Chapter 1: Hell Mode at the Beginning

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Rayne, aged 16, a member of the Hobb family of the Kingdom of Hermann.

Arrested for refusing to comply with military service and repeatedly defying the kingdom’s conscript officers, he was sentenced to exile in the Desert of Despair and banned from setting foot in the Kingdom of Hermann for life.

The Hermann Kingdom airship threw Rayne from above, instead of landing on the soft sandy ground, he hit a large rock, killing him instantly.

So he crossed over and took over this body, from the earthling Lei En, to the otherworldly Rayne Hobb.

Coincidentally, the transmigrator was also named Lei En, with the last name Lei and the first name En.

Perhaps it was not a coincidence, perhaps when he crossed over, the system had already selected the otherworldly Rayne and knew that he would definitely die, so it allowed himself to occupy this body.

[System: Rayne Hobb has been exiled to the Desert of Despair, please head east across the desert to find a suitable environment for survival and start your journey in another world!]

Hearing the beeps buzzing in his ears, Rayne staggered to his feet, his head extremely dizzy.

When he said “Map”, a transparent virtual screen with a large map screen appeared in front of him.

The entire map was black, except for the small light spot where he was, showing the Desert of Despair, and other places were shrouded in fog.

As a transmigrator, Rayne’s Cheat is the single-player sandbox game system he played before crossing over, the setting is exactly the same as the game, the map is shrouded in fog in places he has not yet reached, and he must enter the area to unlock the range map.

Currently there is only a map view of one area of the Desert of Despair, and there are no landmarks in the desert area, and nothing can be seen on the entire map except the icon itself.

“This is hell mode at the beginning! I have nothing in my hands, and the system expects me to get out of the desert?”

Rayne surveyed his surroundings, the faint bones of corpses in the desert proving that there were many dead outcasts here.

[You are injured and should be treated immediately!]

Without even being told by the system, the sharp pain in his head and the hot blood that kept flowing down his cheeks was something Rayne felt himself.

The original owner of the body had fallen from a height and hit his head on a boulder, his head had long since been fractured.

The dizziness was caused by the head injury and the constant bleeding.

To avoid dying immediately after the crossing, Rayne had to bandage the wound to stop the bleeding.

For an ordinary person, landing in the desert with severe head trauma is basically no way to live.

Fortunately, Rayne was carrying Cheat and had been transformed into a game character-like existence when he crossed over, and could use the system functions to save himself. Even if he received a more serious injury, even if he only had 1 point of HP left, he could recover quickly as long as he was treated in time.

As long as he did not let his HP return to zero, everything would be fine.

No hemostats on the hands, no bandages, but fortunately there was something he could still use.

The prison uniform on his body, although thin, could be torn into strips of cloth to make the simplest of bandages.

The rough prisoner’s clothes and prisoner’s trousers were the only possessions on his body.

Rayne took off his clothes and, after much tearing, made it into a piece of linen to wrap the wound on his head.

The bandage wasn’t professional, but at least it stopped the bleeding smoothly, albeit somewhat unsightly.

There were still a few pieces of cloth left, which he kept in his virtual backpack for the time being, as they would be used in many places.

After treating the wound, he looked up at the burning sun.

It was still early and the sun had just risen and it already felt like the majesty of summer.

It was hard to imagine the temperature at midday, the sand was already a little hot and, as a prisoner in exile, he didn’t even have shoes, so he would be hot by then.

Going to the desert barefoot? That’s not a good idea!

Besides, walking bare-chested in the desert after tearing off his prison uniform would make him sunburn very quickly.

So he turned his attention to the bones looming in the sand not far away, hoping to find something he could use.

While staggering to the nearest spot, he gently peeled away the sand and there was indeed a human skeleton inside.

[The bones of an exile’s corpse], showing the appearance of being able to be rummaged.

Touching the corpse, the most basic operation in the game to obtain loot.

Rayne worshiped the skeleton with his arms folded a few times, “No one is to blame!”

Then he began to shake.

[System: You have obtained the prisoner’s blouse!]

[System: You have obtained prisoner pants!]

The item obtained from the skeleton was also a set of prisoner’s clothes.

Although this equipment was not very durable, it was better than nothing.

By wearing a top, at least there is no fear of his body being sunburned, and the trousers can be torn into linen.

Looking at the other skeletons around, they were basically a set of prisoner’s clothes, a blouse and a pair of trousers without any other equipment.

It wasn’t until the last skeleton was searched that a pair of linen shoes finally appeared.

He put them on quickly, and now he felt much more comfortable, not afraid of walking barefoot in the hot sand.

With so many skeletons, it was clear to Rayne why the place was called the Desert of Despair.

Most likely only a handful of exiled prisoners made it out alive.

He even suspected that the skeletons were all around him because the guards had deliberately dropped them to their deaths.

In any case, Rayne had to leave the Desert of Despair.

He had died suddenly at a young age in his last life, and he had been given a chance to be reborn, and he even got a system when he came to another world, so he must not waste it!

He must live well in this foreign world and learn everything about it!

Although the Desert of Despair is very scary, he will definitely be able to escape and reach a suitable place to survive!

It is reasonable to say that sandbox games open with the creation of basic tools to facilitate the collection of materials to aid survival.

But a quick glance at the center of the desert showed nothing but sand as far as the eye could see.

As for the big ‘rocks’, they are actually hardened sand and cannot be used to make basic tools.

So, all Rayne could do was head east and cross the desert as quickly as possible.

He hoped to get out of the sand and at least find an oasis before he died of thirst, hunger or energy depletion, he didn’t want to become one of the many skeletons in exile.

Although the virtual map did not show the fog-shrouded area, it had the most basic directions of east, west, north and south, and Rayne could tell if he was heading in the wrong direction by the route he was moving on the virtual map.

He kept walking towards the east and by midday, the sun was clearly more toxic and the temperature higher.

Even in his linen shoes, he could feel the heat of the rolling sandy ground.

Under these conditions, he was tempted to dig a hole downwards, as in the game, to escape the heat underground. But without tools, he could not do so with his bare hands. Besides, the sand was as hot as being fried in an iron skillet, so he dared not reach out and touch it.

He had no choice but to continue eastward in the heat, hoping to find a place to rest in relative shade, away from the sun.

That was the original plan, but after walking for hours, there was nothing but yellow sand, where can I rest?

Sure enough, this was the opening of hell mode, Oh my God!

Rayne was hungry, thirsty and exhausted after a day’s walk, and felt his face was so sunburnt that he suspected he was going to be cooked.

Finally, he found a shady spot in front of him, and although there was only a “hill”, at least he had a place to rest for a while, protected from the sun.

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