A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 225

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After receiving a series of information from the Nine-Tailed Family, and responding to Momiji’s appeals for praise in a good mood, which I could tell even over the phone, I was now on a plane to England.

When I was a student, I had trouble with English, even the required English, but since I became a creator god, I have never had trouble with languages.

Of course, it’s because I’ve been corrected by the creator god role to automatically translate not only foreign languages, but even otherworldly languages, it will be a loss if I don’t take advantage of that function.

I’ll put it to good use.

“Ugh, jeez, ……. What kind of vehicle is this? It’s so fast that it’s no match for the airship I rode in a hundred years from now…….”

Mizzet, experiencing the speed of an airplane for the first time, rubs her face against the window frame of the jumbo jet and rolls her eyes in amazement.

It is indeed too different a civilization.

However, that airship was also designed to fight demons that attacked from the sky, and it was resistant to external shocks and attacks.

However, compared to modern civilization’s airliners, it is somewhat inferior in speed, which is unavoidable.

The other side’s propulsion was through the adjustment of air pressure by the magic stone of wind, and it was like a big balloon.

It’s too heavy because it is made sturdy, and it doesn’t take into account aerodynamic drag.

In comparison, this is an engine that utilizes air resistance to the utmost limit and has a light fuselage that is the culmination of modern science.

Speed and stability are the only things you can’t compete with.

By the way, when I contacted the old man at Togami for Mizzet’s passport, he understood the situation and prepared the necessary documents along with the family register in an instant.

As you can see, he’s connected to the government behind the scenes, and he’s a cheat Onmyouji who can do whatever he wants in these places. ……

I mean, he is too competent in areas that have nothing to do with Onmyouji.

I feel like an idiot for thinking of a strategy what should I do.

I had the idea of storing her in a dimension, but I wanted to give her a chance to experience the civilization of this world, so I’m just grateful.

Besides, the old man’s first words on the phone were, “Hmmm, ……. Then I’ll take care of it.”

It’s really dependable, or anything goes.

And I’ve got a good set of contacts with some elite mercenaries.

That’s a powerful man with a big face.

So the half-day flight was over while I was remembering these things.

All that’s left to do is to meet up with Momiji and the others. Well, …….

“Awwww!!! Hey, can you stop that, foreign people!!! Can you stop those twinkling lights? Please stop!!”

Well, it’s natural, I guess.

They’re really stood out like a sore thumb.

As we exited the airport, we were greeted by an unbelievable crowd of people and wondered what was going on.

Even though they try to hide their yokai parts, they are always dressed in kimono, more like miko (shrine maiden) uniforms, which makes them stand out.

Even now, people are being filmed and videotaped with their smartphones, and it’s very hectic.

Even though Mizzet has her sword stored away in the dimensional compartment, she is still wearing a knight’s uniform, so I think she also stands out quite a bit.

I saw a few people taking pictures here and there, but it was a pretty natural process.

“Aa!! Onigiri-ma~~~~~n!! Here! Please save me!!!!”

“No, I can’t.”


Hey, don’t look at me like that like it’s the end of the world.

It’s not so crowded that it interferes with passersby, so I’m sorry for Momiji, but I’ll let you become a condominium for time being.

Besides, if the need arose, it would be a piece of cake for this family of fox to disappear, so the fact that they are being photographed by smartphones camera is probably not so bad for them.

Well, that little out-of-the-way youkai, Momiji, seems to be so upset that she really forgets to dissapear.

Even now she’s making a lot of noise, “If you don’t do something, my soul will be taken! Sisters! Mother!!”

Well, she’s stupid as ever.

Then, without anyone noticing, Nine-Tails approached me, weaving in and out of people, and called out to me.

See, this is how you should do it, Momiji.

You should learn from her.

“Well, you’re sooner than I expected, aren’t you, son-in-law? When we crossed the sea, it took a little longer.”

“Yeah, wait…. Nine-Tails, you, don’t tell me you used your physical power to travel overseas? Are you kidding me?”

Ugh, no way…….?

What kind of physical ability does she have?

No, well, Mizzet and I could do it if we wanted to if we used the power of our EX occupations.

But, you don’t hink they were running to cross the country and moving on the surface of the sea, do you?

“Why should you be surprised? The family’s sense of smell would be dulled if they had to rely on vehicles like that. It is only by relying on our own sense of smell that we have achieved this.”

“Even so…”

I understand what you’re trying to say, but …….

It’s too muscle-brain.

“I don’t like the look on your face, even though my family has taken great care of you, my son-in-law. I’m so sad that I’m crying.”

As I looked at Nine-Tails, who was crying uncontrollably, I wondered what civilization was.

Well, well, well, rhey found a clue to the creator god this way.

Let’s put it that way.

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