Chapter 1

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===001 Beginning===

This is a small village deep in the mountains, with only a dozen or so households, relying on farming and hunting for a living.

At this moment, the setting sun is painting the sky red, with the sounds of birds echoing through the mountains and forests. Smoke rises from the village, and the chickens are crowing and the dogs are barking.

“Er Gouzi, stop sitting on the field and come back for dinner.” (Mother)

“Woof woof woof~”

A big yellow dog named “Big Dog” excitedly wags its tail, circling around a three-year-old child.

The child with a tender voice shouts, “I know!”

Then muttered in a low voice, “My name is Su Hao, don’t call me Er Gouzi.”

Slapping his butt, he stands up and walks back with the strides of an elder.

Big Dog happily follows along.

A village woman carries a baby on her back, busy inside and outside. After preparing dinner, she looks outside and immediately reveals a smile when she sees Su Hao’s figure.

The village woman is Su Hao’s mother, and the baby on her back is Su Hao’s younger sister.

At the main seat of the table, a burly man puffs on a pipe, with a resemblance to Su Hao in his appearance. This is Su Hao’s father in this lifetime.

Within three days of waking up, Su Hao understood everything that had happened to him.

Even describing it as a coincidence might not be entirely accurate.

After quitting his job, Su Hao planned to travel across the country by car.

After driving on the highway for an hour without seeing any other cars, the entire highway was empty except for his car.

Feeling impulsive, he stepped on the accelerator and the speed quickly soared to 160 kilometers per hour, still increasing, experiencing a sense of speed and excitement.

However, accidents always happen when people are most proud.

His car slid on the pooled water, out of control, and crashed into the mountainside, turning into a pancake with both the person and the car.

At this moment, a coincidence occurred.

A tiny wormhole suddenly appeared, and Su Hao’s consciousness, which was thrown out by the crash, actually entered the wormhole, undergoing inexplicable changes, temporarily taking up residence within the wormhole. There was a faint trend of fusion.

And in an instant, the wormhole disappeared, carrying Su Hao’s consciousness to the deep, unknown depths of the universe. Like a small ball, carrying all the information about Su Hao, from his conception to his death in the car accident, wandering alone in the vast universe.

The wormhole ball suddenly appeared in a certain starry sky, and then disappeared again, freely shuttling through the strange dimensions. During this process, Su Hao was unable to think.

When Su Hao’s consciousness temporarily resided in the wormhole, the wormhole only stored all of Su Hao’s information but did not provide a vessel for thought, so during the long journey, Su Hao had no consciousness.

It was unknown how much time had passed, seemingly only an instant, but it also felt like millions of years had passed, until Su Hao regained the ability to think.

After Su Hao gained the ability to think, through the faint connection with the wormhole, he checked the stored information in the wormhole and learned everything.

He also understood that the reason he became a human child was because the wormhole ball unintentionally collided with a young child, and the child’s brain became the vessel for Su Hao’s thinking.

It seemed like Su Hao had traveled back in time and became a child, but in essence, it was not the case.

His information and consciousness still resided within the wormhole, he just borrowed the child’s brain to engage in thinking.

On the surface, he appeared no different from an ordinary person. At the beginning, even Su Hao himself believed that he had traveled through time and space, until he checked the information stored in the wormhole and understood what was going on.

As long as he wanted, he could even see how he developed from a fertilized egg into an adult.

“This is simply a miracle.”

This was Su Hao’s exclamation after he learned everything and called the wormhole pinball as the pinball space.

“Dang dang dang~”

Suddenly, urgent gongs and crazy barking came from the small village.

Su Hao’s father and mother’s faces changed greatly.

“You quickly find a place to hide, I’ll go out and take a look.” Just as Su Hao was puzzled, his father threw away the bowl and chopsticks, gave an instruction, and ran out, grabbing the hunting bow and knife from the wall.

Su Hao looked confused, looking at his mother for answers.

But his mother, as if she hadn’t seen anything, anxiously lifted Su Hao up and walked around the room, but didn’t find a suitable hiding place.

Su Hao realized that danger was approaching, and he didn’t shout to avoid causing trouble. He was just quietly held by his mother.

By now, cries for killing and screams were already coming from outside, accompanied by the wild laughter of men, getting closer and closer.

In a panic, the mother moved the firewood, put down Su Hao and his sleeping sister, and covered them tightly with firewood.

Su Hao remained calm and didn’t utter a word.

“Er Gouzi, listen to your mother, don’t make a sound, don’t move.”

After quietly explaining, the mother took a kitchen knife and rushed out.

However, just as she rushed out of the doorway, she was immediately blocked and forced back.

Two shirtless and disheveled men followed and broke in.

“Third brother, come take a look at what we found, a young woman, hehehe!”

“No hurry, capture her first.”

After hearing this, the mother knew what awaited her.

She was a woman, as long as she obediently followed orders, she had a chance to survive. But her two children were still inside the house, if they were discovered, their lives would be in grave danger. She had to make the two robbers leave as soon as possible.

The mother didn’t hesitate anymore, she raised the kitchen knife and made a slash at her throat, blood splattered, and she slowly fell to the ground.

The two robbers realized too late to stop her.

“Encountering such a woman, it’s bad luck!”

When the mother fell to the ground, she happened to glance at the pile of firewood. Her two children must survive.

With hope in her heart, the light in her eyes faded away.

Su Hao couldn’t see because he was blocked by the pile of firewood, but through the sound, he understood what had happened. His heart was filled with anger, but also helplessness.

The two robbers no longer paid attention to the dead mother, they searched for food and were about to leave.

“Wa wa wa~”

The noise from their search was too loud, and Su Hao’s sister woke up at this moment. Not seeing her mother, she started crying loudly.

“This is bad!” Su Hao silently cursed, knowing that it was already too late to comfort his sister now. Soon, the firewood was uncovered by two bandits.

Su Hao looked at the two strong men holding bloodstained knives and could only open his hands, standing in front of his sister.

“Third brother, should we take them away or…”

“Kill them! I hate crying children the most.”

“Shua!” The knife flashed.

Su Hao fell into a pool of blood.

“Shua!” Another knife flashed.

The crying abruptly stopped.

“So this is how I die in this transmigration?”

In his last moments, Su Hao felt a slight regret. He was full of curiosity about this different world and had already planned for the future. He wanted to leave the mountain village and see this broader world.

However, he died before he even turned three!

Su Hao lost consciousness.

The pinball space carried Su Hao’s stagnant consciousness and continued to roam.

In the vast universe, the pinball space kept moving forward, encountering various forces – attraction, rebound, acceleration, stop… turning towards unknown depths.

As time passed, Su Hao opened his eyes again and regained consciousness.

Through the information recorded in the pinball space, he understood that he had crossed an infinite distance and arrived in a new world.

His body was that of a two-year-old boy.

A child under the age of two does not have a strong self-awareness and is easily invaded by Su Hao, becoming a vessel for his thoughts. If it were an adult, their consciousness would be pushed away by the original consciousness and unable to become a vessel. That’s why both times he woke up, it was as a child.

It was because of this that Su Hao realized how incredible his transmigration was.

The universe was so vast, yet the pinball space was able to aimlessly wander twice and successfully cross over to the body of a two-year-old child.

How lucky he was!

Su Hao exclaimed, “This time, I will cherish it, and I will live vigorously. Because, I might not be so lucky again.”

And then.

When Su Hao was three years old, an epidemic broke out in the town he lived in, and he accidentally got infected and died.

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