Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Art of Dreaming for a Millennium?

“What should I do? In just another month, I’ll be expelled from the sect!” Lin Beifan sighed deeply, gazing at the sky.

He was a transmigrator, crossing over to a fantasy world filled with experts when he was 15, joining the Tai Xuan Sword Sect as a miscellaneous disciple, practicing the art of immortality.

Being a miscellaneous disciple meant doing odd jobs to gain some cultivation resources from the sect.

With poor aptitude and no background, he had to start from the bottom.

Now, three years had passed.

According to the sect’s rules, if he couldn’t break through to the extraordinary realm before turning 18, he would be kicked out.

He had diligently cultivated for three years but was still far from the extraordinary realm.

If he couldn’t break through in this last month, he would have to leave.

From then on, he would be cut off from cultivation.

Lin Beifan felt extremely unwilling.

“After crossing over so hard, getting nothing, and it ends like this?”

“Isn’t it too unfair to the identity of a transmigrator?”

Just then, a crooked-mouthed and skinny young man, Lai Xiaoqiang, approached. Jealousy filled his eyes as he looked at Lin Beifan’s extraordinary appearance. He said, “Lin Beifan, have you thought it through?”

This person joined the Tai Xuan Sword Sect a year later than Lin Beifan.

With better aptitude, though he had a shorter cultivation time, he had reached the stage of refining the body, a level higher than Lin Beifan.

In three more months of cultivation, he would have a chance to break through and become an outer disciple.

For some reason, ever since joining the sect, he had a grudge against Lin Beifan.

He often clashed with him but could never win.

Pretending confusion, Lin Beifan asked, “Think about what?”

Leaning in, Lai Xiaoqiang whispered in Lin Beifan’s ear, “Of course, thinking about becoming my little brother! Just nod, and I can persuade my sister to let you stay!”

If you surpass 18 years old without breaking through the extraordinary realm, there’s another way to stay – become a servant to a sect disciple.

Firstly, he can continue to enjoy the sect’s spiritual resources, and secondly, there is the hope of receiving guidance from sect disciples. In case of breaking through to the extraordinary realm, there’s a chance to become an official disciple. Many miscellaneous disciples have come this way.

Lai Xiaoqiang’s sister is an outer disciple, allowed to keep two servants according to the rules. Lin Beifan became furious and angrily retorted, “Lai Xiaoqiang, dream on! I’d never bow to you, let alone let your sister tarnish my purity!”

Lai Xiaoqiang’s sister, named Lai Xiaoqing, had long set her eyes on Lin Beifan as a fresh catch. She had always wanted to take him under her wing and do as she pleased.

If she were more attractive, Lin Beifan might reluctantly agree. However, the problem was, Lai Xiaoqing looked just like Lai Xiaoqiang. How could he stomach that?

Becoming stronger was a temporary matter, but maintaining one’s purity was a lifelong commitment. Despite the shattered bones, he wasn’t afraid; he would preserve his purity in this world!

Therefore, he would never yield to the brother-sister duo of Lai Xiaoqiang.

“If you don’t even want the opportunity given to you, then prepare to be kicked out of the sect,” Lai Xiaoqiang left discontentedly.

Watching him leave, Lin Beifan sighed again. Although the future seemed bleak, he wasn’t desperate. As a transmigrator, he had a trump card.

He crossed over by being hit by an ancient book named “Great Dream Heart Sutra,” a Dao-level cultivation technique specializing in cultivating mental power. Progressing through dreaming, one could create a world in their dreams, and the larger and more complete it was, the greater the benefits.

Due to his poor aptitude, he spent most of his time on the “Great Dream Heart Sutra.” Despite his weak foundation, his comprehension was exceptional.

This cultivation method, considered a hell-level difficulty, posed almost no challenge to him. In just three years, he had mastered it, and “creation” was just a step away.

“These days, I’ll put in some effort and strive to break through!”

Lin Beifan returned to his thatched hut, sat on the bed in the most comfortable position, and began to dream.

In his dream, a blue planet named Blue Star appeared, created based on Earth. On this blue planet, towering buildings, bustling streets, and endless streams of people were present—everything looked remarkably real.

If not for some flaws in the sky, it could easily pass as reality.

As the master of this world, Lin Beifan was rapidly fixing these imperfections, making it a true world.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

During these days, the Tai Xuan Sword Sect was bustling with activity. Lower-level miscellaneous disciples were busy practicing or seeking support, trying to stay.

In a small thatched hut, an ordinary-looking man walked in.

“Brother Qiang!”

Lai Xiaoqiang stopped his training, turning around. “What’s Lin Beifan been up to lately?”

“He’s been staying at home, sleeping, and not going out!”

Lai Xiaoqiang sighed. “Seems like he’s planning to give up! Why bother? As long as he bows his head a bit, he can continue practicing here.”

“Brother Qiang, Lin Beifan doesn’t know what’s good for him. Should we…”

Lai Xiaoqiang waved his hand dismissively. “No need! From now on, we’re worlds apart from him! As a dragon, why bother troubling ants, don’t you think?”

“Brother Qiang, you’re right!” the younger disciple nodded.

Lai Xiaoqiang sighed again. “Poor sister of mine, she finally set her sights on someone, but…”

“Brother Qiang, um… about your sister… I…”

The younger disciple hesitated, fidgeting.

Lai Xiaoqiang turned to him. “What’s the matter? Just say it!”

Blushing, the disciple said, “About your sister… I can handle it!”

Lai Xiaoqiang trembled with anger. “You ungrateful guy! I treat you like a brother, and you want to be my sister’s husband? Are you tired of living crookedly?”

The disciple jumped in fright. “Brother Qiang, don’t be angry. I was just thinking about it!”

“Even thinking about it is wrong. How can a mountain chicken match with a phoenix?”


At this moment, Lin Beifan’s dream world became increasingly perfect, with details improving and flaws diminishing.

At an unknown time, Lin Beifan opened his eyes, delightedly exclaiming, “Creation is a success!”

The standard for successful creation in the dream world was when the world could continue to operate smoothly without the impetus of mental power, remaining intact.

Now that he was awake, yet the dream world continued to function undisturbed, unaffected by external interference.

All of this indicated that he had successfully created the world!

With successful creation, he could now unlock the “Great Dream Heart Sutra” and learn its mystical techniques.

At this moment, the “Great Dream Heart Sutra” burst into a colorful radiance, opening its pages. A stream of colorful light poured into Lin Beifan’s mind.

Happily, Lin Beifan closed his eyes, receiving the rewards conveyed by the “Great Dream Heart Sutra.”

After a while, he was stunned.

“The Art of Dreaming for a Millennium?”

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