Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Nobody Can Beat Anyone, Nobody Can Beat Anyone

Qingzhou’s largest sect, Daotian Sect, one of the 108 main peaks, Yunju Mountain.

“It’s been over forty years!”

“Do you know how I survived these forty years!”

By a lake on Yunju Mountain, there is a handsome young man in a green robe, looking excitedly at the lake.

The young man is called Li Zhoujun.

He is one of the 108 mountain masters of Daotian Sect.

At first glance, this status may seem impressive.

However, in reality, Li Zhoujun is a complete cultivation waste, and to this day, he is still an ordinary person.

He was able to become the mountain master of Yunju Mountain because forty years ago, when his master passed away, he was the only disciple left.

Therefore, he often finds himself doing odd jobs for Daotian Sect, from being a menial laborer to chatting with the elders over tea.

As for why he, a complete waste, could join Daotian Sect and become a true disciple of the mountain master, we have to mention the fact that Li Zhoujun is a transmigrator, pretending to be a child prodigy.

Back then, he started speaking at three months, learned to read at six months, started walking at nine months, and had a wealth of knowledge by the age of one.

People called him a reincarnated immortal.

In this way, at the age of one, he caught the eye of the previous Yunju Mountain master and became his disciple.

Although the previous Yunju Mountain master eventually realized that Li Zhoujun was a total cultivation waste, he didn’t say much. The treatment of a true disciple was all there.

But he had already been thinking about starting over with a new disciple.

Unfortunately, before he could begin with a new disciple, he fell in a great battle between Daotian Sect and the uprising of the demonic cultivators.

Seeing that everyone else had sacrificed themselves for the sect, Daotian Sect naturally took care of Li Zhoujun, who was only six years old at the time, and made him the successor to the mountain master.

Anyway, Li Zhoujun couldn’t cultivate, and a century later, Yunju Mountain would still be without a master.

It wouldn’t be too late to plan for Yunju Mountain at that time.

In this way, Daotian Sect could also gain a good reputation, claiming that Daotian Sect values loyalty and righteousness, attracting more talents to join.

Also, the fact that Li Zhoujun still looked like a young man in his forties was simply due to taking a rejuvenation pill.

But from today onwards, everything will undergo an epic-level rewrite!

Because Li Zhoujun’s golden finger system, as a transmigrator, has finally awakened today!

“System, it’s been over forty years, if you showed up any later, I would’ve given up!” Li Zhoujun’s eyes welled up with tears.

[Ding: Host, please don’t get too disappointed. The system may be late, but it never misses an appointment.]

A mechanical synthesized voice, similar to the sound of machinery assembling, resounds in Li Zhoujun’s mind.

“Not missing an appointment is great! But system, look at me, I’m in my forties, all old and withered. Can I still start cultivating?” Li Zhoujun asks eagerly.

[Ding: Cultivate?]

[Ding: Host, you underestimate the system too much. With the system, what do you need to cultivate for?]

[Ding: Host, you have won a welcome gift!]

“Open it!” Li Zhoujun says without hesitation.

[Ding: Congratulations, Host, on gaining a special ability, ’50 – 50 with All Things in the World!’]

“What does ’50 – 50 with All Things in the World’ mean?” Li Zhoujun asks, feeling completely puzzled.

This is quite a peculiar ability!

[Ding: In simple terms, it means that you can achieve a balance of power, or “50 – 50,” in any situation or against any opponent, making it impossible for anyone to defeat you.]

“Well, I think I understand…” Li Zhoujun blinked and then pulled out a dagger from his boot, asking the system, “Can I achieve ’50 – 50′ with this thing too?”

[Ding: Yes, you can.]

Hearing the system’s reply, Li Zhoujun clenched his hand around the dagger’s blade and pulled it back.


A sound of metal scraping against metal.

To his astonishment, Li Zhoujun found that his hand, which had been scratched by the dagger’s edge, was completely unharmed, not even a trace of white marks!

“This ability seems a bit outrageous…”

Li Zhoujun gasped and then asked the system, “If I encounter a true immortal-level expert, can I still achieve ’50 – 50′?”

[Ding: Of course, it applies to all things in the world.]

“This is like a small calf stepping on an electric wire, it’s insanely awesome! I love it…”

At this moment, Li Zhoujun’s eyes gradually lit up. With this ability, wouldn’t he be practically invincible in this world?

[Ding: This is just a welcome gift. If the host completes system tasks, there will be more unexpected rewards!]

“System, please don’t tease me with empty promises!” Li Zhoujun said, almost drooling.

[Ding: No deception here.]

“That’s good.” Li Zhoujun nodded and then seemed to think of something. He asked the system, “Is there an attribute panel?”

[Ding: Of course, it’s simple.]

[Ding: Host, please look at the big screen.]

As the system spoke, a transparent panel appeared in front of Li Zhoujun.

[Host]: Li Zhoujun

[Identity]: Daotian Sect, Yunju Mountain Master

[Age]: 46 years old (remaining 4 years)

[Cultivation]: None

[Ability]: ’50 – 50 with All Things in the World’

“Wait, system, what’s the meaning of ‘remaining 4 years’ in my age?” Li Zhoujun looked at the age column and had a bad feeling.

[Ding: It means you have four more years to live.]

Li Zhoujun: “Oh my Goodness…”

Even though he can achieve ’50 – 50′ with all things in the world, he’s still just an ordinary person, and on top of that, a short-lived one, only living up to fifty years.

[Ding: Please rest assured, completing system tasks will reward the host with an increase in cultivation realm and an extension of lifespan in this world.]

“Well, didn’t you just say earlier that I shouldn’t bother with cultivation? Why offer to increase my cultivation realm?” Li Zhoujun joked.

[Ding: Ever heard of AFK leveling?]

“Sure, sure!” Li Zhoujun’s eyes brightened.

“Can you give it to me now?”

[Ding: Hehe.]

[Ding: The system has detected that the host’s sect will hold an apprenticeship ceremony in three days. The host is required to take on one disciple. Success will bring unexpected rewards!]

“Taking on a disciple?” Li Zhoujun was instantly dumbfounded.

His reputation precedes him, people call him a waste mountain master, a freeloading mountain master…

In short, only a fool would want him as their master!

“System, don’t you think this task is a bit too challenging?” Li Zhoujun said, wiping away his tears and snot.

[Ding: It’s time to embrace the spirit of a grand aspirant, don’t underestimate yourself.]

“That makes sense, but system, I feel that even if I take on a disciple, it’s misleading them. After all, I have absolutely no knowledge of cultivation. Taking someone else as a disciple would just be harming them, right?”

On this point, Li Zhoujun had some self-awareness.

[Ding: Host, rest assured. With me here, why should you panic?]

“Yeah, why am I panicking?” Li Zhoujun rubbed his chin. “With this system’s abilities, teaching a disciple should be a breeze, right?”

Next, he would wait for the sect’s apprenticeship ceremony in three days to begin recruiting disciples!

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