A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 226

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“So, this is the adventurer you recommended, Nakajima-san, huh?”

“Yeah. I picked it up on the way here. I can vouch for her competence.”

Hi, I’m Saki Nakajima, everyone’s idol.

Sorry, I embellished the idol, it’s probably just a certain reputation in the neighborhood.

Well, that being said, I’ve been kidnapped by an S-class adventurer and am currently meeting with the Lord of Kilkay.

I will omit the explanation of why this happened because it will be long, but to summarize, it all started when a ghost possessed Shie the Flash… who was an acquaintance of uncle god, captured me as I was leveling up in the wild.

To be honest, I don’t know who this ghost who calls himself Deus or something like that is, but apparently just being an acquaintance of that uncle’s makes me feel more relaxed.

But I also didn’t think that Shie the Flash I heard about on the street were related to the uncle god.

When I was suddenly kidnapped while concentrating on dealing with the orange slime on the plains at the request of the guild, I was pessimistic that my second life would end here.

No matter how much I know that inevitable trouble is approaching, there is nothing I can do to avoid it in the first place.

However, it seems that this was a misunderstanding, and I asked Deus, who was as rational as if in inverse proportion to the young girl, Shie the Flash, whose thoughts were becoming more and more mysterious, for more information.

It seems that Deus’s goal is to find the whereabouts of the uncle, the creator god who suddenly disappeared from this world, and that he became interested in me because he could feel the remnants of his power.

That’s why he asked me to let him investigate beside me for a little while, if I could, as a clue.

If he say so, I can’t say no either, so I can’t help but reluctantly accept his request like this.

“Hmm. It would be rude to be suspicious when you are the valet of Shie the Flash. In addition, it’s better to have as many people as possible in the force right now, so welcome, Nakajima.”


“Oh. Thank you very much ”

For some reason, the little girl who huffed and puffed on my behalf.

Unlike my sleepy-eyed, reserved impression, this little girl is quite confident.

There was a big difference between her and the Marquis, a man with an aura of charisma, who I was afraid to face.

It’s no wonder that anyone would be intimidated by being treated like “who are you” in the halls of this castle-like mansion, surrounded by the elite knights of the house.

I mean, doesn’t this Marquis seem to be much stronger than uncle God if it’s just his aura?

But the uncle god is a creator god, so he shouldn’t be weak.

Haa, I guess it’s true that people are not what they seem. ……

“Hmm. Then let’s get right to it. Knight Commander!”

“Yes. Then let me, as the person in charge of the site, explain what’s going on. ────”

From there, the Knight Commander took over the explanation, and after a lengthy preamble, this is what he had to say.

A few years ago, a series of dungeons leading to an unknown world were discovered in this world.

At the end of that unknown world, people with “occupations” and “skills” that are different from the laws of this world have been confirmed, and there are monsters and demon race that have never been confirmed in this world.

From the perspective of this world, it is no longer an exaggeration to say that it is another world, and the upper echelons of each country have been working together to investigate it as a top-secret mission.

As a result, the elite that had been gathered to continue investigating the rest of the world were attacked by a mysterious demon race inside the dungeon, and that’s how it happened until now.

I wondered if it would be okay for me, a newcomer, to talk about this.

And what does it mean to be ‘confirmed’ to have a occupation or skill?

You see, I’m the cheat who didn’t get confirmed in the first place. ……


If I talk about this to them, am I going to be grabbed and used as a test subject?

What the hell?

Uncle God, what are you giving me?

I’ve always thought it was strange that they he away such a dangerous ability for free and didn’t have anything to back it up!

No, it’s not like there’s anything behind it, it’s just that I didn’t ask further.

I wasn’t particularly betrayed, but I felt like I had been surprised.

Could it be that the demon god that the uncle god was talking about were something that happened in another world beyond this dungeon?

That seems to be the case, and the probability is high.

“────, so I’m counting on you, Shie the Flash. And the adventurer Nakajima-dono.”

“Leave it to me. I can’t lose.”

“Ah, eh? I understand. ……”

The explanation seemed to have ended while I was somehow missing the conversation, and I had to reluctantly nod my head in fear …….

Table of Content
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