Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Champion of Examination, Binding the Corrupt Official System!

“Upon observing Lin Beifan’s outstanding academic and moral achievements, along with his exceptional talent, he has dominated the palace examinations and is an invaluable asset to our nation. Therefore, we declare Lin Beifan as the champion of this year’s examinations!”

A majestic and dignified female voice echoed throughout the grand and imposing Golden Palace.

“Thank you, your majesty!” Lin Beifan exclaimed loudly, brimming with joy.

He was actually a transmigrator who had arrived in this dangerous martial world three years ago, and had bound himself to a system. The system had informed him that its functions would only activate once he held an official position.

With the assistance of the system, he had dedicated himself to studying tirelessly in order to establish himself in this treacherous world and activate the system. In just three years, he had achieved the top score in the examinations, becoming this year’s champion!

Being the champion meant that he could finally hold an official position. He was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to ask the system, “System, isn’t it time to activate it?”

[Ding! The host has met the activation requirements, and the system is now officially activated!]

[Ding! Hello, host. The Super Corrupt Official System is at your service!]

“The Super Corrupt Official System?” Lin Beifan had a bad feeling about this. “System, you’re not going to make me a corrupt official, are you?”

[Ding! The host’s understanding is correct. This system exists to assist the host in becoming a super corrupt official!]

[As long as the host is in office and becomes more corrupt, the rewards provided by the system will be more abundant! These rewards are not limited to strength and martial arts, and can even help the host become a divine being on land, or surpass a divine being on land!]

Lin Beifan gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “Damn system! Are you trying to kill me?”

To be honest, being an official in this world was an extremely dangerous occupation, especially as a corrupt official. This was a martial world where there were many powerful warriors. Even those who were slightly stronger than average would not hesitate to challenge and even harm officials!

Especially corrupt officials, they wish to be killed quickly!

If anyone dislikes him, they can just take matters into their own hands under the pretext of rob the rich to help the poor. Who would they go to reason with?

Moreover, this world is about to be in chaos.

The world where Lin Beifan lives is called the Great Wu Empire, which has lasted for 300 years since it was established. Those who have studied history know that few empires can last for 300 years. Now, the empire has entered a period of decay, and all kinds of problems have surfaced!

In the court, treacherous officials are in power, factions are formed, and there is a struggle for power and profit, causing turmoil in the country!

Among the common people, major families and martial arts factions are extorting and robbing the people, causing public anger!

There are also regional warlords who are seceding, building up their own armies, and ready to invade the Central Plains at any time! Outside, major empires and dynasties are looking on!

Especially after an inexperienced and incompetent empress came to power, the situation became even more tumultuous and full of crises! At this time, being an official is already a very dangerous thing!

And being a corrupt official… Isn’t this just asking to be killed quickly?

At this moment, Lin Beifan wanted to quit and find a place where no one could find him! The world is vast, and his life is the most important!

“Scholar Lin, I have a task for you now!” In his panic, a voice sounded in his ear.

Lin Beifan looked up, and the voice came from the female empress, Wu Qingmei, who was sitting high on the dragon throne. She had an exquisitely beautiful face, fair skin, and her black hair was coiled up high. Although she was wearing a relatively loose imperial robe, she still couldn’t conceal her graceful figure.

She sat high on the dragon throne, overlooking all directions, and looked majestic and inviolable!

Lin Beifan didn’t dare to look at her more, and lowered his head after just one glance. Because he had heard that this empress was stupid, capricious, and liked to kill people.

If he accidentally angered her, he would lose his head. “Your Majesty, please give your orders. Your servant will surely do his best to repay your grace!”

Lin Beifan saluted and started with the usual flattery. Supreme power lies with the empress! Before having the strength to resist the empress’s power, it’s better to keep one’s tail between one’s legs!

“Good!” The empress laughed heartily and applauded, “This is the pillar of the Great Wu Empire! This matter is very simple. Previously, the Household Ministry’s Assistant Minister, Zuoxiang Quan, embezzled and violated the law, and his crime is unforgivable. He has been locked up in prison! Therefore, I order you to raid his house and seize all his illegal gains to fill the national treasury, without fail!” Upon hearing this, Lin Beifan blacked out!

This is really going to be a disaster!

Don’t think that this task is simple. It involves a struggle between the empress and another faction! If we really raid their house, we will inevitably offend the other faction!

The path to success in the officialdom will be difficult from now on!

If we turn a blind eye, it’s either a crime of deceiving the monarch or dereliction of duty, and we will inevitably offend the empress!

The path to success in the officialdom is equally difficult, and even one’s head may be on the line! The empress is forcing him to take a stand!

What can he do? He is very desperate!

This is the rhythm of forcing him to death!

“Thank you for your grace!” Lin Beifan said loudly. Raising his head, he found that the gazes of several officials looking at him were ambiguous.

He sighed helplessly, this is really going to be the end! The system is forcing him!

The empress is forcing him!

The officials are forcing him!

Everyone is forcing him!

He feels bitter in his heart.

Then, Lin Beifan received the imperial decree and went to raid the house. Raiding the house is very simple, just lead a group of soldiers to search for valuable things in the other party’s house and then move them into the national treasury.

In less than a day, the raiding work was over.

A junior official came to Lin Beifan with a ledger and respectfully said, “Sir Lin, all the treasures have been counted, and they are all here, with a total value of about 2.2 million taels! Please review it!”

Lin Beifan casually browsed through the ledger and glanced at the dazzling gold, silver, and jewels that were confiscated from the surroundings, shaking his head and sighing, “This Zuoxiang is really greedy!”

It should be noted that the annual fiscal revenue of the Great Wu Dynasty was only just over 100 million taels!

The other party was only a third-rank official with an annual salary of about 6,000 taels. Having served for less than 30 years, his total wealth should be less than 180,000 taels. However, they confiscated 2.2 million taels worth of treasures from his house, which shows how greedy he was!

Looking at the dazzling treasures around him, Lin Beifan thought of the system and his eyes lit up.

“Can I…”

At this moment, the junior official holding the account book pulled Lin Beifan into an empty corner and whispered with a smirk, “Sir Lin, are you tempted? To be honest, when I was counting just now, I was already tempted! Actually, it’s human nature to feel this way!”

Lin Beifan frowned, “What do you mean, Sir Zhao?”

“What I mean is, as long as you agree, I can secretly erase the extra amount. We can split the 200,000 taels, you take six and I’ll take three, and the remaining one-tenth will be divided among the people present. This is our hard-earned money! Sir Lin, don’t worry, this is a common practice in the officialdom. The higher-ups will turn a blind eye!”

The junior official showed a knowing expression. Lin Beifan was so angry that he trembled all over and scolded loudly, “Sir Zhao, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person! As the saying goes, you eat the salary of the ruler and share the worries of the ruler! You receive the court’s offerings and enjoy the empress’s grace, but instead of making progress, you want to embezzle the treasury’s money! Can you justify this to the empress? Can you justify this to the common people? Can you justify this to the conscience of heaven and earth?”

Three consecutive questions, like the voice of the Great Dao, were deafening!

The junior official looked ashamed, “Yes, yes, Sir Lin, you’re right. I won’t dare to do it again!”

Lin Beifan flicked his sleeves and said displeasedly, “And being greedy for small advantages won’t lead to big accomplishments!”

The junior official bowed his head and admitted his mistake, “Sir Lin is right!”

“So, if you want to be greedy, be greedy for something big! Just give the extra amount to the empress, and we’ll split the rest!”

The official exclaimed, “Huh?!”

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