believe it and felt that there was something suspicious here, but after living in the mountains all year round, his cognition had long been attached to the mountains, so how could he possibly come up with a reasonable explanation in the meantime?

“Hahaha! Demon Blood Ancestor, you think you’re invincible? You’re just a frog in a well that doesn’t know the vastness of the sky.”

“Times have changed long ago!”

“Today, I will let you see what supreme divine power really is.”

“Today, I will destroy your body and soul!”

The owner of the other figure, with a loud shout, lunged towards the figure in front of him.

And then ……

The two figures fell down, and Chen Yang couldn’t see their next move.



But …… Not long after, Chen Yang heard a muffled sound.

The sound was too shocking, and the sound waves coming through all felt like they had power, pumping Chen Yang’s face and causing him to feel pain.

Could it be that one of the mountains suddenly collapsed?

Chen Yang subconsciously thought so.

Soon after ……

Chen Yang even felt the huge mountain under his feet tremble.

In the distance, there was thick smoke and dust soaring into the sky as the trees continued to fall and were then inundated by rocks and soil rolling down from above, causing more commotion and blasting out more smoke and dust.

It was a real mountain that had exploded!

Just now …… There were two immortals fighting, and then …… The two immortals pounced on each other and then ……

The earth shook and the mountains shattered!

Isn’t this very clear in his eyes?

Chen Yang couldn’t help but gulp, but he still couldn’t believe that it was all true.

There really were immortals in this world!

He could actually cultivate in this world!

Chen Yang was confused again.

So …… It’s not that I crossed into the wrong world, but I crossed into the wrong Master?

1. Tao Te Ching translates very roughly as “the way of integrity”. In its 81 verses it delivers a treatise on how to live in the world with goodness and integrity: an important kind of wisdom in a world where many people believe such a thing to be impossible.

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