Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Actor System is Activated, Acting Well Will Be Rewarded!

“Ding! The Actor System is activated!”

“Hello, host. This system comes from another dimension and aims to assist the host in becoming a world-renowned superstar!”

“System, you’re here!” Lin Beifan remained calm.

A system, isn’t that a must-have for a transmigrator?

As a transmigrator who has read millions of online novels, Lin Beifan quickly adapted.

In theory, a system combined with transmigrating is a winning combo.

As long as he plays the game well, he can marry a rich and beautiful woman and reach the pinnacle of life.

However, he didn’t feel excited at all.

Everything was because…

“System…” Lin Beifan pointed to the two buildings behind him, “Do you see the two buildings I rent out? I earn hundreds of thousands every month. Is it a bit inappropriate for me to become an actor?”

He had traveled to this parallel dimension a month ago.

At the start, his parents died, but they left him with two buildings to earn rental income, hundreds of thousands per month.

Although he couldn’t be considered extremely rich, he could still live a worry-free life.

Since the beginning was so good, why bother to struggle?

Isn’t it great to just lie down and relax?

Go act?

Become a superstar?

Forget it, he didn’t have the time for that.

“Ding! Host, this system is not an ordinary system! As long as the host acts well, there is a chance to gain part of the character’s abilities! The better the performance, the more abilities gained!”

Lin Beifan’s mind became active: “Acting well can gain the character’s abilities. That’s not bad!”

After all, there are so many characters in movies and TV shows, each with various abilities.

If there is a chance to gain their abilities, wouldn’t that be amazing?

But then, he became troubled.

Because the standards set by the system were too high.

The standards set by the system are as follows: pass, excellent, outstanding, legendary, perfect.

Only by reaching the pass level could one receive rewards.

However, according to the system’s requirements, only professional actors with a theater background and several years of experience might be able to achieve that.

How could he, someone who has never acted before, do it?

It would take him seven or eight years to hone his acting skills from scratch, and he didn’t have the patience for that.

Lin Beifan’s brain quickly began to spin.

“How to reach a passing level in a short period of time and receive the system’s rewards.”

“Maybe…this is a method!”

He thought of an idea and rushed towards the film and television city.

His house was right next to the Jiangnan Film and Television City.

Jiangnan Film and Television City is one of the largest film and television cities in the world. There are thousands of film crews shooting simultaneously every day, with over 5 million extras and over 10 million industry professionals.

He owned two buildings, which were mostly rented out to extras here.

In a short amount of time, he arrived at Jiangnan Film and Television City.

He walked around, looking for a suitable role.

At that moment, he saw a low-budget film crew recruiting people, and one of the roles fit his requirements, so he signed up.

After about half an hour, it was finally his turn.

Entering the interview office, there were only two young people inside, a director and a screenwriter.

Their names were Gao Shan and Liu Shui, a perfect match.

“Hello, director and screenwriter, my name is Lin Beifan, and I’m here to audition for the role of the Old Man of Time!” Lin Beifan went straight to the point.

The two looked up and scrutinized Lin Beifan, instantly amazed.

Because they had never seen such a stunning and charismatic person before.

He had the perfect physique, like a clothes hanger.

His face was naturally handsome, with fair skin and delicate facial features, perfectly proportioned.

Not only did he look good, he also looked great on screen.

This person had exceptional natural beauty, as if he had been blessed by the heavens.

If he entered the entertainment industry, he might not become a big star, but he would definitely have a place.

Lin Beifan felt a little overwhelmed by their gaze.

He coughed and reminded, “Can we start now?”

“Yes, let’s begin!” The two snapped back to reality.

The screenwriter spoke with a serious expression, “Although we are just a small production team and the role you are auditioning for is small, we still have strict requirements. I’ll ask you a few questions first, and I hope you answer honestly.”

“Feel free to ask any questions!” Lin Beifan humbly responded.

“How many years have you been acting, and what are your notable works?” asked the screenwriter, scrutinizingly.

Lin Beifan shook his head, “I’ve never acted before, and I don’t have any notable works!”

“You’ve never acted before…” The screenwriter frowned, “So do you have any acting experience? Like in plays or stage performances…”

Lin Beifan shook his head again, “None at all!”

“I think you have a star quality. Are you a student at the art academy?”

Lin Beifan shook his head once more, “I’m not!”

The screenwriter was disappointed. “To be honest, your qualifications are very poor. You don’t have any advantages compared to others! Although you don’t look bad, this role doesn’t require someone good-looking.”

The director nodded beside them.

Adjusting his glasses, the screenwriter continued, “But I do see potential in you. I’ll give you another chance. What advantages do you have? Or rather, what is your biggest advantage compared to others?”

With composure, Lin Beifan said, “Compared to others, I have a unique advantage!”

The director and screenwriter said in unison, “What is it?”

“My advantage is…”

Lin Beifan lifted his head proudly and said, “I don’t want money!”

Both of them were extremely shocked, “What? You don’t want money?”

“That’s right, I don’t want money!”

Lin Beifan said earnestly, “This is my first time acting, and money doesn’t matter. What matters is the opportunity to participate! I hope you two can give me this precious chance!”

The screenwriter excitedly stood up, “Alright, it’s decided that it’s you!”

“Wait! Hold on!”

The director stopped him and whispered, “He hasn’t auditioned yet. How can you make a decision so quickly?”

The screenwriter whispered back, “Because he doesn’t want money. We’re a poor production team. Any savings count!”

“Just a hundred or so yuan, there’s no need to be so thrifty!”

The director straightened up again, coughed, and said seriously, “Although we’re a small production team, we still have high expectations for actors! Besides this advantage, do you have any other advantages?”

“Of course!”

Lin Beifan proudly said, “Not only do I not want money, I am willing to pay! As long as you let me play this role, I’ll cover the entire cost of today’s lunch for your team!”

The director slammed the table in excitement, “Okay, it’s you! I don’t care who disagrees with you playing this role, I’ll fight them!”

The screenwriter exclaimed, “Damn!”

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